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Bret Taylor
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown -
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown
Interestig to see how adding DOM operations evens out John's benchmarks (first has DOM ops and Safari beats Chrome, second is Google's apparently slightly biased benchmark, which relies heavily on recursion). - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Just Firefox - Saman
It is time to optimize for DOM. Faster JavaScript is fantastic..... great for games and crypto.... but what about the real world? NOTE: Ray Cromwell's Chronoscope benchmark - Dion Almaer
和我昨天的判断一样 - foxmachia {山石} from fftogo
yeah i made the point on DOM to the V8 team - never got back to me on that one say maybe some truth to it :) - Steven Livingstone-Pérez from twhirl
These tests are very insightful. I was initially very excited about Chrome being 10 times faster on javascript. As usual with any such claims (not just from Google), they are skewed. However, I do think that Chrome entering the market will cause all browsers to get better more rapidly. Competition does drive innovation. - Robert Felty
Thanks for sharing this detailed knowledge. Very useful. - Edwin Khodabakchian
we're working on DOM work now. believe that the tracing technique has applications; working on getting the DOM acting faster soon. - John Lilly
granted all beta-quality of Chrome and zero-day securiity bug, i think their current *speed* shows only lack of exception handling. Once it matures, it will be same or evenn worse than FF - it is tough to beat long-standing code without rounding corners on usual code glue... - A. T.
Cloud-Powered Facial Recognition Is Terrifying | The Atlantic -
Cloud-Powered Facial Recognition Is Terrifying | The Atlantic
"By harnessing the vast wealth of publicly available cloud-based data, researchers are taking facial recognition technology to unprecedented levels. I never forget a face," goes the Marx Brothers one-liner, "but in your case, I'll be glad to make an exception." Unlike Groucho Marx, unfortunately, the cloud never forgets. That's the logic behind a new application developed by Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute and Google that's designed to take a photograph of a total stranger and, using the facial recognition software PittPatt, track down their real identity in a matter of minutes. (...) With Carnegie Mellon's cloud-centric new mobile app, the process of matching a casual snapshot with a person's online identity takes less than a minute. Tools like PittPatt and other cloud-based facial recognition services rely on finding publicly available pictures of you online, whether it's a profile image for social networks like Facebook and Google Plus or from something more... more... - Amira from Bookmarklet
"The research team at Carnegie Mellon understand the potential problems posed by this convergence of facial recognition technology and the vast Web of publicly available information. Alessandro Acquisti told Steve Hann at Marketwatch after a demonstration that the prospect of selling his new app or making it available to the public "horrifies him." (...) If you really need that kind of... more... - Amira
Terrifying indeed... - Amira
even worse than 1984 - babeuf(donata donata'dan)
Privacy has become a myth. It no longer exists. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
They can pry it away from my cold dead hands. - Derrick
Obvious troll is obvious. - balay
CNN's Sanjay Gupta did a piece on this around the time of the "bin Laden" raid in Pakistan in May. It was admitted that this "facial recognition" on "bin Laden" must have occurred after he was killed as they killed him as soon as they went through the door. (Quotes around "bin Laden" because that raid is not credible. The worlds most wanted man surprised in his underwear, without his... more... - Berthe
Furthermore, under the best possible conditions, a photograph of Sanjay Gupta taken for the purpose of doing a piece on facial recognition, in good lighting and full face, the match was only 70%. Could you bring a 70% match into court? But you can kill someone with a 70% match, probably less. - Berthe
Casey Muller
12 feet from the president
What's he like in person? :) - Stephen Mack
Poke him - Johnny
throw a shoe at him - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
What about Obama though? - Louis Gray
LMAO at Gunny. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
foxmachia {山石}
政府押錯寶? #Wimax 廠慧流歇業 | 聯合新聞網 // 政府力挺成立的Wimax系統整合公司慧流,昨(26)日驚傳成立不到一年就暫停營業,引發外界擔憂這是繼國內DRAM業整合失敗後,政府再次錯估形勢。
How Wall Street reform is working for you -
How Wall Street reform is working for you
joshua schachter
RT @samuelclay: The HR department at @tastylabs is all about sending a positive message.
RT @jimmy_su: RT @Lydia618 夏都假裝擁有「私人海灘」,但其實於法無據,所以有假意開放一個入口讓非住宿者進入,只是那個入口很難找,我也是後來經過在夏都的沙灘辦活動的朋友才知道,夏都靠這個入口合法經營他們的私有。
The popluar service has finally decided to open up to U.S. users. But two years after their inital launch is there still a place for Spotify in the user market?
Spotify comming.png
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Danny Lin
RT @ioktek: 《施明德出賣泰源事件烈士》難友口述歷史摘要 - 曾心儀 - Taiwan Heart
Dave Morin
chihchun says Google+ 果然是阿宅工程師設計的東西,小圈圈機制反應隱私保護 (其實社交小圈圈本身是重疊或模糊的,以圈圈為出發點會限制資訊流動,並複雜到無法使用)。鼓勵缺乏計畫的社交模式,美其名驚喜是增添生活情趣 (其實是這些人生勝利組不懂一般人這麼無聊,上網沒有目標沒有規劃好的時間表)
Purebox 水鏡
RT @bobtung: @kouko_d @meowgoddess 簡單來說,小薑趁美國主站人事變動告狀,聯合海外華人編輯強迫分家,趕走台灣團隊 同事。現在原團隊 另起爐灶。
Aydin Senkut
Breaking: #Amazon Entering #India, Hires Landmark (Retail Chain) Executive To Head Its India Operations via @pluggdin
地下鄉愁藍調:劉偉仁,你轉回頭 - 樂多日誌 -
Kevin Fox
FriendFeed Lives On (In Spirit): Tornado 2.0 Released via @techcrunch
LOL joey :D - comix aka martha
which version of Tornado is Friendfeed running? and more generally, who is maintaining FF day-to-day? For I would certainly like to express my thanks and appreciation! :-) - Adriano
I still get a kick out of " has address" and " domain name pointer" - Andy Bakun
It's the word "reservation" that gets me. - Andy Bakun
Danny Lin
好奇 原來房價高低是軸線有無翻轉的指標,好個不食人間煙火的台北市政府!一坪從十幾萬變四十幾萬,官員該拿出來很高興回應嗎?我以前住萬華三十年,覺得最好笑的政見就是軸線翻轉!
Purebox 水鏡
RT @puomo: 謝謝大家的鼓勵和支持,我們得到了創業以來的第一桶金:新聞局的數位內容補助案。這筆補助讓我們更有信心做想做的事、做對的事;也希望這次的收穫可以「帶財」,讓接下來的其他事情都更加順利。再次謝謝大家!
Gang Lu
Tencent’s QZone to Be Revamped, Looks Like the Tumblr -
China Mainland to Sign High Technologies Standardization MOU with Taiwan: Reportedly, Chinese Vice Minister of I...
RT @anitaworld: 馬政府文化事務砸錢助中國 不求回報,一年五百萬助「台灣」唯一國際組織 百般刁難
Dave Winer
5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head -- And That the Media Are Ignoring.
InMobi #Mobile Insights Report: Africa and Asia Pacific regions continue to grow rapidly. #infographic
Gang Lu
Neo Zhang
RT @guohead: 来自 Austin 的 Gowalla 团队两天前将他们在开发 iOS app 中用到的网络组件开源到了 github 上,感兴趣的同学可以移步:
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