Martin Fenner
Peter Binfield: Article level metric from the PLoS perspective
What is the problem: how do you access the worth of impact of journal articles? - Martin Fenner
What is the granularity to measure impact: journal, research institution, individual researcher? - Martin Fenner
So much to read need metrics to winnow things to read a lifetime. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
Usage-based measures are still pretty rare - Martin Fenner
Most people filter based on the impact factor of the journal. - Martin Fenner
Potential metrics: citations, usage, discussions, social bookmarks, etc. - Martin Fenner
Martin made a great point: Why should we even want to assign a number to the quality of a paper? - Chris Patil
Web 2.0 is the solution. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
People are starting to use these, but not very much, so PLoS ONE wants to start the ball rolling. - Chris Patil
PLoS provides article-level metrics for all their articles, e.g. citations, usage, blog posts, etc. - Martin Fenner
there's some good arguments against assigning numbers to students in school, also. I think stats are a good thing, as long as they aren't the only thing. Remember, Mendeley also is collecting usage stats, in which PLoS figures quite well. - Mr. Gunn
Number of blog posts about an article isn't necessarily a measure of quality - a flawed paper might attract more commentary and blogging than a flawless one. - Chris Patil
Article-level metrics as post-publication peer review. - Martin Fenner
@patil a flawed paper could potentially be more interesting. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
usage numbers going to be available soon at plos - Pedro Beltrao
Use open API data of other web sites to aggregrate stats. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
Citeulike >> connotea - Bosco Ho from iPhone
Plosone is big enough to twist the arms of big sites to provide an open API. The possibilities are endless. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
BUZZWoRD alert: crowdsourcing. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
CrossRef is working on the heuristics of a citation, e.g. good or bad paper. - Martin Fenner
Usage statistics will show trends over time. - Martin Fenner
Otherwise only bmc provides download stats for authors limited data for public. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
Usage statistics is extremely time-consuming, largest EC2 instance is working for 9 days already on PLoS One usage data. - Martin Fenner
Tufte fanatic is critiquing the aesthetics of a beta release graph. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
Still critiquing. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
Currently no open API for PLoS One usage statistics. - Martin Fenner
This man really cares about aesthetics - his apartment must look fabulous. - Bosco Ho from iPhone
Future developments at PLoS: provide open data sets, hope other publishers will follow, hope standards will evolve - Martin Fenner
Article statistics on plos one throws down the gauntlet against elsevier and friends - Bosco Ho from iPhone