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RT @jeanphisteck: Remplacement d'une balayeuse, accepté à l'unanimité #CCMoudon
RT @loic: What I think about when I meditate
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It's Finally Official - Pope Francis Demotes Highest-Ranking US Cardinal Over LGBT Issues
"I'm 40 and single. And last week I read a really lovely book called "It's not you: 27 (wrong) reasons why you're still single" (can't recall the exact exact title this second, but something like that). After years and years of wondering what was wrong with me, this book relieved me of a huge weight -- there's a lot of luck involved in finding somebody. And one of the points the book made (which resonates with what you're saying here) is that being single can also mean we're really good at not settling for somebody it won't work out with, or for an unhappy relationship. It can be viewed as a celebration of our powers of discrimination, rather than the expression of our failure to match." - Stephanie Booth
How to Write a Recommendation Letter | The Professor Is In
RT @tanuchic: Pune junta looking for a blogger who can cover a concert on Saturday. Please help! #Pune #bloggerswanted
RT @broynette: Loick Peyron le cauchemar des DRH. .."@Solinelegrand: Rien à ajouter !!!"
RT @dahowlett: Holy crap #sap is doing omni-channel customer engagement with #facebook. High volume segmentation. Story coming.
The 1 Method to Trick Your Brains into Making Habits Stick
RT @ReneeBani: Non, les internautes ne partagent pas leurs achats sur les réseaux sociaux #socialshopping
RT @moftasa: The Recovery Letters. Letters written from those recovering from depression, addressed to those currently suffering
RT @cdn: My annual visit to l'@eclau, a #coworking space @ftrk helped fund! 6 years in the running and doing just fine...
RT @Nicole_Cliffe: Save every cent you have in order to be ready to buy the first wave of angry memoirs by the children of lifestyle and parenting bloggers.
RT @anildash: Most emails I get essentially say, "Since you have lots of Twitter followers, we are telling you about something you don't care about."
RT @GlennF: Once again, Amazon asks me to take an unreliable, unverifiable thing, scan it, upload it, and use it to prove I am myself. Hilarity.
RT @GlennF: Amazon: “We’ll trust your signature so long as you put it in the form of an image and provide no additional verification.”
RT @digitalyn: Reason #42 why stopping smoking is the best thing ever: chocolate taste increased to 200%. *.* OHEMGEE GUYS.
RT @daveg: A well designed London airport would consist of 100 acres of asphalt and a bus that took you directly from the plane to the city center.
RT @EFF: The @WhiteHouse echoed our net neutrality position today, coming out for full Title II. Your move, @FCC:
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