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RT @JeffLast: .@NWSGreenBay has issued only 16 severe wx warnings so far in 2014, well below the avg of 76 by this time of year. #wiwx
You know your iPhone 5 battery is bad when you go to lunch with 100% charge, come back and its already drained to 27%. Just web surfing too!
Wisconsin Weather Update for July 18, 2014. -
This half season of #24LAD has been just as good if not better than the best seasons from 24's previous 8-year run. Thanks FOX! #24LADfinale
Poor Jack Bauer. He deserved so much better than what he got at the end. Come on FOX bring us a season 10! #24LADfinale
Let me hear both singers first then let me vote blue for first singer and red for second singer during commercial break. #RisingStar
Duet voting system is really unfair. Can't vote for one or the other. If vote yes for 1st can't make 2nd person better. #RisingStar
RT @jasonschreier: Wait until Germany finds out the World Cup is a portkey to voldemort's lair
#ARG says see #BRA it's not hard to keep #GER scoreless. #ARGvsGER #WorldCupFinal
For a 0-0 game at halftime this has been very entertaining. Expecting at least one goal in second half. #GERvsARG #WorldCupFinal
How do the #Brewers still have the best record in the National League? They've been pretty much unwatchable all month. NL Central lead gone.
Really nice, uplifting SI article regarding LeBron James going #BackToCleveland. If the #Bucks can't win it, I will cheer the #Cavs on.
Pleasant Friday, then more humid with scattered thunderstorms tonight and especially Saturday. #wiwx
Wisconsin Weather Update for July 11, 2014. -
The #Brewers are giving up runs like a Brazilian soccer team. And scoring about as often as they did as well.
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: At this point yesterday, #GER was already ahead 5-0 vs. #BRA. Still 0-0 in 30th minute in #NEDvsARG #WorldCup
"Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6..." #GER #WorldCup #NotLeBron
Soooo uhhhh good luck, #ARG or #NED. #GER up a touchdown against #BRA.
RT @SBNation: Brazil can still win if they catch the Golden Snitch, though
#GER has turned the #WorldCup semifinals into a rout! 5-0! Unbelievable!
Well deserved championship, playing through pain to win in 5 sets, congrats Novak Djokovic! #Wimbledon2014
The amount of breaks in this fourth set has been crazy. What great tennis! #FederervsDjokovic #Wimbledon2014
Nine teams left in the #WorldCup and the #USA is one of them. Good luck today against #BEL.
CONCACAF doesn't lose two today. Congrats to #CRC #CRCvsGRE
It's hard to believe that a man named Papastathopoulos plays for Greece. Hmph. #GRE #CRCvsGRE
The kids may want waffles for breakfast but I'm protesting anything Belgian until at least Tuesday evening. #WorldCup
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