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Markus Jakobs so sehen Suchmaschinen eine Webseite -
Robert Scoble
Easy for you to say. - Ken Sheppardson
Icelandic obscenity? - Jack&Cleo
Retweet that. - Louis Gray
iPhone in the back pocket w/o key lock turned on? - Craig Eddy
I just favorited it - Jesse Stay
Part 2 of our interview with Ed Dale is now available on iTunes or at the blog. Ed really gives loads of great info in this part (he does throughout but this part will have you rewinding to hear it again) -
This morning is turning into things I must listen to - could be good for me in more ways than one - treadmill here I come ~ Cheers G - Groobers
I really enjoyed doing this interview - Ed Dale
I remember having that same dread of the phone or a knock at the door. The letterbox became an enemy. It was doubly pissy because it wasn't my doing that caused the issue. - Allison
Hats off to Ed - TrafficBug
I didn't think it was possible, but this mini series is even better than Internet Marketing This Week. Thank you - Tim Brennan
Wow, praise indeed! Let's hope all our interviews after this can live up the Ed's - Lisa
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast from the SWBN an excellent interview and interviewee, in fact I would say that I have enjoyed listening to all of the podcasts from the SWBN team all have been both educational and fun - my belly thanks you as well ~ Cheers G - Groobers
Mark this day: President now takes press conference questions from bloggers -
Mark this day: President now takes press conference questions from bloggers
I like the cut of Obama's jib - Allison from Bookmarklet
HELP! Until Feb 1st, I was receiving about 50 visitors a day from google rankings. But on Feb 1st, my pages suddenly disappeared from the engines completely. I don't have enough info to see whether they're no longer ranking in yahoo or msn (I wasn't getting much traffic from there). What happened?
Is it a free WPD domain name? - Enzo Vullo
No, it's my own registered domain -- I have it registered with godaddy, hosted with hostmonster, and I'm using WPD. I use google webmasters to keep tabs on it and just today it says there's a "warning" on my sitemap -- but I haven't changed anything. I don't know what's going on. - Lauren
When I look at webmasters, I tried searching for some of the keywords that it says I have rankings for and my site isn't there at all. - Lauren
@Lauren. I've recently read a few blogs suggesting that google is trying some new things in Feb, it's possible your blog is caught up in that? Also I know that it's quite normal to have a site disappear temporarily from google as Ed eluded to in the lessons. I would wait a few days to see if it irons itself out. Please keep us posted though, as some people are having issues ranking with WPD - specifically the free platforms. - Peter Gibson
Get out your spade and bucket because it sounds like you are in the sandbox. Ed does talk about this in the challenge. Just try a recap of the lessons. And to quote Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy .... DON'T PANIC. - gerry
Thanks for your comments-- It's now been over a week and I'm still not seeing any of the traffic I had from google. I tried resubmitting my URL, but that hasn't made a difference so far. Could I have been banned or blocked or something? I can't imagine why that would be, though... I don't know how to fix the problem. - Lauren
Request Reconsideration from Google if you suspect you have been blocked by some blackhat competitors - TrafficBug
@Lauren, have you ever tracked your Google rankings for specific search terms? Which search terms were you previously ranking for? - schikowski
Internet Marketing This Week
SURPRISE - 30DC PLUS members - a most awesome part 1 lesson on link building just hit your feed - I used this to teach my private clients..
Off to take a look-see, info just keeps getting better and better ~ Cheers G - Groobers
Tim Brennan
Free Audible Download - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. Expires on 15th Feb -
A truly life impacting classic. Thanks Tim - Ritesh Lal
Wow. I didn't know that Audible gives free downloads... I've had the book for quite some time already. It's truly a great and insightful read. I recommend it for everyone :) Thanks for sharing Tim! I can download a 'hands-free' version to listen to... I've wanted to recommend it to my friends for a long time, but it wasn't readily available at the local bookstore. Now I can... :) - Art Y.
