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Scoble, Alex Scoble
Anyone got any tips on cooking a turkey (12 pounder) and carving it? Thanks in advance.
I've heard the oven helps. That's really all I've got though. - James Ferguson
Tip one: Use some form of heat to cook the bird completely. I can't stress the word, Completely, enough. :) - Wizetux
Outside of frying, my fave way is giving it a good rub down inside and out with butter & cajun seasoning, blasting it at 475 for 20 min and turning the heat down to 350 for 20 minutes a lb, tenting w/foil the last hour to prevent the outside from getting too dark. - Heather Solos
Use a thermometer and remember the temp will rise for 5 - 10 min after it's taken out of the oven. Let it rest 30 min, covered with foil before carving. Carve in the kitchen, it's stressful w/ an audience if you aren't practiced. - Heather Solos
Get a meat thermometer, especially if you can get the electronic wireless kind that gives you a pager to go in your pocket. Then, depending on weather conditions, use oven, grill, deep fryer, or smoker to cook the bird. Google is always my friend for time estimates. - Ordinarybug Heather
As for carving it, I thought that was inborn on the Y chromosome. I sure as heck can't carve ANYthing. - Ordinarybug Heather
Never trust the little pop-ups on the turkey. Use a proper thermometer. And you're shooting for 185 degrees - Steven Perez
@Heather - If you think that, I'm sure you'll be sorely disappointed next Thanksgiving! - Kristin of Two Everything
I grill our turkeys, as we don't have an oven. The bonus is that they cook *much* quicker: a 20 lb halfway thawed bird took 4 hours my first year (and no, it wasn't dry). I'm not any real help on carving, as we just hack off what we want. - FFing Enigma Here is the beginning part of Good Eats with Alton Brown in which he tells you how to deep fat fry a turkey. - Wizetux
Turkey Calculator!! --> - Susan Beebe
Yet another example of why I love guys rock. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'm definitely the "clear juices" kind of person (that's how you know it's done). Also: rub butter & proscuitto inbetween the skin and the meat. Carving: if right-handed, start with bird lengthwise, opening close to you, and carve nice pieces of white meat (breast) 1/2 inch thick. Don't worry about the other stuff. voila! - anna sauce
The USDA actually suggests the thigh temp should be 165 - Heather Solos
NY Times article today ---> - Susan Beebe
This is Alton Brown's recipe. Follow it to the letter, cook to 161F, and your turkey will be the best you've ever had. Brine FTW! - Dave Roth
yes, Alton Brown's recipe rocks. i've been using it since the Good Eats Romancing the Bird episode first came out and it still gets rave compliments - Imabug
I second the Alton Brown method. - Kreg Steppe
Alton Brown bird works well, but be ready for a some smoke in the beginning. - Eric - Final Countdown
Montreal chicken seasoning and a bag. I had to cook a turkey for a Thanksgiving party at work one year, with only a vague idea of how. Came out pretty good. - Kevykev
Turkey dinner was a success...I ended up using the NY Times article so thanks to Susan for that. Next year I'll have to remember to put the pine nuts in the stuffing, and manage the kitchen a bit more as the turkey ended up sitting a little too long and was a little cold, but all in all it was all good. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
You're welcome, glad that worked out well for you!! :) Those photos did look great didn't they?! (Tip: Make a "tent" out of aluminum foil and closely cover the turkey until you're ready to serve it to keep warmth in) - Susan Beebe
Anothe vote for Alton Brown's brime recipe. Have used it successfully for several years, it's our traditional Turkey dinner! - Victor Ryden 美久太阿
Yeah, the aluminum tent is what I forgot to do. Will remember next time I do a turkey. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Bah, now I can't find that NY Times recipe! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Deep-fry it! - Alex Scrivener
#carving I like the cross carving, take the breasts off in a slab close to spine then cut them into pieces perpendicular... Not sure if thats right word but much easier than traditional white meat carve - WarLord
As much as I'd like to try deep frying a bird for TurkeyDay, this isn't likely to happen. Bah, let's see if I can work my google-fu to find the 2008 NY Times recipe for doing the bird. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
kill it first. - Pariss Hardy
Pariss wins - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I browse through the various Cooks Illustrated thanksgiving issues and pick and choose from the variations. - Wirehead
I rub butter into the skin, fill the cavity with fresh spices: rosemary, sage, celery, carrots and a halved orange, and put a little water in the bottom. I also cook the bird until the temp is at least 165F or so. The butter will make the skin nice and brown. Just pretend it's a big roast chicken. - Elizabeth Brown
Jesse Stay
Recently my cousin's head was run over by a car. This is what's left of her helmet. My cousin completely survived because of this helmet. Please think of this before riding a bike without a helmet next time!
