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According to a series of papers published this year however, a staggering proportion of people are really quite terrible at identifying the difference between genuine news, misinformation and outright trolling. The researchers are concerned that what begins as a harmless hoax can form the foundations for full-blown conspiracy theories. This isn’t... -
Separate emotion from intuition. “One of the most powerful misconceptions about intuition is that intuition is based on emotion, and it’s not,” says Wright. To ensure your decisions are coming from your intuition and not emotion, check in and ask yourself if you’re feeling afraid, anxious, worried or stressed out. If you are, take a step back and... -
In this context, then, there were two things at play when the “Dallas patient” arrived in Texas, and two things that precipitated the media circus: Duncan’s “otherness” — his distinction from normal Americans as an African— and the introduction of this otherness into our immaculate country. Had he remained in Liberia, he would have become yet... -
Gamergate is now a self-sustaining machine because it is fueled by reactionary rage and deception, existing now only to defend itself against criticism of “gamers.” It’s not really accurate to call Gamergate’s militants “gamers” because, as Leigh Alexander rightly observed, gamer is basically a meaningless term that could describe basically any... -
Flight attendants have flown enough to know that turbulence-related injuries can occur but are uncommon. Unger advises buckling up and riding it out. “Turbulence is like going down a bumpy road,” she says. “If you’re in your seatbelt, you’re not in danger.” -
Une fois la tornade de critiques lancée, l’idiot s’est empressé de supprimer son tweet et de se confondre en excuses et autres messages de sympathie envers la communauté juive mais le mal était fait. La bêtise humaine et le pouvoir des réseaux sociaux s’étaient déjà ligués pour donner un cocktail infâme qu’on aimerait ne jamais voir, mais qui... -
It’s very easy to poke fun at anonymous individuals on the internet, but the list of “mainstream” news agencies The Onion has fooled is extensive. Fox News reported that President Obama sent a rambling 127 page long email to the nation, Iran’s Fars News Agency reported Iranian president Ahmadinejad was more popular among rural white Americans than... -
Sitting at your desk trying to hammer out a solution won’t allow your intuition to turn on while stepping away from communication devices, getting out of the office and doing something that has nothing to do with work can help you hone in on your powers of intuition. Albert Einstein once said he got his best ideas while sailing, while Steve Jobs... -
Even Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin Williams, endured vicious harassment on Twitter for no discernible reason other than the fact her dad had just died and she was vulnerable. -
RT @zariaurore: Satire is under attack, but are the fears justified? -
RT @zariaurore: Satire is under attack, but are the fears justified? - Stephanie Booth
Rather than viewing intuition as some kind of New Age mind game, consider it as a sophisticated natural intelligence that will guide you to the best and most successful outcome. -
Whenever you’re networking, you want to make sure that you get contact information to follow up. The best way to do this is to hand out your business card early. It’s a common understanding that once you get a business card you return the favor. This is a great way to ensure that if your conversation gets interrupted, you can keep developing the... -
Once you introduce yourself and find out more about the person, start thinking about people you can connect them with. It doesn’t matter how important your connection is, all that matters is that it might be helpful. When you do this, you show the person you’re speaking with that you’re willing to help. This will allow them to put their guard... -
The enemy of the Gamergate supporter is the so-called “social justice warrior,” which is a pejorative commonly used to describe basically anyone who feels empathy — a trait that sickens narcissists who believe that listening to another human being and taking their feelings seriously is a form of defeat. It’s difficult to read any thread on... -
Sadly, life for women online period may be better the less visible they are. As long as you’re being heard by a lot of people, or a bunch of guys happen think you’re attractive, you could be easily made a target by people who are willing to harass and hurt you, and then remind you that it was all your fault: If you didn’t want your nude photos... -
Our best estimates are that about 40-50 percent of food waste comes from consumers and 50-60 percent from businesses -
The environmental cost of food waste goes further than just methane emissions. Producing food is a costly affair for the environment—an estimated one third of global carbon emissions come from agriculture—but it’s one society pays to feed itself. -
But there’s another less apparent problem with food waste: the threat to the environment. Landfills full of decomposing food release methane, which is said to be at least 20 times more lethal a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. And America’s landfills are full of food—organic waste is the second largest contributor to the country’s landfills.... -
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[JavaScript] classic bitly sidebar - - Stephanie Booth - #1 paste tool since 2002! -
[JavaScript] classic bitly sidebar - - Stephanie Booth
Americans throw out more food than plastic, paper, metal, or glass - The Washington Post -
Americans throw out more food than plastic, paper, metal, or glass - The Washington Post - Stephanie Booth
The level of food waste suggests that curbing hunger isn’t a matter of producing more food so much as better preserving and distributing the food currently being produced. As the United Nations noted in its report on world hunger last week, there is actually enough food to feed all seven billion people living in the world today. -
Roughly a third of the food produced worldwide never gets eaten. -
But what disturbed me even more than the epilepsy forum attack itself were the comments about it afterwards (I won’t link to it, but you can search for it on Wired). “I lol’d” “That’s awful, but you gotta admit… hilarious!” Once again, high-fives all around. This is the world we have created. -
As any parent of a two-year old can tell you, ignoring the child usually leads to escalation. Cry harder, scream louder, and in the most desperate scenarios, become destructive. Anything to get the attention they crave. Simply moving on is not an option for the haters once you’ve been labeled a Koolaid server and/or a rich source of lulz. Ignore... -
After the GQ story came out, the one where weev “justified” the harassment of me by introducing the DMCA fiction, I asked him about it on Twitter. “Where, seriously, where exactly did I ever issue a DMCA?” His answer? Oh, right, he didn’t have an answer. Because it didn’t happen. But see? he doesn’t have to. He’s already launched the... -
How? By unleashing a mind virus guaranteed to push emotional buttons for your real, NOT-troll audience. In my specific case, it was my alleged threat to a free and open internet. “She issued DMCA takedowns for sites that criticized her.” Yes, that one even made it’s way into a GQ magazine article not long ago, when the writer Sanjiv Bhattacharya... -
I now believe the most dangerous time for a woman with online visibility is the point at which others are seen to be listening, “following”, “liking”, “favoriting”, retweeting. In other words, the point at which her readers have (in the troll’s mind) “drunk the Koolaid”. Apparently, that just can’t be allowed. -
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