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Auf zum großen Trachten betrachten in Ihrer Galeria Kaufhof Würzburg! -
Auf zum großen Trachten betrachten in Ihrer Galeria Kaufhof Würzburg!
★ Apple buys tech that could take Siri offline:
Design by committee—a deadly sin. Prepare to fail epically.
★ The smart CEO's guide to social justice:
★ Leonard Mlodinow—The Laws of Truths and Half-Truths:
Verifying myself: I am jjs on slgKUKRKi3Z6kHN-f89J1mgtdSu34UknAjY_ /
Verifying myself: I am jjs on -IdfWmpaf3zfW6_jFUMRFcM2GWw2Lv_lIyWu /
Verifying myself: I am jjs on TT62wsavlao-El4QEK196H0z48qEc76o1Bbo /
★ Evening Rituals—Getting Better Sleep with a Little Preparation:
Just completed a 44.84 km bike with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Mirinda tanken auf dem Rückweg. (with Nikolas B. and Christian at Alter Kranen) [pic] —
★ Microsoft Office for iPad:
★ The Heartbleed Hit List—The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now:
★ Wouldn’t Have Happened If Tim Cook Had Been in Charge:
★ The Cure for Your Distraction Syndrome:
★ How to Plan Your Perfect Day for Superhuman Productivity:
★ Thinking Outside The Watch:
★ Your story about money:
★ The Focus Drought — Medium:
★ 7 Things You Can do Right Now to Protect Your Vision — Medium:
★ Please Read The Comments:
★ Angela Duckworth on How to Develop Grit:
★ Save Your Eyes with f.lux:
RT @stop: You deserve better. We all deserve better. Gently lay down that April Fool’s joke idea, step back, and slowly walk away.
★ Brené Brown—Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count:
★ You Get What You Pay For, Money and the Freelancer:
Changed yesterday, flat again after a 40 minutes ride. (with Nikolas B. at @schrader) [pic] —
★ Secret—A Safe Haven:
RT @raju: When you don't consider UX/UI in design: These pencils were withdrawn from US schools h/t @hlinehan
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