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Sasha Cannon Farmer

Sasha Cannon Farmer

Residential real estate consultant in Charlottesville, VA. Community connector, social media guru, newlywed, and animal enthusiast.
Awww sweet sweet Wahoo boys- you all are amazing! So proud of you guys! Awesome season- thanks for some great games!
well, oregon- i was showing some love for the underdog, until your guy acted like a chump in the final 5 seconds!
My plans for a super productive snow day are almost being entirely foiled by no power or Internet... :( and its only been 5 hours and st...
wahoos CRUSHED It! where in the heck was the good ol' song? GO HOOS!!!
HOOOOOOOOS!!!! do it!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to some amazing women who I'm blessed to know. Barbara Hutchinson- winner of the inaugural Q award, one of my greatest...
Hoos making some AMAZING shots vs Clemson! Nasty! :) go hoos!
Cville friends- how'd your real estate assessments do? Would love to know if you received yours, and if it went up, stayed the same, or ...
I don't care what team you like- that TD was awesome
Awesome and captivating performance with John Farmer, Greg Dallaire and Raziel Ungar
Final leg to Vegas, finally!!
WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!! Go Hoos! REALLY wish I could have gone to that game- great job boys!
This time tomorrow I will be in Las Vegas, NV spending time with (and presenting to--- ACK!!!) the absolute best real estate professional...
Hope this Saturday will be one of the most productive of my life! :) HERE GOES
RT @BaumgartnFelix: We made History
and follow @C_villebeerfest on Twitter for TOTH updates! Can't wait!
Raffling Top of the Hops tickets again this year! On FACEBOOK, tag Charlottesville365 & Top of the Hops in a post a/b your fave craft beer!
Watching #rnc solely via twitter is confusing! clint = kook, mitt supports women, God supports U.S., Ann looks hot, Neil Armstrong for Pres?
RT @LarrySabato: You know, I'm just old-fashioned. I think it's incredibly rude to heckle a speaker--Romney, Obama alike.
RT @cvillenews_desk: Thumbs up to @seantubbs for a providing all of us w/a writeup of VDOT's #bypass Enviro Assessment:
WOOHOO! congrats heath & bunch!! RT @brettkeiselfans: Congrats to #HeathMiller-his UVA jersey to be retired:
RT @davestipe: Today was not the day of rest that the lord says I should have. #tired
wondering which of my friends are still really active on Twitter, now that I'm returning from a major hiatus :)
wondering which of my friends are still really active on Twitter, now that I'm returning from a major hiatus :)
RT @GinaM1982: #VA made the list will have to check it out! Top 10 Best Hiking Trails in America
RT @CHOAirport: We will be partnering with the UVA Alumni Association's tailgate again this year. Go Hoos!
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