bike helmet.jpg
I've ridden only once without a helmet in as long as I can remember. Felt vulnerable! - Adam Loving from StumbleRead
It's true. They work. - Andrew Feinberg
wow... that's amazing. how old is your cousin jesse? - dave mcclure
dave, my cousin's 30, just 1 year younger than me - Jesse Stay from twhirl
You can read her story, in her own words here. I'm inspired: - Jesse Stay from twhirl
This happened to a friend of mine at the beginning of the month. He didn't do so good in the accident, but the helmet obviously saved his life. Thankfully is on his way home tomorrow: - Steve Lacey
I used to ride my bike without the helmet even though it is mandatory in Chennai, India. But after reading this I am not even going to the next street in my bike without helmet. - Sudar
I never wear a helmet. When hearing things like this, I always think of this article. In the Netherlands no one wears a helmet. It seems safe to me. - Peter Stuifzand
I was hit while riding to work in summer 2006 & did not want anyone to touch my helmet at all costs. If my brain was scrambled, I did not want anyone to touch my egg:) I highly recommend a helmet especially if you think you will not need one! Mine was almost the same color too & manufacturer, but there is no conspiracy there:) - Roney Smith
Bicyclists/motorcyclists that don't wear helmets are better called future organ donors - Brian Sullivan
Thanks for sharing. I ride often at traffic time between cars. always wear my helmet...itsg good to know that It does work :) - jonathan from twhirl
that's incredible... - Jamie Allen from twhirl
Wow, glad to hear your friend is doing well after that. I agree, helmets save lives. Regardless, I've many intentional close-calls by drivers who don't want to share the road. Unfortunately, this is the common attitude where I live (southern US). - pete
we wear helmets for everything: mtb, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding & even surfing - skulls are fragile why not put a protective layer around it (i also try real hard to not ride on streets - a high percentage of drivers are oblivious to bike riders)... - mike "glemak" dunn
I always ride in my helmet and stay to bike lanes as much as possible. Nice to know the safety tools work. Now, if I can just avoid that NYPD cop with a penchant for knocking people off their bikes. Hopefully, he won't transfer to LAPD. - Jason Toney
Peter Stuifzand, my cousin would be dead if she did not wear her helmet. That article is BS. Wear your helmet! - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Point blank. You are a moron if you ride without a helmet. Sorry, but that's true and you're just going to play into Darwinian theory should you continue to ride without one. Any 'real' cyclist (e.g - you've been hit by a car - and yes, I have been) will tell you this without reservation. Helmets work without a doubt. - AJ Kohn
I survived a nasty motorcycle crash in my youth and would also be dead without that helmet - which cracked in 2 like an egg (that would have been my head, as the nurse aptly put it!). - Susan Beebe
A friend who's a cop refers to motorcycles as donorcycles whenever she sees someone riding without a helmet. I figure that applies for bicycles, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I was on the way to work Monday morning while it was raining, when the third car in front of me spun out of control and flipped twice into a ditch. When I pulled over to help her out she was just fine. She only had a scratch on her left shoulder from the broken window and was not hurt anywhere else. THE REASON: She was wearing her seat belt. It's nice to hear that these devices are actually helping us! - David Cook
Wow! I wear mine! Didn't for years - I was lucky I guess. Thanks for posting that! - matthew hunt
OMG... Jesse, do you have a link other than here on FF? I have friends whose kids refuse to wear theirs, and seeing this may help. - Cyndy
Cyndy why not just link here - - Brian Sullivan
Dutch don't wear helmets and they don't get killed by cars - Peter Stuifzand
Actually they do get killed by cars. But culturally they are not inclined to wear helmets. - Brian Sullivan
Cyndy, with this being dug out of the grave, I just noticed your question. That particular picture is from my cousin's blog here: You can read the full story here: Search for "run over by car" and you can read about her entire ordeal. - Jesse Stay
My brother would not be alive today if he did not wear his helmet while riding his motorcycle; please wear a helmet! - Sandra
man - Shey
If it's nice enough to ride, I probably won't be bothering with the human-powered bike any longer. I always wear a helmet on my gas-powered bike. - MiniMage
As long as we won't have mountains, we Dutch will not wear those things. Otherwise we won't be able to recognise the tourists on bikes. - Ton Zijp
Thanks for sharing - I had a mishap with a car, wasn't wearing a helmet at the time, was lucky. If they don't see you, it doesn't matter either way. Wear the helmet! - Rick Bucich
This isn't as extreme as this but when I fell off my bike onto a sidewalk and broke my arm, I thought I was fine for a while. Later, my dad noticed that the whole front of my helmet was all scratched up and the visor in front was torn off! I realized that if I wasn't wearing my helmet on the 2 minute trip down the road, I probably wouldn't be typing this comment right now! Not that I'd be dead but I would have suffered some head damage, limiting my ability to do most things. - Kevin Lyons
Helmets for cyclists are mandatory in Australia. Still gives me the shudders when I'm travelling and see bareheaded bicyclists on the roads. - Kate Foy
Morgaine LeFaye
My Online Social Map | An Unquiet Mind -
My Online Social Map | An Unquiet Mind
This is still on my to do list. I'm afraid it will look even more complex than this map. - Morgaine LeFaye from Bookmarklet
Excellent. Mine's still on a legal pad as a work in progress. - Steve Lowe
This quickly became outdated after FB's acquisition of FF. I want to update it, can't seem to spare the time! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Morgaine LeFaye
Aggregators as Scatterers and Why It Matters | Skeptic Geek -
Aggregators as Scatterers and Why It Matters | Skeptic Geek
Instead of having to go to the 50 or so social networks I'm a member of, I want those networks to come to me. I want a single page (my blog or home page) I can host myself, working in both directions. Yes, I can pull things, using rss feeds or widgets, and I can push things, using services such as, but I want all that to happen "at home". I want things people post elsewhere, especially when they specifically address me, to automagically appear there, and when I post something there, I want it to appear automagically on the appropriate networks / services. - Morgaine LeFaye
I also want things to be kept together (discussions) in one way or another. And perhaps grouped together (discussions about the same topic on different networks) as well. - Morgaine LeFaye
Irma, what you're describing doesn't exist yet as far as I can understand. You're describing something like the Starship Enterprise Command Center for your online presence across the various social galaxies! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
I do think this is what social networking fatigue is all about - I can see you're spread all over the web. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Hehe, I *know* it doesn't exist, or I would certainly be using it. Unfortunately, I can't program it myself. I even wonder whether anyone would be able to, since data portability is an issue. - Morgaine LeFaye
You hit the nail on the head. Data portability is THE issue, IMO. supports it, FriendFeed doesn't. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
As for being spread all over the web, yes, I am, I guess. I define myself as e-schizophrenic, hehe. Of course, I can't help but sign up for every shiny new toy that floats by ... - Morgaine LeFaye
Michael Nielsen
How do people find Google Docs?
