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Almost everything normalises. Grief, wealth, love. Eventually it will all feel normal. Don’t let the feeling of ‘normal’ hide the value of what’s in front of you. -
Be genuinely curious. You can’t artificially generate curiosity, so you have to follow where yours actually leads. Curiosity ends up being the driving force behind the most interesting people. -
Always take the stairs. There’ll be plenty of days where you can’t, so accept the opportunity to take the stairs as a gift and make a deposit into your Future Health account. -
au auto-backup (google+) question:
au auto-backup (google+) question: -
au auto-backup (google+) question: - Stephanie Booth
Sébastien Fanti met en garde: si en tant que telle la publication n’est pas «excessive», les commentaires de colère à l’égard du tueur pourraient valoir des ennuis à leurs auteurs. -
Sur le réseau social, la révélation du nom est saluée, le bourreau insulté. Vingt-quatre heures passent et le nom reste exposé à la vue de tous. Qu’en dire du point de vue légal? «C’est une atteinte au droit de la personnalité du défunt», explique Sébastien Fanti, avocat, spécialiste des nouvelles technologies et préposé ad interim à la protection... -
A common theme throughout the trip was if plan A failed, there were still 25 other letters in the alphabet. -
Five years ago, I still was not ever telling people unless it was absolutely necessary. And now I do work it into conversation in the first five minutes or so," she says. If she needs to ask someone to repeat something, she’ll just add, "I have a hearing problem. -
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story | Talk Video | -
The danger of a single story - Stephanie Booth
Social scientists have called reproductive technologies a medical cure for a social problem. De-stigmatizing both voluntary and involuntary childlessness could broaden our definitions of human belonging. -
If medical science can now create a human embryo with donated mitochondria (and thus from three biological “parents”), to enable a woman who might otherwise transmit mitochondrial disease to bear a healthy child that is genetically hers, we may applaud the technical achievement, but we should also be asking what social good is served by bringing a... -
Childless women feel pressure to have a big compensatory life, she says. “It’s as though if you’re not a mother, you have to become Mother Teresa. But you don’t need a big life on the outside, just on the inside.” -
But the issue is more structural: we’re transitioning from an old social model in which women are expected to “marry up” socially or economically that runs parallel to an emerging one examined in Lisa Mundy’s The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners is Transforming Sex, Love and Family. Mundy concludes that if successful... -
Today’s “surplus women” are not war widows but young professional women for whom there aren’t enough suitable male partners—a phenomenon referred to in China derisively as “A1 women and D4 men.” Yet the blame invariably falls on them for being “too choosy,” a motif of the booming advice-to-female-professionals book genre, the latest being Susan... -
The fact that the archetype of the most pitied and shamed woman has, in one generation, gone from single mother to single woman over 40 without children reflects fundamental societal shifts, says Day, who thinks it’s not a coincidence that the “fetishization of motherhood”—from pregnancy studio shots to the ideal birth (at home! in water! without... -
Now more women are willing to talk about a loss others can’t see, she says, one that forced her to confront how much of female identity is tied to motherhood. “The loss isn’t tangible, so most women feel alone, their grief compounded by the attitude that they ‘should be over it,’ ” she says. Adding to the isolation is the feeling of being “locked... -
The fact that discussion about childlessness is framed in terms of personal choice, failure and medical infertility shuts down conversation, says Day. So do the cultural narratives of motherhood and womanhood, a spectacle Notkin calls “mom-opia”—“seeing motherhood as the only normal, natural way to be a woman.” It’s a fixation reflected in manic... -
Women don’t broadcast wanting a child for fear of being lectured that they shouldn’t wait, Notkin says. But they’re well aware of the tick-tock, she says: “Every 28 days offers a reminder.” The upshot is that women are being forced to make a tactical decision in their 30s: resort to solo motherhood, partner with someone simply to procreate, freeze... -
Most women start out expecting to have children, she says, citing a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that found 80 per cent of single women are childless, but that 81 per cent of that group said they hope or plan to have children. She rejects the “career woman” label used to describe childless women: “It implies we have... -
Virtually ignored in the conversation is the impact of “social infertility”—Day’s coinage for the growing number of women who don’t have a partner or the right partner while they can have children. It’s a big problem for women born in the ’70s, says Day, who experienced social infertility herself: she married at 23 and tried to get pregnant in her... -
Oh sure, I made tentative steps toward complaining, but I was put back in my place pretty quick. Told I’d “never get along with everyone I worked with,” leaving me in no doubt that the porn in the office, constant hard-core sex talk and bursts of verbal abuse were my problems to deal with. “Just part of life,” I was told, breezily by a man in a... -
The schoolteacher is part of a growing global movement that’s giving voice to a misunderstood phenomenon whose repercussions are personal and societal. “We think there is a room called childlessness with two doors: ‘didn’t want’ or ‘can’t have,’ ” says Jody Day, the writer and social entrepreneur behind, a network based in... -
Well, I can tell them what I wish I’d done differently. I wish I’d found a good counselor instead of taking the medication, I wish I’d talked to women higher up in the company instead of yelling at my husband about things that weren’t his fault, and I wish I’d recognized my power and escaped a lot earlier than I did. Easier said than done though,... -
kindle paperwhite ordered!
omg not often I start reading something thinking it will be interesting and stop after a few paragraphs with nausea
Sure, those three indicators are pretty superficial and the actual guidance in the article is to shift your expectations away from lust to friendship, which seems like reasonable advice. But is it really asking so much that I’m looking for an equal here? Admittedly since I chucked in my corporate job I’m not earning anywhere near $87,000 a year... -
Recently I read an article on NPR where the message seemed to be: single women, lower your expectations and then you’ll find a romantic partner. The article was written by a man. I suspect a single one but that could just be my bitterness coming through. Get used to it because we’re really about to drink in some lemon, lime and bitters. Heavy on... -
i get my kindle books from but order stuff (physical) from — if I buy my kindle from .de will I be in trouble?
I have been increasingly concerned for some time now that egg-freezing is being promoted by the media as the new way to buy peace-of-mind insurance for those women struggling with social infertility, whilst its low success rates and patchy live birth data was not being explored. -
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