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A classic from the 80's: "Poodle with a mohawk"
"survey participants ranked car ownership as the most desirable among nine transportation mode options"
What would a robot panel @ #SDCC be w/o @TheJohnDiMaggio? Come see "Bender" & creators of humanoid robots on Sat.
SUVs and crossovers have exceeded sedan sales in the US for the first time:
A piece of paper folded 100 times would be the width of the universe
The hideous Nissan Cube appears to be doomed. Wondering if sight pollution laws had any effect.
MIT @medialab data documents why it's rational for people to drive (and not get on the bus.) #timeismoney
Recharge your phone via the power of twigs.
Amazon snubs French free delivery ban with one-cent charge - France 24
2 hours on the phone w @bankofamerica trying to do something that should take 2 minutes. Have told 6 different people now the same story.
Scandal hits my new favorite academic publication "Journal of Vibration and Control" (gotta love that name...)
Ex-New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin sentenced to 10 years
RT @tweethouse: Catch @IntelFuturist, @rethinkrobotics, and @jasoncrusan from @NASA at our Comic-Con robotics session! #SDCC
Shhhh. A multi-generational genetic study of middle America reveals a "false paternity" rate of 16% # #whosyourdaddy
Russian army sees decline in respiratory & skin diseases after military installs showers & washing machines:
RT @kylekesterson: Lately my life has been shifting, not so subtly. This is why - Thx @Crosscut for sharing my #Seattle experience
U.S. Seen as Biggest Oil Producer After Overtaking Saudi Arabia - Bloomberg (cc @theoildrum) #peakoil
only 18% of U.S. securitization – primarily auto loans & credit card debt - are free from government guarantees
6-Day Visit To Rural African Village Completely Changes Woman’s Facebook Profile Picture | The Onion -
.@sbisson has published on @Medium “the essential futurist SF list”:
.@geofframsey Neurobiology & the French Drop: "curved motion…generates stronger misdirection than rectilinear motion"
Mexico = The New China: ETFs that let investors invest in the shift (cc @chr1sa)
New York’s Ban on Big Sodas Is Rejected by Final Court -
.@DonDodge on Google acquisitions: "We don’t acquire revenue streams, typically, or products. We acquire talent"
Every Senior V.A. Executive Was Rated ‘Fully Successful’ or Better Over 4 Years -
Norway: First time since records were taken that snow has fallen there in June.
.@cardmagic on good startup ideas vs. "terrible" ones. "The 2 Ingredients to a Breakout Startup Success".
.@DaltonBroback "Hamlet" performed in celebrity voices
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