I've only fooled around with it on test files, but am considering using it for a large project. Anybody have any major gotchas to report? Or does it work well? - Michael Nielsen
I really like it. I use it almost exclusively for word processing, although I haven't used it for a large project yet. Detailed formatting can be a bit wonky and largish files can be slow to load. The sharing and collaborative features also work very well. - John Dupuis
Thanks, John. How large can the files get before you start to notice the speed? - Michael Nielsen
Install Gears so you can have offline access too. - pn
Neil: heh. (And thanks for the comments, they're very helpful!) The spectrum of opinions on Docs online seems to range from utter hatred to thinking Docs is the greatest invention in the history of humanity. Tough work slogging through that. - Michael Nielsen
Paulo - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll hold off a bit, and try it out online first, to see what I think, and then install Gears if it works well. I must admit I'd be happier having local control over my data. - Michael Nielsen
I am using for grant writing and people are liking it. Of course it lacks a lot of features but it can be a good start for collaborative work. - pn
Michael, I've only seen it be slow on large spreadsheets -- maybe several hundred rows. As for lack of feature, yeah, it's pretty minimalistic that way. However, they did just add a bare-bones footnote feature which I haven't had a chance to play with yet. - John Dupuis
Very nice to get an initial draft of a multi-person paper or grant going - in the end it needs to go out to Word to get formating etc correct. If only they could include bib mgmt via Google - Rajarshi Guha
On the feature issue: I'm happy enough (for now) with a pretty minimal feature set. My testing shows it's got most of what I need, although the lack of bibliography management will be a bit of a pain. I'll give it a real go. - Michael Nielsen
Thankyou, everyone, for the feedback. I put this up 28 minutes (!) ago, figuring I'd go to bed, and with luck a few people would comment by morning. Little did I know :-) So thankyou all - I'm going to head off to bed in a few minutes, but if anyone has more comments, I'll read and reply in the morning. Cheers! - Michael Nielsen
Like said above, very useful to collaborate with, my wife and I organized our wedding basically using google docs. Only downside is when you need proper formatting for printing. If you are happy with rough formatting, that's fine, but precision printing (like address labels) is very hard, much better to export to word or excel. - Nick Boucart
agree with what everyone else has said. Just to add it seems to scale well to large numbers of authors in a way that wikis do not - at least with simultaneous editing. In my experience tech phobic people prefer it to wikis but formatting has to be done elsewhere. Bibliography is a major weakness - Cameron Neylon from fftogo
I've only used it for small things where I want my doc in the cloud. - Richard Akerman
Thanks for all the extra comments, especially the comments on how it compares to wikis, and the limitations with formatting. - Michael Nielsen
Kambiz - That's a really interesting idea, which I may play with. How well do you find it works with large documents? - Michael Nielsen
Spreadsheets are nice but not for massive datasets - the formatting issue for the text docs is annoying and puzzling as to why it hasn't been solved - also strange that GoogleDocs don't tend to show up on Google searches - Jean-Claude Bradley
using Gdocs last 2 years, can't live without it today, amazing tool, but Presentations part still bad tho - Alexey
I've only used the forms part to develop a survey. The forms feature is extremely limited. No edit after submission, no complex field types, no skinning, editing the form rearranges fields etc. But it does have nice features for doing stuff with the data once collected, so it's a tradeoff. - Todd Hoff
I have been using it to draft papers, and bibliography works fine if you use BibTeX and have different documents for the .tex and the .bib files. Problem for some collaborators (and for chasing bugs introduced by them): TeX syntax highlighting is not available, and compiling has to be done offline. - Daniel Mietchen
I have a comment on the presentation module -- I first used it about a year ago for a fairly important presentation that I was collaborating on with someone from the other side of the continent. The collaborative parts worked very well, but the presentation module itself was barely adequate for even a simple presentation. They have improved it quite a bit since then including being able to export to PowerPoint format. - John Dupuis
I have used to collaborate on draft documents. It works much better than emailing around a copy of a document to different authors. The problem is usually more getting other people to use it. The spreadsheets are not useful enough for what I need. The presentations app is nice but so far I use it mostly to hold backup copies of presentations in case all else fails. - Pedro Beltrao
John - Does the presentation module support basic animations? I'd be pretty tempted to try a collaborative presentation, which I've never done before. - Michael Nielsen
Thanks for the pointer, Graham. I've got about a thousand unread blogposts in Google Reader, and I guess yours is in that batch... - Michael Nielsen
I have used Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets for a large collaboration on a book, with five authors. The book was done in LaTeX with BibTeX, so compiling the files had to be done on a local machine. However, the ease of simultaneous editing by many people was very useful. Also very useful for us was the addition of the "upload-and-share--PDF" feature to Google Docs, which happened near the end of our project. I used this feature to upload the compiled document to share with all coauthors. - Dimitrios Diamantaras
Google Docs is a better notepad than Yahoo Notepad, plus is helpful in data spreadsheets that go everywhere. - Mike Reynolds
