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Report: Hezbollah attack on Israeli tourists in Bangkok thwarted
RT @elderofziyon: EoZ #Israel news: Work accident! 3 Hamas members killed! Candy time!: From Ma'an:Three Palestinian men were ki...
RT @antisemitismus: Ukraine: Separatisten drohen Juden via Flugblatt mit Deportation falls diese nicht sich und ihren Besitz registrieren
Unidentified Fighter Jets Open Fire On Kramatorsk Airfield, Casualties Reported -
Seems legit lol: @IRKhomeini "We consider the #Jewish community different from the #Zionists. The Zionists basically believe in no religion”
RT @NotAntiSemitic: Here's a Palestinian girl psychologically harmed by Jewish settlers. Trust us, we say so. "@UNRWA" @ThisIsPalestine
Finally, Germany's coward "gentlemen's agreement" with terrorist hezbollah seems to have come to an end -
Hepatitis C: New drug treatment 'is a breakthrough' - it "cured" 90% of patients with the infection in 12 weeks
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Can't stop laughing :) Brilliant!
Palestinians don't have to make concessions, US are making them. 'Source says deal reached to extend peace talks'
Hurra, "linke Jagdgesellschaft" obsiegt! RT @antisemitismus EU-Wahl: Mölzer zieht sich als FPÖ-Spitzenkandidat zurück
Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, 32y old muslim arab-Israeli, PhD in microbiology, becomes masterchef in #apartheid #Israel
More of this, please! Google Night Walk is an immersive tour of Marseille with Street View photos and an audio guide
RT @ynetnews: Color Red rocket siren sounds in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council -
Game Theory: Are Gamers Killing Video Games?: via @YouTube
Game Theory: Are Gamers Killing Video Games?: via @YouTube
Well, what are the chances of getting hit by a meteorite.. While skydiving.. Pffftt.. via @YouTube
Well, what are the chances of getting hit by a meteorite.. While skydiving.. Pffftt.. via @YouTube
Well, who said the EU wasn't any good: EU Parliament votes to end mobile roaming, protect 'net neutrality'
Scientists have confirmed today that Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, has a watery ocean
Syria: more than 150.000 killed since March 2011. 51.212 were civilians, including 7.985 children
No April Fool's! Egyptian columnist wants Israel to be sued over… the 10 Plagues! via @timesofisrael
RT @ynetnews: BREAKING: Source claims #Abbas-@JohnKerry Wednesday meeting canceled amid PA move for further UN recognition.#israel
Maybe it's an April Fool's joke? Saudi Arabia declares atheists terrorists under new laws via @MailOnline
Hamas is capable of reconciliation after all - not with Fatah though, but with Iran -
Does Ocarina of Time Have the Perfect Dungeons?: via @YouTube
Well, classic "work accident" after all? 'Czech police: Palestinian envoy not killed in safe blast'
Follow-up: "Darth Vader" als Präsidentschaftskandidat in der Ukraine via @politikstandard
RT @NotAntiSemitic: Hahahahahaha!!!! Ahhhhh HAHAHAHA! HA!!! HA!! PA: Talks can go on if Israel frees 1,000 prisoners via @timesofisrael
Over 100 islamists arrested in raid in mosque near Ramallah - but not by Israel via @timesofisrael
RT @HillelNeuer: 1979: Hamid Aboutalebi takes US diplomats hostage for 444 days 2014: He applies for US visa, as Iran's next amb to UN
RT @HillelNeuer: UN: "The Human Rights Council is deeply concerned at the suffering of Syrians. . . in the Golan.” Proportionality:
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