David Steer
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"Adobe felt it won the war of Web video and rested on its laurels, just like Microsoft.  We’ve got dominant market share, Flash is the standard, you have to use our product…huh?  Especially if the platform changes.  Microsoft may own the desktop, although their share is slipping, but it’s losing tremendous ground in the new medium, mobile devices.  Hell who’d want Windows Mobile after using Windows on their desktop?  And it’s not like Windows Mobile has gotten good reviews." - David Steer from Bookmarklet
trolling tont - David Steer
Are you really that desperate that you'd post a music industry blogger as proof of how awesome the iPad is, Dave? As for HTML5, let's just remember what a great job MP4 audio did in removing the MP3 format from the Internet. Flash is totally doomed! - Tont Coles
My work here is complete... - David Steer
I don't think anyone can troll Tony as well as Tony can. I wonder if there's a Tony filter out there. Like a spam filter, except for spam. - Mark Sorrell
There is absolutely no excuse for Windows Mobile these days. It feels 10 years behind the competition, and nobody sees it catching up any time soon. - Joff
The only good thing about it is the exchange sync and full MS office doc support. The UI is hell. - Tont Coles
Yeah, but these days even iPhone has exchange sync. Lalalala et cetera. - Joff
You have to pay for it, no? To get the full diary sync and all. Plus MS make sure NO MOTHERFUCKER gets to see a word/excel/ppt doc properly apart from on Winmo innit. - Tont Coles