Dimitrios - it's very helpful to know it can be used for a very large project like that. - Michael Nielsen
More: we also used Google Spreadsheets to do a collaborative proofreading exercise, for which Spreadsheets was fine. I can suggest as an alternative, with even more features, such as a graphical front-end for equations, which then runs LaTeX on the server that makes a beautiful equation graphic. It is a graphic, though, and its alignment with text presents problems. I have not checked out bib management on Google Docs or Zoho, as I don't need it. - Dimitrios Diamantaras
They did just implement something called "incremental reveal" but AFAIK nothing beyond that. - John Dupuis
Yet one more note: we also used a wiki in the early stages of the project, and kept using it for activity updates. However, had we started on Google Docs from the beginning, there would have been little reason to use a wiki. - Dimitrios Diamantaras
Oh yes, if you post a PDF file with more than 100 pages, Google Docs will only display the first 100. However, if you share it, those you share it with will be able to download the whole file. - Dimitrios Diamantaras
Very irritating. I use it mainly because I have no better option. Printing is a poorly-integrated joke, I can't get the stupid thing to write in one font, and Google Gears never quite works right with it. - i80and
I see Google Docs as a gateway drug to wikis. I felt the word processor starting to slow down around 10k words. My main beef with it is that while my kids use it routinely, several of my colleagues apparently can't figure it out. But I've used it successfully with several clueful collaborators. The Table of Contents feature rulez. - Seb Paquet
For small informal text docs it seems to work reasonably well. There's a limit on the length / size of individual documents, which can be a pain if you're writing something big. 'help' tells you the details. Also, if you export to WORD you get a bunch of embedded styles that are tricky to get rid of. Collaborative editing of spreadsheets whilst on the phone trying to agree budget details for proposals works effectively. - hardisty
I rather like the non-fancy look of simple programs like this. If I can only write in arial with minimal formatting, I tend to focus on what I'm saying more than if I have formatted the text to look fancy. Once colleagues and I are happy with the words, then export to Word and prettify. Used it to write the main text of several grant apps in recent months, including Bjoern's. Insertion of pictures is the only annoying thing that came up - has to be of specific formats and small-ish. - Matthew Todd
I've found it easier to move the docs to Word by exporting to RTF. has to be mentioned in this thread; it's useful for people who want up-to-the-second sync between editors. - Seb Paquet
I use GDocs quite a bit. As Pedro said it's great to do collaborative work but usually that hard part is getting the collaborators on board with the idea. The spreadsheets are OK, but anything a little more complex and it becomes a bit of an ordeal to work with. Specially with very large and complex spreadsheets that pan over multiple sheets. Although I love the graphs :-) - Ricardo Vidal
Spreadsheet features are useful when pulling XML or CSV data from other websites, and for making the results easily accessible online in multiple formats. Performance suffers relative to standalone programs, although FF 3.5 and Chrome help a bit. - Mike Chelen
Recently coauthored a paper using Google Docs: - Daniel Lemire
I use Docs as my lab notebook. Of course, I also back up all my docs to my hard drive with a nightly script. As I've said before, use the cloud, love the cloud, just don't trust the cloud. - Chris Miller
I like Google Docs mainly because of the integration with Gmail. I use it for reading Microsoft Word .doc email attachments. Reading in Google docs is just one click away and is much simpler than downloading the attachment. As a Mac user with no Microsoft products installed it is a godsend, as I no longer have to send annoying emails to people reminding them to send .rtf, .pdf or plain... more... - Matt Leifer
Same here, Matt, though I write collaborative TeX documents in Google Docs, too. - Daniel Mietchen
FFing Enigma
It makes me happy seeing so many siblings on FriendFeed: ya'll are fun to watch.Then I think about my sister joining and parts of my insides curl up into twisted knots. I'll leave the sibling joining to everyone else.
I love having my sister here, sadly she isn't here enough for my taste. - Rachel Lea Fox
Same here. - John (bird whisperer)
I am siblingless, so I like seeing everyone else's :) - holly #ravingfangirl
I would love my bros to be here but it's not likely - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I love my sister and she can be a blast. Unfortunately, where she goes drama follows =/ - FFing Enigma
Trust me FF - I was hesitant about doing this...but when I saw the bunneh bashing, I had no choice.... - Joel Robert Perez
FF can barely handle the brothers Haley, Perez, and Scoble. I don't think it could handle the sisters Enigma... - FFing Enigma
@Scott That's sad =( - Shevonne
I hate to hear that Scott... I'm in a similar yet opposite scenario: she and I live in the same town and the only time I hear from her is when she needs something or we're having a family gathering. About 50-50 between the two... - FFing Enigma
Nah, it's my space to share with others outside that "circle". I don't think I'd be likely to interact with family members if they came to FriendFeed anytime soon... I doubt I'd leave, though. - Tyson Key
The Brothers Perez smile at you Queen of Cluck. - Joel Robert Perez
<nervous> my in-laws have joined me on Twitter. am hoping they won't get it. :-) Facebook is enough for all of us. don't tell them I said that! :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Victor Ganata
What is worse, being biased and admitting it, or refusing to admit to any sort of bias whatsoever and thinking you're completely objective?
