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Matt Buckland on Twitter: "Something to bear in mind when you use a grandiose title on LinkedIn...." -
Something to bear in mind when you use a grandiose title on LinkedIn.... - Matt Buckland (ElSatanico) - Stephanie Booth
It is time to resurrect strategy and stop sacrificing real results for the sake of misleading numbers on a piece of paper. -
Sensational, yet misleading, headlines increase traffic but leave your visitor feeling duped and wary of clicking again. -
How Measurement Can Kill Your Content Marketing Strategy -
How Measurement Can Kill Your Content Marketing Strategy. Thanks @wittlake, for saying what we're all thinking. - Bonnie Southcott (bonniesouthcott) - Stephanie Booth
Such a list depends on an effective algorithm to process it. There are three main requirements which have to be kept in balance. These are urgency, importance and psychological readiness. Traditional time management systems have tended to concentrate on the first two of these. The neglect of psychological readiness is probably the reason that most... -
Bruno Chanel on Twitter: "Le repos du guerrier @REGINALDM" -
Le repos du guerrier @REGINALDM - Bruno Chanel (brunochanel) - Stephanie Booth
Anyone distracted in class doesn’t just lose out on the content of the discussion, they create a sense of permission that opting out is OK, and, worse, a haze of second-hand distraction for their peers. In an environment like this, students need support for the better angels of their nature (or at least the more intellectual angels), and they need... -
Ces projets de corrections, comme par exemple celui entamé par les Cantons du Valais et de Vaud pour le Rhône, s’appuient par essence sur le principe de consensus. Ce principe est un fondement du mode de vie helvétique. Il est important que les agriculteurs soient écoutés et entendus. Pour ce faire, il existe des instruments démocratiques, comme... -
Il est devenu politiquement impossible de défendre qu’il n’existe pas de solution simple pour résoudre des situations complexes. -
Edelwin Khaelos on Twitter: "paye ton CM mysogyne chez @ouifm (cc @TookyTsuki @arr0w_root )" -
RT @EdelwinK: paye ton CM mysogyne chez @ouifm (cc @TookyTsuki @arr0w_root ) - Stephanie Booth
Il n’est donc pas impossible qu’une mère d’aujourd’hui soit morte en couche si elle avait dû accoucher au XVIIIe siècle. Surtout si, durant son enfance, elle a subi de graves privations de nourriture ayant perturbé son développement osseux. Ou si elle travaille comme domestique et a été violée par son patron puis contrainte d’accoucher dans un... -
#freecycle #birmingham large display cabinet with glass doors to give (just pick it up!) -
#freecycle #birmingham large display cabinet with glass doors to give (just pick it up!) - Stephanie Booth
It is not the responsibility of our female population to take “ X” number of steps to lessen the chance that a member of our male population will engage in untoward conduct towards them, be it assault or street harassment. As a society, we deal with violence, especially sexual violence, against women in much the wrongheaded manner that we have... -
This is clearly a violation. It is a crime of theft with the intent to exploit its victims as punishment for the unpardonable sin of being female. -
It is not Ms. Ritter’s or Ms. Dunst’s responsibility to protect their own property from theft by not creating said property or only storing it in a specific place any more than it’s any woman’s responsibility to dress a certain way, travel in groups, wear special nail polish, or what-have-you to lessen the chance that someone will attempt to... -
You may argue, without any intended malice, that it may be unwise in this day-and-age to put nude pictures of yourself on a cell phone which can be act and/or stolen. But without discounting that statement, the issue is that these women have the absolute right and privilege to put whatever they want on their cell phones with the expectation that... -
Ms. Lawrence and the other victims have absolutely nothing to apologize for in terms of the contents of the photos or the nature in which they were leaked. The story itself should not be addressed as if it were a scandal, but rather what it is: A sex crime involving theft of personal property and the exploitation of the female body. -
After we said goodbye, I wondered if the desire to find some grim punchline to Josh’s story speaks of the magical thinking we sometimes indulge in when it comes to sex. Surely it must be dangerous to trade it, as if it were no different to putting up a shelf? But Josh is convinced that the bargain he’s made is more than equal to the cost of... -
Announcement: Readers who feel threatened by equality no longer welcome | -
Announcement: Readers who feel threatened by equality no longer welcome - - Stephanie Booth
The only thing left for these people to do is put their toys back in the pram and huddle together as the tide rises against them, until they wake up in five year’s time and realise that Assassin’s Creed 7 was actually a pretty good game, even though they had to waste three precious seconds flicking the gender over to ‘male’ on the character... -
This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened, of course. This crap just keeps going. People who proudly call themselves “gamers” everywhere have been harassing and trying to exclude women for the last ten years, citing every pathetic excuse in the book from a “feminist agenda” to “gamer culture is under attack”. It’s disgusting and... -
How could I see something like this so differently as someone with whom we clearly related in terms of the vision of our boy filled families? I had to see if I was the anomaly, so I sounded out a bunch of dads. Their attitudes were like mine—their sons were venturing in as early as 4 years old, and certainly were autonomous pros by 7 or 8. The... -
It’s an archetype, I realized, that taps into a particular male fantasy: of being saved from depression and ennui by a fantasy woman who sweeps in like a glittery breeze to save you from yourself, then disappears once her work is done. -
Re: Le web, simple bourse de valeurs du réel -
"Ah, avec le crowdfunding derrière ça fait nettement plus de sens :-)" - Stephanie Booth
Re: Le web, simple bourse de valeurs du réel -
"Je crois au contraire que justement, ce qu'on observe aujourd'hui montre bien que la multiplication des copies ne peut PAS être contrôlée au plan juridique. Personnellement, j'opterais pour la version "gratuit en ligne, payant en version papier luxe" :-)" - Stephanie Booth
Maybe nothing, and maybe your carousel is working. I know we’ve created some great ones for clients. But take another look at it. Ask yourself (or maybe someone without a vested interest in your website) whether your carousel works for you, or whether it’s annoying users and reducing visibility. Is your carousel converting or is banner blindness... -
I called out to some as they left, ‘Can’t you even listen to ideas you disagree with? In Oxford, of all places, you should be open-minded enough to hear alternative views’. But no. They said I needed an open mind. This really got to me, raising painful memories of my early research on psychics and clairvoyants who said, ‘You just don’t have an... -
I explained the idea of religions as memeplexes: they package up a set of doctrines, tell believers to learn them, to pass them on, to have faith and not doubt, and they ensure obedience with fearsome threats and ridiculous promises. This I illustrated with images of Christian heaven and hell. Then I read from the Koran “those that have faith and... -
RT @krummy: Quelqu'un d'intéressé pour un partage de bureau sur Yverdon, style #coworking? Merci pour vos RT cc @shalf @stephtara
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