If I were to compare it to the book Outliers, I would say that Outliers showed how much our circumstances can affect us. But the 7 Habits show that how we react to our circumstances is far more important than any circumstance itself... We are only as successful as we choose to be... Which I have always known to be true... - Art Y.
I've had the fortune of reading it and hearing it a few times, it is truly groundbreaking. If you haven't read/heard it yet, go get NOW! You will not regret it :) - Jorge Blanco
I tried to download it but they say they can't do it for Australia - Pam
That's too bad... Maybe you could try using a proxy? - Art Y.
it would not let me do it in the U.K - adrian brown
Try creating a audible account, leave address blank except put your country as USA. Should work then - Tim Brennan
Tim Brennan
How To Create Money (Part 1) - Frank Kern is one of my favourite internet marketers, and his latest video is very interesting indeed -
When Frank explained the three reasons why people don't buy something, I wondered to myself which one of them has stopped me from buying Mass Control up till now. I thought it was because I don't have the money, but apparently that means I don't want it enough.... - Tim Brennan from Bookmarklet
As a tech-nerd, I couldn't help but notice a few things that Frank could do to improve the quality of the video (which is already pretty high). Notice the jagged edges to objects when they move - that's because it was shot in "interlaced" mode. You can fix that by "de-interlacing" but for sharpness it is better to shoot in "progressive" mode. - Tim Brennan
The audio quality was fine for most of the time, but in parts there is pretty bad interference. Sounds like there was a technical problem with the radio mics, which in general are normally pretty reliable and are used in TV and film all the time. - Tim Brennan
Frank normally takes these videos down after about a week, so you might want to make use of screenflow it you have it.... - Tim Brennan
Yep Tim, if you want something badly enough you will do anything to get it. Desire is what makes the seemingly impossible, possible...and that is what you want your best customers to be like (which is what Frank is talking about). Easier to sell to people that not only want the product, they HAVE to have it - Allison
Oooh.... Thanks for the video shooting tips Tim :) Umm... just my two cents, but I think there might be another reason people don't buy. Which is, even though they want it very very bad, yet they are still responsible enough to consider their financial situation and know that they don't really need it even though they want it so so bad, so they just ignore their desire. In other words, some people don't act on their desire, but on their logic and responsibility... - Art Y.
I think that I fit in to that logic and responsible category perfectly. Then again, when I saw all those surf boards of Frank's, it reminded me when I was a broke student I went out and bought an expensive skateboard which I loved. I think everyone has that side to them which loves to buy awesome stuff. - Tim Brennan
Turn Your Tumblr into a T-Shirt Store -
Turn Your Tumblr into a T-Shirt Store
This tickles me - Allison from Bookmarklet
I have a great idea for a tumble tshirt.... - Ed Dale
I BET you do lol - Allison
Haim Schlesinger
Just got my first sale and the comission was around $21 - wow. The product I'm promoting is just $15, so I checked it and the item was something completly different. It seems the buyer went on browsing until he found something else and bought it.
congrats! - Mitja MG
Congrats Haim! - Buff Toast
well done - adrian brown
Thanks :) - Haim Schlesinger from Friend Deck
Congrats Haim - that's brill! - Isha (Marysia)
Congratulations Haim. :-) - Shinil Payamal from twhirl
awesome - Peter Gibson
Wow! Congratulations! :) - Art Y.