The person who refuses to admit his biases is the biggest liar in the room. - Akiva
I think it's best to come clean with your positions and intentions from the start. Even if they are leaning towards one particular side. - Morgan
The latter, IMO. - Anika
Refusing to admit it and burying your head in the sand is the worst by far. - DailyShite
Don't you think that for a human being, it's got to be one or the other? I do think it's impossible to be unbiased unless you're actually a machine, and maybe not even then. - Victor Ganata
Glenn Slaven
Felicia Day is a horse (& a cat)
Show all
This is such a brilliant photo shoot - Glenn Slaven
did it get warm in here or is it just me? - Cee Bee
Jen (SquirrelGirl)
"ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson says his network's remake of the 1980s miniseries "V"  could consist of four seasons, planned in advance, each with 13-22 episodes each. The show is planned for midseason. Below are two first-look previews and based on these, my hopes for the show are up. We've seen alien invasion stories so many times before, the challenge is to bring something new. The second video in particular is a nicely done, tense scene, with Scott Wolf (and hey, he still looks like him) playing a journalist landing an interview with the alien leader (played by Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin). Every reporter's dream/nightmare." - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from Bookmarklet
I might be one of the few, but I loved the original V series. And this remake has a number of (I think) good actors in it. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
If you only think of Friendfeed as way to feed and aggregate information, you're really not using it to the fullest.
I'm here for the recipes...AND the Really Gay Room. - Derrick
i find it to be a great bookmarking service for interesting articles. something that perhaps hasn't been exploited to its full capacity yet - Cee Bee
1UP Nakachi and Cee Bee. - Derrick
Cee Bee - I agree there probably could be more to do with finding cool bookmarks. For now I definitely dig FriendFeedLinks for finding the popular FF shares. - Mitch
perhaps a "star" system like, dare i say, twitter? or something that can keep more accurate track of articles we might want to go back and check at some point that doesn't rely on likes or comments. i used to have trouble with the search system, but it seems the kinks have mostly been ironed out. just enter one word into the search bar and you're set - Cee Bee
agree with that :) - yagami
I'm here for boobies & the #cuchini as per bookmarking clicking on share allows you to link directly to delcious to bookmark there for future reading. I also use twine's bookmarklet which IMO is the best bookmarking service out there. - sofarsoShawn
Rubiks Cube Keyboard -
Rubiks Cube Keyboard
Amanda Mooney
Why do I find Happy News tiring to read? Going back to RSS filled w/ less than shiny optimism:)
Because unadulterated happiness is as cloying as raw sugar. - Steve Spalding
Dan Rua
Ordinarybug Heather
I'm a bit concerned about Wolfram Alpha. Is this an offshoot of Wolfram & Hart? They're not admitting it, which makes it even MORE sinister to me.
Great. *sharpens teak stakes* - Steven Perez
So what is this search engine? Enter any question, but it doesn't understand the question I entered! - Jill Hurst-Wahl
I think we need to brush up on how to slay various demons and undead entities. They weren't *all* vampires. - Ordinarybug Heather
You're right. *sharpens silver blades and swords* - Steven Perez from IM
Fed by Birds: Best Wardrobe of All Time? -
Fed by Birds: Best Wardrobe of All Time?
nice - saeedeh
AJ Kohn
Darth Vader line tops film misquote poll -
Darth Vader line tops film misquote poll
"'Luke, I am your father' from The Empire Strikes Back tops a poll of memorable movie misquotes, which also includes the perennial 'Play it again, Sam' from Casablanca and Star Trek's 'Beam me up, Scotty'" - AJ Kohn from Bookmarklet
"Luke, I am your father" is, however, a quote from Tommy Boy - David Knight
Andrew Hyde
I'm really stoked for the @techstars community party with @TheAutumnFilm this Tuesday. Sold out, will have to do more of these.
Mona Nomura
Windows Vista Source Code Leaked -
Windows Vista Source Code Leaked
love - mjc
I laughed out loud haha - Mona Nomura
return LotsMoreMoney; :P - Bee
fantastic - you have a fine reservoir of good material Mona - PaulJohnson
Hardware incompatibility error; Driver incompatibility error. if (still_not_crashed) HAHA @Paul: Thank you, for your words. :) - Mona Nomura
HOM C# :O - Hossein Norouzi
C# doesn't use include-directives - they'd be using. That's some pseudo-C :P - Jemm
I'd love to do similar joke about OSX or Linux, but I'd be too afraid of a mob attacking me due to blasphemy ;) - Jemm
hahahaha!! It's supposed to be funny, you guys! - Mona Nomura
ha ha ha *snort* ha ha. Joni, it's Mona#++SE.NET - Kevin L
You couldn't do a "source code leaked" joke for LInux! - Kevin L
Mona: it is ;) klecu: ah :) Now I know how Powershell got its code name.. "Monad" - Jemm
HA! - Mona Nomura
There's a bug in there. Where's the if statement immediately inside the if still_not_Crashed condition that checks "If(bootLog.BootsSinceLastCrash >2), throw new BSOD();". - The Fat Oracle
funny - but i've never had a problem with Vista - in fact I'm a Mac owner who LOVES vista. take that - andy brudtkuhl
LOL :) - AJ Batac
Joni: Nobody makes fun of Unix-like operating systems, or they have me to answer to. :) - James Rishabh Mishra
Mona - Did YOU do this ?? :) - Charlie Anzman
That can't be it. Where's that call to sleep() ? :) - Morton Fox
I'm pretty sure I saw that in the background of an ad in Linux Format a while back, actually. Something extremely similar, anyhow. - i80and
love it! - Geoff K
while(!crashed) { laugh(); } - imabonehead
Why are the Firefox name's here? - huacnlee
lmfao at the commented out "Welcome to Windows 2000" - Eric Kerr
omg, Akiva needs to see this - Josh Haley
seven is just a line away - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
FFing Enigma
Dear Followers: FF has made it so I have to jump through about 4 hoops to subscribe to you when you subscribe to me. I'm lazy, not to mention I have an unnatural fear of hoops. If you've subscribed to me in the past 2 weeks or so and I've not reciprocated, call me out on this thread so I can subscribe the easy way. KTHXBAI!
