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RT @kendalpeiguss: Practicing for tomorrow's "#WhosInCharge of Performance?!" webinar with @sbarber
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.@aJimHolmes Yup... "under uncongested circumstances" = "best you can possibly hope for" *not* "what you can expect".
Why #perftesting @ component level & end-to-end matters | Wi-Fi at 802.11ac: Fast and Maddening via @smartbear
I wanna test this! | Google invents smart contact lens with built-in camera via @extremetech
If ya'll are monitoring this, sign me up as a beta tester!
<sharing as I cancel appointment for brain checkup>
RT @DuncNisbet: Some very patient responses from @sbarber & @DawnMHaynes to a raft of comments in this great post for @SmartBear
RT @kendalpeiguss: Check us out! @sbarber @nickolivo and I are headed to #stareast in a couple weeks
RT @LoadUIWeb: Wednesday Webinar: @sbarber asks "#WhosInCharge of Performance Around Here Anyway!?" 4/16:
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Happy 10th birthday AST! The State of AST – A Personal Retrospective http://www.associationforsoftw...
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RT @LoadUIWeb: Can't say we know anyone who speaks as much about perf testing as @Sbarber. See his session tomorrow @ 2pm #quest2014
RT @MartialTester: Waiting for metrics to destroy my soul! Oh, too late... With @sbarber at #starcanada
RT @wraith_mistress: #starcanada Metrics without context means nothing! @sbarber
RT @wraith_mistress: #starcanada When talking to management 'trying to learn the language if risk.' @sbarber ! This is good stuff!!
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RT @LoadUIWeb: Don't let metrics programs eat your soul. @sbarber talks about metrics in 1 hour on the Special Topics track, W8. #starcanada
Using Load Tests to Validate Assumptions via @smartbear
RT @loadui: @sbarber's session on how metrics programs can destroy your soul is starting tomorrow @ 12:45pm. #StarCanada
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RT @testchick: Thanks @lindybrandon I'm super excited! @sbarber will be there too! @SmartBear has got @LetsTest_Conf in Sydney covered! @AWGHodder
RT @LoadUIWeb: At #starcanada today? Don't miss " Managing Application Performance (Simplified)" with @Sbarber at 1pm
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