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Society of Critical Care Medicine
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Surviving Sepsis Campaign releases informative presentations that provide background on 2012 SSC guidelines #sepsis
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Financing and accountability for future GME--necessary change, change for the sake of change, or just resistance to change...which is it?
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: IOM’s Vision of GME Will Not Meet Real-world Patient Needs - News Releases - Newsroom - AAMC
SCCM is monitoring the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa and will continue to keep the critical care community informed
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: What about Shiraz? "@icuresearch: In back pain paracetamol doesn't reduce pain or speed recovery @TheLancet
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Thanks to both of you! "@iceman_ex: @ChrisFarmerSCCM great summary by @broomedocs here”
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Thank you! "@NCCUCambridge: Quant: Neurocritical Care Articles @neurocritical
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: U/S today's theme! "@iceman_ex: Incidence of Mech Complic of Central Venous Catheterization Using ... #ReadByQxMD
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: U/S works here, too? "@iceman_ex: Optic n sheath diam on CT is correlated with simultan... #ReadByQxMD @broomedocs
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Other populations, too? "@iceman_ex: Early lung ultrasonography predicts the occurrence of ARDS... #ReadByQxMD
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: US doctor working in Liberia contracts ebola - via @Telegraph
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: These are vital practice chgs, this is not a fad! “@ICU_Management: The Case Against Benzodiazepine Use in the ICU”
SCCM webcast to explore various views on palliative sedation in the ICU:
Member researchers: Apply for Vision Grant before the August 11 deadline
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Rock this boat! "@LeapfrogGroup: No excuse. Hospitals w/o surgical checklists aren't putting #patientsafety first”
"I wish I had this course before I deployed," said Air Force Capt. Debbie Dorsey... -
Are you implementing the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines? Check out the new... -
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Interesting evolution, "@JohnNosta: Big Data's Effect on Organ Transplant Wait Lists #HIT #medicine
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Long known, still important! "@traumagasdoc: After losing lg amt blood it takes many hrs for Hb to fall. Don't be falsely reassured by nl Hb
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Avoid badness! Mobility > weaning mode, "@ventilacionmeca: 20 yrs later:how has MV weaning changed?. La verdad es...”
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: US Hosp Okinawa, Col (Dr.) Daniel Bruzzini and pediatric intensivist team Majors (Drs.) Joel Reyes & Mathew Borgman
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Congrats to all! First all-military SCCM Pediatric Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (PFCCS) course
What effect do corticosteroids have on the genomic response of pediatric septic shock?
Abstract submission for SCCM’s 44th Critical Care Congress will soon close. Cont... -
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Seriously!?! "@accpchest: Study finds iPhone mod'ed br'scope doesn’t intubate better than Glidescope or DL. #mhealth
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Echoes of Roger Bone and ARDS, long ago, "@ChrisCarrollMD: A restr fluid strat during vent weaning can reduce VAP.”
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: In Chicago...SCCM meetings, challenges = opportunities! repeat as needed!
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: Confusing, yes, conflicted, yes, still the right thing to do, yes, "@critcareguys: Predicting Neurol Outcome in TTM”
Palliative sedation remains a complex and contentious topic in the ICU. Hear wha... -
RT @ChrisFarmerSCCM: More complicated than tax code! WorldSepsisDay: Code sepsis – important to highlight #sepsis impact to enable change.
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