No one? Oh well, I guess that's the penalty for being lazy =( - FFing Enigma
Oh hey...that'd be me! EDIT: Oh wait...never mind. - That's So CAJ!
It's sunday night Tina, FF usually closes for the weekend until we all need to waste some time at work. - Steve C, Team Marina
Nicholas: I've always had it on. But I now I have to open each email, copy the profile link, go back to FFox where I'm logged into FF and open a new tab for the profile, and click 'subscribe' on each one. 10x per day... Before, I'd just go once a week to the 'Subscribers' page, do a quick text search, and subscribe en masse to my new subscribers. Took 2 minutes a week, easy peasy. Not any more =( - FFing Enigma
*bump* I'm still lazy, folks! - FFing Enigma
okay, I've subbed. now I'm looking for that reciprocation ;) - chrisofspades
Done! See, lazy can be effective (that's what I call it "time efficiency") - FFing Enigma
Hi Tina! :) (yes, I think you are already subbed to me, just wanted to say hi!) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Hi Higlet!! I am definitely already subbed to you, but it's always nice to get a howdy =) How's things? - FFing Enigma
but I'm still trying to figure out why you have to copy/paste the profile links, rather than just click em - chrisofspades from IM
Chris: I use FF in FFox but the Gmail account that gets FF notifications is open in IE. So, I get an email notice, I have to copy the URL from the email in IE, come to FFox and paste it in. And it's open in IE because I have a different Gmail account open in FFox. - FFing Enigma
Absolutely spiffing, Tina, thanks for asking! Just, you know, doing stuff.... *ahem* my new podcast is out today... *end of shameless plug* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
WOOOHOOO!!! If I recall correctly, you're the bearer of a rather fetching accent, which is a big plus when it comes to podcasts =D - FFing Enigma
Tina, you could create a filter to fwd the subscription emails from one account to the other, or try one of these solutions for managing multiple gmail accounts in firefox: - chrisofspades
That's certainly true, Chris; there are work around solutions. It seems silly to me though to have to go outside of the FF system in order to manage my FF subscriptions: I don't have to do that in FB or Twitter. - FFing Enigma
But, I'm not wearing a coat! - FFing Enigma are wearing a top, aren't you? I's Monday now, not the weekend! :D - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I'm going to plead the fifth and quietly back away on this one... *whistles* - FFing Enigma
Tell that to Johnny Worthington! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Calling you out in this thread... - Dennis O'Neil
I'm already subscribed to you, Dennis! Calling out on whether or not I'm fully dressed is not allowed. - FFing Enigma
I just subbed - thought I had ages ago, but apparently not :\ - Jennifer Dittrich
also true Tina. guess I just didn't notice there was a difference in this page that made it more difficult. probably because my own subscriber page is rather short ;) - chrisofspades
Y. The subscriber list is a mess. Should be a top priority once the main interface is stable. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Jennifer, that's my issue too, I don't realize who I am/am not following when things are moving quickly. - FFing Enigma
Oops, sorry Tina. Will this be the beginning of another lack-of-clothing-meme? - Dennis O'Neil
Nope, I've got you already Mark. Dennis, in case you missed my submission to Saturday's topless meme - FFing Enigma
what about if we are languishing on one of UR "don't bother" lists? LOL - R. Ferguson
No one is on a don't bother list, Ruth! I've been subbed to you for a while... - FFing Enigma
Scoble, Alex Scoble
I need to come up with something vaguely cool that I can charge a lot of money for that has ridiculously high margins (IE cheap to build) so I too can legally mug rich people.
Strip Clubs - Tony C (Unrated)
Buy in on a strip club is too high...I'm thinking something I can start up with $1000, not $100k :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hire me. :) - directeur
Well depending on how ugly the strippers are you might be able to get in for 5K - Tony C (Unrated)
T-shirts. - Derrick
Answering emails from Nigerian's wanting to send you money? - Jalada
The already have that. It's called soda. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I dunno Derrick...What kind of T-shirts can I buy for $1 and sell for $1,000? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Designer eyeglasses, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Alex, easy. Just pretend that a celebrity wore them. And give 500$ to that celebrity. Fans are stupid. - directeur
Ugly purses? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Become a professional ghost-Twitterer for clueless celebrities. - Jack&Cleo
Virtual Goods. Make & sell products for SecondLife or some other virtual community. Essentially zero cost to produce, and you can make out like a bandit. - Steve and 4 other people
How about starting an investment firm that invests in ponzi schemes and you charge a 20% commission to rich people to help then lose their money. - Paul from twhirl
iPhone apps. Mostly to do with farting. Big $ - Kevin Kuphal
Weed - Rodfather
Porn iPhone and FB apps - Shevonne
Alex Scoble: Male Prostitute. - FFing Enigma
Alex, I saw a cotton shirt that had the Superman logo on it, made in Italy (?) by Dolce & Gabbana, and they were charging $250 for it. I know it's not $1000, but hell. - Derrick