wonderful! - schikowski
Robert Scoble
Huffington and Sandberg: Davos power women -
Huffington and Sandberg: Davos power women
Last night was pretty incredible. Midnight to 1 am Mike Arrington, my wife, and I hung out with Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post and Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Inspiring and powerful women. Talked about management styles and leadership. These two are some of the only bright parts of Davos this year. - Robert Scoble
Huffington is probably the eekiest individual on the surface of this planet I can possibly recall. Have an urge to long for that red button when I see her appear anywhere. She comes nowhere near the culture I like about social networking and 2.0 . I think it is time to move on from celebrity worshipping and get down to some real issues. If these people were all that bright, we would not be in the kind of mess we are in today. - Mark Jacobs
Mark: neither of these two people had anything to do with our current financial crisis. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I do agree, and I apologize for being elliptic here. My general criticism is about the WEF, and people who now appear there, just sometimes apparently talking the opposite of what they did and said 3 years ago. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a good example of that. I do wish to point out of course that neither of the two ladies above mentioned bear any responsibility whatsoever for the economic crisis. - Mark Jacobs
I think it courageous of Arianna to be a lightning rod for this sort of resentment. Her celebrity is certainly more justified than Karl Rove, whose grand schemes have managed to decimate the Republican Party yet is adored by the right. - Phil Boiarski
No, they just steal content from other sites and then say they should be proud to have it linked at Huff and should build a relationship with the Huff editors. - Chris Mayer
@ Chris. Sounds like someone has a grudge. I don't know; everywhere I look people are linking and posting other people's content. They have a point about traffic. There are a million voices but only a few places get tons of traffic. Wired links to other content, doesn't it? You're posting this link, is that stealing? - Phil Boiarski
I don't have a grudge, as I have no content for them to take. As stated in the Wired post: "But none of those aggregation sites, including Google News, uses as much of a percentage of copyrighted content as The Huffington Post does." We can argue about what % constitutes too much, but clearly there are a lot of content creators who feel that HuffPo goes too far. If I get all I want to know from their large excerpt, then HuffPo gets the ad revenue and the content creator never sees the visit or a dime. - Chris Mayer
Leslie Lello
I'm doing the 30DC but since all of the lessons are up, I'm going through about 4 lessons per day. Is this bad? Does it make me look spammy when submitting my site? I just got a message from propeller that says I was blocked because my squidoo page looked like spam
That's not just you Leslie - everyone gets that message for squidoo. Propellor won't accept squidoo items. - Isha (Marysia)
Not sure what happened there. But Squidoo articles are certainly accepted at Propeller. Submitted mine in November 08 and just checked, it's still there. Are you following 30DC guidelines to make sure that the content is useful and original, without too many spammy links and adsense options etc.? Otherwise, the web is sometimes just unfair :-) Try rewriting another one from scratch and just resubmit. - Ritesh Lal
That's interesting Ritesh. I can see no reason why mine should have been rejected by Propeller, so assumed it was across the board. That was several months ago. I'll have a go at doing it again right now. - Isha (Marysia)
"This domain has been banned for the following reason: "This domain has been banned for spam content." That's what Propeller tells me when I tried to submit it again just now. - Isha (Marysia)
Wow, the entire domain banned?! That leaves me more puzzled than anything else. Here is a screen capture of my successful Squidoo submission to Propeller 2 months ago Maybe they have changed policies recently? Anyone else having trouble submitting Squidoo articles to Propeller? - Ritesh Lal
I submitted mine (and had it refused for the above reason) on November 12th. - Isha (Marysia)
same happens to me with squidoo and hubpages. In my case there's no way I could be considered as spamming, I've only submitted a few sites to propeller and they were mostly things I dug, not 30DC content. - Peter Gibson
Yes - hubpages too. - Isha (Marysia)
I think maybe all Squidoo or Hubpages were banned recently from Propeller... I can't submit any either... - Art Y.
