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RT @Naina: "@redditindia: Hands down, the cleverest slogan seen on an Autorickshaw ever"
The Atlantic: How One Magazine Became Profitable by Going 'Digital First'
RT @arretsurimages: [Gratuit 24h] Vent de fronde contre la drague business en ligne
Robot Makes You Feel Like There's a Ghost Behind You | IFLScience
Julien Blanc Fans: Ladies Are Just Mad Because Pickup Artistry Works
In my view, lawyers have played a significant role in the silencing of sexual assault. Anyone familiar with the criminal justice system will tell you, if they are honest, that lawyers appear willing to be more zealous in defending a client charged with sexual assault than for any other offence. Indeed, one prominent Ottawa lawyer once told a group... - 10 ways men can combat sexist entitlement in public
Please don't let it be a hoax, @TheTweetofGod. -
Please don't let it be a hoax, @TheTweetofGod. - Dan Savage (fakedansavage) - Stephanie Booth
RT @fdevillamil: Interview pro tip: when asked what your biggest challenge was, make it sound really challenging. It might not be obvious for everybody.
RT @onthemedia: Mass shootings are happening more often in the U.S., but we're often told otherwise. Deborah Azrael explains why.
RT @jimwhimpey: Slack. It’s IRC but valued at $1,000,000,000.
RT @Stanm: "You can trick someone to click, but you can’t trick someone to share": why BuzzFeed Doesn't Do Clickbait
Ageing is frightening to the majority of people and they don’t want to think about it. Ageing without children shines a light on aspects of ageing that people really don’t want to think about. It is uncomfortable but with 20-25% of people growing old without children, it must be done. -
Of course having children is no guarantee of support or help in later life; that really should go without saying. There are of course no guarantees in life. However statistics tell us that the vast majority of older people with children do get help and support from them, frankly the health and social care system would collapse if they didn’t, so... -
victor marks on Twitter: "@stephtara for free, QuickTime Player. Connect iPhone to MBA via USB. new movie recording, select iPhone as the cam" -
@stephtara for free, QuickTime Player. Connect iPhone to MBA via USB. new movie recording, select iPhone as the cam - victor marks (vmarks) - Stephanie Booth
just stumbled upon Google’s inactive account manager
I thought paypal transfers from person to person were free but I might be mistaken….
F*** it is snowing
ooh, nice photos of #Cascais by @dinkyfriend — loved my visit there a few years ago
today, @CiprianCorodan, @dinkyfriend and a handful of others attended my intro to Twitter workshop. Say hi to them! (where are the others?)
RT @deafgirly: Got 5 mins? Take this survey from the peeps @Hearing_loss_f about tailor-made holidays for people with hearing loss
who has a good "getting started with Twitter" tutorial to share (2014-compatible)? hands-on and no-nonsense :-)
I'm at Phonak AG in Stäfa, ZH
It's realising that one thing I like about Facebook that twitter has lost is all the discovery through "partial conversations" #nostalgia
RT @Alej_Pal: James Blunt says his record #label asked him to stop tweeting ##socialmedia #music
I love the idea of subscription models for media consumption BUT there will be things like #spotifygate -- like to "own" my media for now
RT @zoecello: The cancer is a downer and apparently I'm not supposed to tweet much about my TV composing gig, so we are going to talk about the weather.
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