Apple accessories - Rodfather
Albanian Bat Hunting Equipment. - Brent - Yes I am
Did someone already mention Social Media Information Products? - Rahsheen
Alex: sneakers. Let Nigo be your guide. ( ) He made a Nike rip-off shoe, changed the logo, and sold it for MORE than the original! - Andrew C (✔)
Mortgages...oh wait...never mind.... - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Write a book - Amit Morson
Alex, was IE cheap to build? I'm confused. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Create a "cloud" tax haven. - bcultral
Microsoft Windows? - Zach Landes
Mona Nomura
1.5 gigapixel view of Machu Picchu... =O [May 7th, 2009: Bump inspired by AJ's amazing find: ] -
1.5 gigapixel view of Machu Picchu... =O [May 7th, 2009: Bump inspired by AJ's amazing find: ]
1.5 gigapixel view of Machu Picchu... =O [May 7th, 2009: Bump inspired by AJ's amazing find: ]
Show all
There's also Chicago and Sydney at night: - Mona Nomura from Bookmarklet
Ooo, like for Chicago! :) - Adam Turetzky
the MP's zooming is INSANE - Mona Nomura
+1 for Chicago 1gigapixel cityscape -- super-zoomy action is fun - Pete D
@pete, totally! thanks Mona - Jeff Woelker from twhirl
Just doing my civic duty ;) - Mona Nomura
Mona, I discovered this (and a number of other things you link here) in the past, but it seems almost in a different life, before social media and FriendFeed, so it's nice to see them being re-discovered and shared here! - Phil Glockner
Here it is! - Mona Nomura
Mona, diggin in the crates.... - Carlos Ayala
Hahahhahahha! That is totally what it feels like. FF's search is *so* powerful. - Mona Nomura
Mona Nomura
Exclusive: Inside Pixar - A Photo Tour [May 7th, 2009: Bump inspired by AJ's amazing find: ] -
Exclusive: Inside Pixar - A Photo Tour [May 7th, 2009: Bump inspired by AJ's amazing find: ]
^that's a cube! SO much awesome - Mona Nomura from Bookmarklet
Look at all the cereals and peanut butter! =O - Mona Nomura
I wish i could work some place that fostered creativity... - iTad
i don't understand why more companies aren't creative in office space. google, pixar, etc. all the top companies know that old 50's cubes are out and new "open" "inviting" areas are in. - Chris Harris
But but but, that's what FF is for! ;) - Mona Nomura
.....why are there like 8 jars of peanut butter and like... ONE jar of jelly? BIZARRE - Mona Nomura
Chris: agreed. a happy workplace = happy employees = productivity - Mona Nomura
Happy workplace == home - iTad
Tad: but if home = FF?? ;) @clarke: and people wonder why companies such as these are so prosperous...... - Mona Nomura
Most companies are still stuck in the old industrial factory mentality when it comes to workers. Sadly, even most software companies. - iTad
Aren't a lot of companies are slowly catching on... I heard Facebook and Apple's cafeterias rivals Googles... - Mona Nomura
DSaad69: knol.. Google's wiki? - Mona Nomura
Knol (Google's wiki) See it here: - Mona Nomura
Mona: Perhaps there are more varieties of Peanut Butter (Creamy, Chunky, Organic, etc), but everyone only likes Strawberry jelly. - Justin Korn
JK: but only one jar? I would fight people to get to it everyday... Dude, this is in Emeryville. We should SO go check it out - Mona Nomura
It wouldn't be that hard for Facebook. They're tiny compared to Google's massive campus. They don't even need a cafeteria. They could just hook up a deal with the restaurant that's next to them on the bottom floor or any of the other eateries around them. - Louie
Mona: I'd be totally down to go check it out! - Justin Korn
@Louis: but it's the THOUGHT that counts dude. @JK: I wonder if there're any FFers who work at Pixar... hmmmmmm - Mona Nomura
i've seen this. pretty cool stuff. it actually makes one want to work productively - Cee Bee
Mona: I bet there is, but if not, someone out there (Robert Scoble, Louis Gray, etc.) has got to know someone... - Justin Korn
great pics. But that facility looks much more blah than I imagined Pixar to be - Aspi from twhirl
@mona HOLY COW. Learn my name beezie!! - Louie
Got a buddy who works there and went on a tour... amazing place. They even have family oriented events in their quad area. Their movie theater gets special advance screenings of all the major blockbusters. Sadly, I'm still waiting for my invite... ;) - Jericho
I worked next to the Pixar compound for 3 years. They have a lunch room, yet they kicked out one lunch spot and are still trying to get Semifreddi's to move. I like the movies, but it would have been nice (given their lunch room and roving cake cart) that they'd preserve lunch spots for the rest of us. - AJ Kohn
I love that they have a CEREAL ROOM - Bartek Ciszkowski
By the cereal room?! Rick! =O @AJ: VERY important question. Is the food free?! - Mona Nomura
The cereal room is probably the most important thing in the world. - Steve Spalding
@Mona: I don't know for sure. Never did get inside. I'm pretty sure it was. I know the cake cart was free. - AJ Kohn
@Chris: Count me in. @AJ: free cakes = better than nothing @Steve: Agreed! - Mona Nomura
I work in one of Pixar's old building, before they moved to emeryville. - Alan Le
Oh wow, look what I found. Bump for the memories. - Mona Nomura
FFing Enigma
For those that said you might be interested in participating in the goodie swap I mentioned earlier, head on over to the FriendFeed swaps room I setup earlier today. There's a sign-up post for those that would like to be involved in the first swap!