Someone told me in the 30DC forum that it is propeller's policy reject squidoo pages. I missed that part (I admittedly tend to skim Terms and Conditions) so I'm going to go back and check that out. I have to double check, but I actually think my hubpage got a greenlight from propeller. Thank you everyone for getting back to me! Leslie - Leslie Lello
Congrats on getting the hubpage acceptance. As you are seeing there is no web 2.0 sites domainwide ban at propeller or any other bookmarking services mentioned in 30DC. I have successfully submitted hubpages, squidoo lenses and weebly sites to all bookmarking services without any problems. As long as you follow the no spam 30 DC guidelines you will be fine. Sometimes some services do mistake you for spam for no apparent reason. Just move on in these situations and rewrite the article to satisfy them. - Ritesh Lal
Ritesh it is absolutely not the case that "As long as you follow the no spam 30 DC guidelines you will be fine" - I have never ever gone outside the guidelines. We don't know what made the difference in your case and in Jenny's case and, as you say, "Sometimes some services do mistake you for spam for no apparent reason". Yes, I move on! - Isha (Marysia)
Remember, as I typed above, that the message that we have been given is that "This *domain* has been banned for the following reason: "This domain has been banned for spam content." " (my emphasis) Which suggests that it's the people who have gone *before* me who have caused the problem (be it temporary or otherwise) and not me. I have *never* spammed!!! - Isha (Marysia)
you couls submit squidoo to propeller before, but now as others have said you get the message about the site being banned. I don't know about hubpages right now, i was able to submit a hubpage to propeller only a few weeks ago thou with out any problems. Jayen - Jayen from twhirl
Folks, not to beat a dead horse, but looks like things have indeed changed at Propeller since I last submitted web2.0 sites there. Just to get at the bottom of this, 5 mins ago, I tried submitting 2 randomly selected hubpages and squidoo lenses, and got the same message as Marysia: Domain banned! Looks like Ed will have to make some changes to this year's 30DC lessons :-) I stand corrected. - Ritesh Lal
Ok - now to get back to the other question that Leslie was asking: “I'm doing the 30DC but since all of the lessons are up, I'm going through about 4 lessons per day. Is this bad? Does it make me look spammy when submitting my site?" - Isha (Marysia)
@Leslie, I basically did the lessons the same way you are. You should definitely spread out your bookmarking over a few days. Another system that works for me - on advice from another IM guy is to always bookmark 4 or 5 other sites that you enjoy (not related to yours at all) while bookmarking your own pages. Hope that helps :) - Peter Gibson
Ahh... Yeah I did it all in one day. I've slowed down a bit because I got to day 18 (the day that I am supposed to review traffic) and realized that my site had been up for less than 48 hours. So now I'm just creating content every few days and then using for the new content. I have been "stumbling" sites that are not mine that I thoroughly enjoy, but I haven't been using socialmarker. Will do so from now on. Besides, I love letting people know about cool websites. :-) - Leslie Lello
José Luis Antúnez
YouAre was launched to the general public along with Youare Search, which includes interesting features/syntax. -
Looks interesting, but I'm not sure it's enough to make people switch from Twitter. Maybe if you could integrate Twitter streams, too.... - Grey Drane
Thanks Grey. We believe there is room enough for both services and its users - José Luis Antúnez
I don't see anything amazing about it but I'm here is anyone is interested: - Kol Tregaskes
Social Networking to Manage Talent (scroll to the last link) -
"Saba and the Human Capital Institute (HCI) announced the results of a new study, Tapping the Power of Social Networking to Manage Talent. The report uncovers that today, less than 2 percent of human resources professionals are familiar with social network analysis — the mapping and measuring of flows of knowledge between people, groups, organizations or other components. However, more than 60% of organizations are already using some form of social networking tools that can enable the new, informal structures revealed by SNA." - Amani from Bookmarklet
8 Ways Actions Sports Brands Can Tap Into Social Media -
8 Ways Actions Sports Brands Can Tap Into Social Media
