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I adore my kids so I don’t solve all of their problems. -
When my oldest was about nine months old he still wasn’t crawling. He was still technically my foster child at that point and we had a home nurse that came monthly to check on us. I asked her about the crawling and she pointed out how I had him sitting in a circle of toys that were all within his reach. He was happy and had no need to learn to... -
So I don’t know what the right answer is. I think a minimal step in the right direction is to encourage people who use computers for other things than work to sit towards the back, and encourage those who want to pay attention to sit towards the front. In this way, second-hand distraction is reduced (you can’t see the screen of someone sitting... -
Luke Dicken on Twitter: "@Doctoe here's the one I took yesterday #puppycuddles" -
@Doctoe here's the one I took yesterday #puppycuddles - Luke Dicken (LukeD) - Stephanie Booth interesting article but could you please get your commas under control? looks really bad for such a publication. - interesting article but could you please get your commas under control? looks really bad for such a publication. - Stephanie Booth
Heather Head on Twitter: "Twice in 2 weeks our kids stopped by cops for "Walking While Young." I made this for them to wear. @FreeRangeKids" -
Twice in 2 weeks our kids stopped by cops for "Walking While Young." I made this for them to wear. @FreeRangeKids - Heather Head (HHeadWrites) - Stephanie Booth
There are Industrial Age detractors. Articles likes those recently in Time magazine view this cynically. But they are like listening to someone who drew the short straw in a high school debate and had to argue the positive effects of indentured servitude. The arguments against unlimited vacation are tortured at best. -
To combat this and put teeth into our unlimited vacation position, our company, Crankset Group, gives all of our stakeholders $1,500 a year in vacation money (Evernote gives $1,000 in vacation money and FullContact gives $7,500). But you only get it when you turn in receipts that prove you’re using it for vacation. -
News from The Time Freedom Coach -
dead simple but dead smart time management system: (doing this today and really liking it) - Stephanie Booth
Although HIV infection was once considered a certain death sentence, research published today shows that the average person infected with HIV in North America can expect to live to the age of 63. Gay men with HIV can expect to live even longer, to an average age of 77, according to the findings published in PLOS One. -
A 20-year-old man with HIV who begins antiretroviral therapy today had better start saving for his golden years. -
@fakedansavage seen this? (guy projecting grindr convos and pics in public space) - Stephanie Booth
Google to Only Show Headline of Certain German Newspapers -
RT @textually: Google to remove thumbnail and news snippets of German newspapers from search results via @thenextweb - Stephanie Booth
RT @textually: 'We Have to Stop': This Social Media Maven Wants You To Look Up From Your Phone via @motherboard -
RT @textually: 'We Have to Stop': This Social Media Maven Wants You To Look Up From Your Phone via @motherboard - Stephanie Booth
The Good Drone: Video: Indonesian Villagers Use Drones to Protect Their Forest -
RT @textually: Video: Indonesian Villagers Use Drones to Protect Their Forest via @Yale - Stephanie Booth
Make your piece of Wow Content is at least 2000 words. Don’t be afraid to publish something that’s 5000 words plus. The longer the content, the better it tends to do. -
In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts recently confirmed that they don’t use social signals — like tweets, Facebook Likes or Pinterest pins — to rank sites. The fact that Pat had (and still has) a ton of success from a link-focused SEO approach should come as no surprise. -
When the researchers asked people why they mistrusted the information on either site, 94% said it was because of design. -
We are all “cyborgs, hybrids, mosaics, chimeras,” as Haraway suggests in her feminist provocation A Cyborg Manifesto. She envisions a cyborg world “in which people are not afraid of their joint kinship with animals and machines, not afraid of permanently partial identities and contradictory standpoints.” -
Our technology both extends and endangers us. Good or bad, it is part of us, and this is no more unnatural than it is natural. -
The debate over vaccination tends to be described with what the philosopher of science Donna Haraway would call “troubling dualisms.” These dualisms pit science against nature, public against private, truth against imagination, self against another, thought against emotion, and man against woman. -
The metaphor of a “war” between mothers and doctors is sometimes used for conflicts over vaccination. Depending on who is employing the metaphor, the warring parties may be characterized as ignorant mothers and educated doctors, or intuitive mothers and intellectual doctors, or caring mothers and heartless doctors, or irrational mothers and... -
Infectious disease is one of the primary mechanisms of natural immunity. Whether we are sick or healthy, disease is always passing through our bodies. “Probably we’re diseased all the time,” as one biologist puts it, “but we’re hardly ever ill.” -
Allowing children to develop immunity to contagious diseases “naturally,” without vaccination, is appealing to some of us. Much of that appeal depends on the belief that vaccines are inherently unnatural. But vaccines are of that liminal place between humans and nature—a mowed field, Berry might suggest, edged by woods. Vaccination is a kind of... -
True as it may be, the idea that our medicine is as flawed as we are is not comforting. And when comfort is what we want, one of the most powerful tonics alternative medicine offers is the word natural. This word implies a medicine untroubled by human limitations, contrived wholly by nature or God or perhaps intelligent design. What natural has... -
One of the appeals of alternative medicine is that it offers not just an alternative philosophy or an alternative treatment but also an alternative language. If we feel polluted, we are offered a “cleanse.” If we feel inadequate, lacking, we are offered a “supplement.” If we fear toxins, we are offered “detoxification.” If we fear that we are... -
In this context, fear of toxicity strikes me as an old anxiety with a new name. Where the word filth once suggested, with its moralist air, the evils of the flesh, the word toxic now condemns the chemical evils of our industrial world. This is not to say that concerns over environmental pollution are not justified—like filth theory, toxicity... -
Toxoid is the term for a toxin that has been rendered no longer toxic, but the existence of a class of vaccines called toxoids probably does not help quell widespread concerns that vaccination is a source of toxicity. The consumer advocate Barbara Loe Fisher routinely supports these fears, referring to vaccines as “biologicals of unknown toxicity”... -
As for mercury, a child will almost certainly get more mercury exposure from her immediate environment than from vaccination. This is true, too, of the aluminum that is often used as an adjuvant in vaccines to intensify the immune response. Aluminum is in a lot of things, including fruits and cereals as well as, again, breast milk. Our breast... -
We are all already polluted. We have more microorganisms in our guts than we have cells in our bodies—we are crawling with bacteria and we are full of chemicals. -
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