Got no shame, I'll give it a bump. - FFing Enigma
As you should Tina. :) - Steve Spalding
Alright, I've got 18 people on the list so far. Assuming everyone that responded is definitely going to do it, I have room for 2 more people. Click the link and sign up if you want to play! Anyone past 20 people will be used as a backup. - FFing Enigma
Mona Nomura
RUMOR SMASH: Twitter co-founder Biz Stone tells Barbara Walters on national tv, “No, we’re not for sale”. [Now STFU]
shhh, we're supposed to stfu :P - Mike Lewis
None. It should go to the major studios/labels. - Mona Nomura from IM
I thought Oprah was going to buy Twitter? - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
No no no - Oprah was going to _eat_ Twitter. - Sparky, lurking
Omg Sparky. Watch your mouth. I love Oprah! - Mona Nomura I love Oprah? Why wouldn't you?! - Mona Nomura
Because she panders to the lowest common denominator? Every once in a while she does something awesome, but it's lost adrift in a sea of mediocrity and sensationalism. - Sparky, lurking
She's a good person with a good heart. Call it sensationalism but at least she's doing good... and a lot of it. - Mona Nomura
I don't have time to self-filter. If someone isn't awesome all the time they are not worth my time. </ego> - Sparky, lurking
Haha! Well I'm not friends with her, she's just my hero! I wish everyone with $$ would pay it forward like her :) - Mona Nomura from IM
But she doesn't pay it forward. All the good things that she does are through her sponsorships. Not to minimize that, but it's not her money - she just convinces others to part with their money for good causes. - Sparky, lurking
Sparky, she donated 11 million dollars of her own money to New Orleans after Katrina hit. She also funds a lot of her Angel Network initiatives. She doesn't go on TV and harp about it. She also has tons of segments on her shows that I have yet to see any one else do by tying in her Angel Network. i.e. remodel / refurnish homes for adoptive parents, for instance, that can't afford new... more... - Mona Nomura from IM
Reasons not to like her: Recently she's gotten behind Jenny McCarthy and her anti-immunization agenda. This is just the latest pseudo-science garbage that she's used her influence to promote - let's not forget that she also unleashed Dr. Phil on the world. - Eric P
Oh yeah, plus she helped pimp the Iraq war: - Eric P
Eric - I do not dislike people because we don't see eye to eye. ...and pimp the Iraq War? lol Not to say that's irrelevant but uh, how old is that clip? lol - Mona Nomura
Rebecca Watson of would also disagree about Oprah.... specifically around junk science issues including what Eric mentions. Just days ago Oprah inked a deal with Jenny McCarthy. But, I acknowledge that she has done some good things with her enormous wealth. - Richard Walker
Wait - so the Iraq war is six years old so we should stop being angry at the people who led us into it? Does it suddenly become okay when enough time passes? - Eric P
That's not what I said, Eric. :) - Mona Nomura
Well, it sure sounds like what you said: "...pimp the Iraq War? lol Not to say that's irrelevant but uh, how old is that clip? lol..." - Swing Out Sister
A lot can happen in nine years and who knows what's changed -- and that is what I meant about irrelevant. Unfortunate that it was misunderstood and I had to explain in detail. Assumptions are dangerous, Eric P and Swing Out Sister. :) But I'm not here to argue on behalf of Oprah's beliefs or justify her political views and content. And I certainly do not judge a person solely on what... more... - Mona Nomura
Michael Fidler
65 Very Creative and Funny Photoshopped Images | 1stwebdesigner - Love In Design -
65 Very Creative and Funny Photoshopped Images | 1stwebdesigner - Love In Design -
65 Very Creative and Funny Photoshopped Images | 1stwebdesigner - Love In Design -
65 Very Creative and Funny Photoshopped Images | 1stwebdesigner - Love In Design -
LMAO! @ MonDiesel :D - vijay
Vijay, that one makes me laugh too. - Anika
I'll never look at a pear the same way again. :( - Miriella
Is that Sienfeld morphed with La Mona Lisa????? - Roberto Bonini
It looks like Vin Diesel to me - Jim #teamFFrank
I'm pretty sure Seinfeld isn't jacked like that :) - Miriella
Jim,I think it looks like Vin Diesel too. - Michael Fidler
FFing Enigma
FriendFeed - Search - from:isthisstupid morphthing -
FriendFeed - Search - from:isthisstupid morphthing -
FriendFeed - Search - from:isthisstupid morphthing -
FriendFeed - Search - from:isthisstupid morphthing -
To take your minds off of tehKenny's morphing me with Yoda (GAH!), here are some of the morphs I did last September. Me with Claire Danes (looks psycho), Johnny Depp (crazy nose), and Nichole Kidman. - FFing Enigma from Bookmarklet
You and Nicole Kidman should have a baby, but don't breed with Johny Depp - RAPatton
These are cool. Can I go out with your Nicole Kidman spawn? - Anthony Citrano
You could try, Anthony, but then you'd have to face the wrath of the Keith Urban + Dave spawn... - FFing Enigma
Ah, good point. - Anthony Citrano
OK, that really threw me off. It took me a couple seconds before I realized morphing Claire Danes with Johnny Depp didn't produce Nicole Kidman. - Ken Sheppardson
LOL! No,these were the morphs I did last fall. Kept me entertained for a while. - FFing Enigma
finally got it working ...not easy to pull off - NoahDavidSimon
Hello Italians! Here's my book!
Hello Italians!  Here's my book!
This is for the new Italian Meme Machine. Cheers! - iTad from Bookmarklet
What's that? - Alp
It's my Kindle. E-book reader. - iTad
what meme is that? people with a book? - zio bodhisattva
Gregg Scott
Bless those who went before us and figured all this shit out--like standardizing the number of eyelets on shower curtains and liners.
Violet Mae Lim
Twiiter is the social web's Friday night cocktail party and FriendFeed is the Sunday afternoon BBQ
And the party doesn't start until Violet Mae arrives! - imabonehead
Violet Mae Lim
RT @alanataylor: type 241543903 into Flickr Search. (via @ranajune)
wtf - mjc
neat find! - vijay
Interesting...don't know what to say. - imabonehead
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