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Sarah McSorley

Sarah McSorley

Hi! Im a first year studying straight Biological Sciences (C100) and am most interested in the areas of genetics and biochemistry.
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#MyDiary 25/03/2011
Its been a good week, I got back both my microbiology (#BS1009) essay and practical book and was really pleased with both the marks, takes some stress off the exam. The weeks are all beginning to merge in to each other now and the quieter timetable means I have a lot of spare time on my hands, yet I still manage to put off beginning revision. Goal for next week: be more productive. Weird to think we'll be going home this time next week! - Sarah McSorley
#MyDiary 17/03/11
This week module choices have taken up a lot of my spare time, its scary deciding the next two years of your life by May! However after looking through the content I think i've decided which i'd like to take which is a good feeling. Looking forward to tomorrows #BS1008 practical! - Sarah McSorley
Why Transylvanian Chickens Have Naked Necks -
This links to our #BS1005 modules as it shows how genetic mutations can actually be beneficial. Those with the naked neck mutation became more resistant to heat so therefore had better chances of surriving and reproducing. In this case the mutation has spread so it is now the more observed phenotype in the population over the wildtype. - Sarah McSorley
Elephants know when they need a helping trunk -
Elephants can work together if it is the only way of reaching food which is an example of cooperative behaviour. They can also use tools to reach the food, this is an example of cognitive learning that will improve the indiviuals fitness. Both of these ideas are learnt about in our #BS1008 module. - Sarah McSorley
#MyDiary 10/03/11
Combination of less lectures and the sunnier weather has made this one of the best weeks so far this term. Im suprised at how much i'm enjoying #BS1008 its really interesting, and enjoyed the #BS1006 practical today. Im hoping all this spare time will give me a chance to go over the modules we have already finished and keep on top of the revision. - Sarah McSorley
#MyDiary 05/03/11
Had a lot of work to hand in this week and another essay due in for monday which was pretty stressful. But now it feels good to know its all out the way and can relax slightly with the easier timetable beginning from next week! - Sarah McSorley
The only vertebrate that eats with its mouth shut -
This article relates to #BS1013 as we learn about the adaptions animals have obtained through evolution to consume food. The pacific hagfish absorbs nutrients through its skin, this method is unique within the vertebrates. - Sarah McSorley
Are we expected to include figures for our #BS1009 essay as we only hand in a turnitin copy and this removes all images?
Turnitin removes the images but the seperate link on Blackboard to upload the file which is where the essay will be obtained from to be marked does not remove the images. Turnitin as i understand it is just a seperate route to check for plagarism. - Maryam
#MyDiary 25/02/11
Been quite a good week, the #BS1013 fish dissection practical that i'd been dreading wasn't to bad today and I feel like i've managed to get a lot of work done. Sometimes wish I had bernards watch though, would make life a lot easier! - Sarah McSorley
HIV as you've never seen it before -
The HIV virus is often referred to in our #BS1009 lectures and a new 3D model has been created to show it in more detail than ever before. This new way of looking at the virus is expected to be extremly helpful in future medical research. - Sarah McSorley
not impressed, were you? - Dr Heaphy
#MyDiary 16/02/11
Was relieved to be on the pass list this monday now I feel like I can fully concentrate on this semester, will get my actual results on friday. Hoping they will be okay. Im feeling motivated this week but still need to work just a little bit more to keep on top. - Sarah McSorley
Humble water flea packs giant genetic punch -
This species of water fleas has had its genome sequenced and its been found to have 5,000 more genes than the human species. This links into the microbiology lectures where we spoke about genomes being sequenced and also the tree of life, that larger organisms are not necessarily more complex, although many people are under this impression. - Sarah McSorley
#MyDiary 7/2/2011
Today was a long day, first time i've been glad of our awkward timetable giving us such long gaps inbetween lectures as it gave me a chance to catch up with work. I've learnt not to leave #BS1013 practical write ups untill last minute again. However on a positive I really enjoyed todays gene lecture. Onto the #BS1011 assessment now.. - Sarah McSorley
#MyDiary 2/2/2011
Half way through the first week and things seem to be going well. I think I will find this semester more motivating as it has modules which interest me more, especially microbiology and genes. However the idea of 3 essays in a few weeks doesn’t excite me quite as much... guess it’s time to start working! - Sarah McSorley
Untreated diabetes reduces vital brain cholesterol -
We learnt about cholesterol in #BS1015 and how it is important in reducing the fluidity of membranes. This articles shows other important roles of cholesterol such as supporting neuronal communications, and how leaving diseases such as diabetes untreated can affect this. - Sarah McSorley
Glowing trees could light up city streets -
When researching GFP for my #BS1015 presentation I came across the luminescent compunds luciferin so it was interersting to see yet another possible future application for them as they are already used in so many different everyday areas we come across today, alongside GFP. - Sarah McSorley
Is pleased with her #CH1070 results and found it useful for highlighting which areas need more revision for december.
well done!! - Jalpan Patel
Aberrant Cytoplasm Localization and Protein Stability of SIRT1 is Regulated by PI3K/IGF-1R Signaling in Human Cancer Cells -
As we are starting to look into proteins in #BS1015 I thought I would look into them more and found this interesting. The overexpression of protein SIRT1 in the cytoplasm, instead of the nucleus, may be a contribution towards causes of cancer as it works against signalling for mediated cell growth. - Sarah McSorley
Has a question about the #BS1003 Building an Organism essay. Obviously we need to reference any work that is not our own, but how many references on average are tutors looking for and how much should be own knowledge?
As noted somewhere below, this is a 'length of a piece of string' question, depending on what you are saying and using in your essay, the type of references, and any guidance from the tutor. But if you say an average piece of string is 1.146m long, then somewhere between four and ten references (including a mixture of perhaps one textbook, and then websites, specialized books, and at least one research/review article/paper from a Journal) would probably be typical. - Pat Heslop-Harrison
The Rapidly Evolving Centromere-Specific Histone Has Stringent Functional Requirements in Arabidopsis thaliana [Genome integrity and transmission] -
Have been catching up with #BS1003 lecture notes and this offers an expansion on the variable structure of centromeres which play an important part in mitosis in eukaryotic cells. Perhaps in more depth than we need in our first year, but still interesting. - Sarah McSorley
Really enjoyed Professor Cundliffes lecture for #BS1015 today, especially learning about the use of promoters in helping RNA polymerase carry out transcription. The idea that you should think of each promoter as "different" rather than "not the same" was a good way of looking at the subject in a positive light.
Just read an interesting article online..
What is it about the article you find interesting? Can you relate it to something in your course (for reflective points)? - Dr Alun Salt
It isn't related to anything we have studied yet, but I learnt about rod and cone cells in my A-Level course and stem cell research is an area of science I am interested in reading more about, so it was interesting to see how the two can be linked together. - Sarah McSorley
Is preparing for her #CH10170 lecture later on.
What are you doing to prepare? - Laura
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