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RT @doctorparadox: How To Cultivate A Creative Thinking Habit via @FastCompany
Health Care Spending’s Recent Surge Stirs Unease - #demandcurve #econ101 #duh
World's Top 50 Most Expensive Wines
New Statesman | Why futurologists are always wrong – and why we should be sceptical of techno-utopians
Really enjoyed the @HustonVineyards wines that we poured at @Dent. Here is a shot of the @Buick at the winery:
RT @MarshaCollier: Content Marketing Retreat May 8-9 at @LangleyNewMedia 15% Discount code: TWEETHOUSE #CMRetreat
RT @toytalk: Check out ToyTalk CEO, Oren Jacob, on @BloombergNews, answering a wide range of quick-fire questions!
NOAA data -- Great Lakes Annual Maximum Ice Coverage: 92.2% highest % in over 30 years.
Sigh. @soundgecko service is down again. Couple times a year they just vanish for 12-48 hours. Anyone know a good replacement?
.@Levarburton my first impression was "Geordi La Forge's vacation home" (cc @brettschulte @jasonp)
Say what you will about prime-time TV competitions, at least SOMEONE is addressing the pop singer shortage that's plagued us 4 years.
RT @MattDickman: This has been a marketing challenge with Twitter from the beginning "The Race to Locate Twitter Users"
Posted about @hedgeswine stop on our way 2 @Dent @SunValley. Commentary from @Scobleizer about their RMF: #dent2014
Starbucks offers a secret, off-menu "Butterbeer Latte":
Number of hurricanes hits a 30 year low.
The Economist: Even François Hollande apparently doesn't buy the Romer "Laffer curve peaks at 84%" thing.
Wow. "French Socialists suffer as far-right and conservatives sweep elections":
Dear social CRM vendors: I *don't care* what whiz-bang features u have. Can't 2 way sync to google contacts? I'm out. #roachmotel
RT @amandakoster: 56% there! Will you participate?#salaamgarage #dent2014 #fostercare
RT @Oneumbrlla: @Scobleizer Quality and trust is key, not just price, like #dent2014 you reference it is the relationship that matters @jasonp @sbroback
One of the highlights of #dent2014 was hanging in the @sunvalley Duchin Room with @GSlutkin & @jasonp discussing @CureViolence ...
Nate Silver presents data suggesting incentives (minimize competitive pressures) trump motives #krugman
As a new generation of Spaniards discover the wonders of the Laffer Curve:
“@StevenBustin: Incredible Photos and Story, #aircraft carrier” #vinsonembark
RT @redfishmedia: Cant wait for @dent and to see @jasonp @sbroback @mopho_barry and the rest of the team. #seeyouontheslopes @sunvalley
The Hill: Obamacare premiums to skyrocket
I've decided the best way to hide from prying NSA eyes and ears is to get on a 777.
RT @toytalk: Great piece from @FastCompany -- Pixar Alums' Pioneering iPad Show Lets Kids Engage in Interactive Make Believe
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