"wasn’t there, but I heard at one of the Group Y events last summer, marketing execs were saying that Action Sports (probably more specifically Action Sports apparel) Brands can’t tap into and experience the full potential of the web and social media/news. I don’t know about you but in my experience, Action Sports and the web go hand-in-hand. In my opinion, it isn’t about the scary new thing called the internet, it’s about knowing how to tweak what you’re already doing in order to take full advantage of the webs potentia" - Amani from Bookmarklet
Thanks for posting this. This helps a lot with something i'm doing at work - Tamara, #TeamMarina
no problem. I am here to learn and help. I stumbled across this site today and they have great info. good luck with your work project. - Amani from IM
How To Install Wordpress Blog Locally On Your PC #product #web -
How To Install Wordpress Blog Locally On Your PC #product #web
"Great way to test,play with and develop your wordpress blogs and plugins" - Ron"micronet"Harwood
I thought it was interesting. Wonder if you can do it with 17 databases? - Brian McClure
17 databases? damn how many function you got going on your blog :~) - Ron"micronet"Harwood
I do it with 12, although it gets a little slow if all are running. If you switch back and forth between desktop and online via swapping databases back and forth, you need to reset 2 settings in wp_options... if you want I can link to instructions. - Ron Amundson
Excellent tutorial...thank you! - Michael Wilson
@ron, this is exactly what I have been looking for!! You are right on time with this!! - Peter Gibson
This is so cool - thank you! - Isha (Marysia)
FriendFeed Hits Nearly One Million Visitors; Grew Tenfold In The Past Six Months -
FriendFeed Hits Nearly One Million Visitors; Grew Tenfold In The Past Six Months
FriendFeed is cool and its interface is slick and I like it very much! - TrafficBug
wow that is awesome! - Mitja MG
Visitors? How many users? lol I'm one:~) - Ron"micronet"Harwood
Seang-Lim Tan
Has anyone sold on a website before? I've got to the end of a couple of 30DC's and now that I've had some experience with the process I'd like to follow the niches I care about. In the meantime it'd be nice to flip the sites to recover some costs. Ta
yes, I sold one in and I got like $220 bucks for it. Not bad considering it was only like 3 months old - Hector Sanchez
Wow! I've never tried selling a website before, but would you mind explaining the details, Hector? Just so that I can understand it more... Like how do you transfer the website? And how do you get the money? And how do you make sure the person doesn't take the website without giving you the money? - Art Y.
@Art Y I haven`t sold any sites but I`m sure if you stick to big names like you`re not going to get ripped off. @Hector Sanchez was the site you sold getting a lot of traffic? - jay
I've sold a bunch of blogs on sitepoint. - TrafficBug
Oic. Ok Steven :) Would you care to share more about it TrafficBug? I feel the need to understand how it works... But I could probably Google it up later too... - Art Y.
Can you sell or transfer Blogspot blogs? Anyone thinking ahead to London Olympic Niches? Mine has rank, lots of individuallly bookmarked posts each one KW optimised - rank varies from 1 down to in 100s - was just an experiment. Going back to apply principles to my main site now! - Inspired Writing Research
Hmm... That's interesting. :) - Art Y.
@Trafficbug and @Hector, could you let us know how you went about doing that? I'm looking to sell a couple of sites but don't want to discover exactly how to do it when I've sold a site and the customer's shouting for his website after I've taken his money :P - Seang-Lim Tan
I've just found this: Gosh every time I start to turn in for the night I find myself coming back, I'll be looking like a panda by tomorrow... and that'd be an improvement... - Isha (Marysia)
Wow! Thank you Marysia! I never thought there could be such a room... I see this room was made by Ed too. :) - Art Y.
Thanks Marysia! - Seang-Lim Tan
Gosh and I never noticed that it was another of Ed's. Prolly because it was around 3am here... - Isha (Marysia)
Ed Dale
Buying and Selling Web Sites in the New York Times -
Very Good article Ed ! Good information out there ! - Pramod
In todays video GuruBob shows one blog sold on sitepoint. Why does it have 1400 hits A DAY with just 50 visitors?
A hit is a file request... 1 page with 100 images+css+other objects = 100 hits - Hendry Lee from twhirl
Thanks for clearing that up. I had the same question. - Peter Johnson
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