Can people suggest some bloggers who blog predominantly about online science to go into an S3.0 aggregator?
clarify "online science" please - Christina Pikas
clarify "science 3.0" please - Chris Miller
Chris - it's the name of Mark's site, that's all. - Michael Nielsen
Premoninantly? I'd start at the blogs and blogrolls of people like Cameron Neylon, Dorothea Salo, Jean-Claude Bradley, Peter Murray-Rust, John Wilbanks, Foldit, Christina Pikas, Sarah Kendrew, Terry Tao, the open dinosaur project, Bora Zivkovic, and Galaxy Zoo, and spider out from there. Its seems to me to be really hard to make some decisions: should you put mathematicians like Terry Tao (and, by now, dozens of others) who are actively _doing_ science online on your list? - Michael Nielsen
Christina, I'd like to aggregate the blogs of those whose posts would be interesting for those who talk about these subjects at Chris, we were science 2.0 but we had to change it Michael, thats brilliant, thanks so much. I'll start with that and see how it looks, if it doesnt get too much we may start branching out into more specific topics, the likes of Terry Tao etc. Thanks again Michael, can I assume that you wouldnt mind being included? - science3point0
Yes, of course, that's fine. - Michael Nielsen
ah, okay. Sorry for the snark. - Chris Miller
@ChrisMiller, fine with me :-) @mark@science3point0 maybe we should rather start using "S3.0" as this community's brand name? it would still mean "science3.0", but look more like a brand? or not? - Claudia Koltzenburg
+1 @Michael "should you put mathematicians like Terry Tao (and, by now, dozens of others) who are actively _doing_ science online on your list?" - yepp, and I think the whole paradigm of "aboutness" (like in "about online science") might change - Claudia Koltzenburg
I think there is value in an aggregator that focuses on the issues and studies around the proceses of doing science online. Also agree that seeing some real uptake in specific places is really encouraging. - Cameron Neylon
I was wondering if you want 1) people who do science online 2) people who discuss doing science online 3) people online who discuss how science is done (I might fall into this category as much as 2) 4) some combination? Heather Piwowar's blog is an obvious choice - it probably hits all of these categories - Christina Pikas
Obviously some form of categorisation is the way forward. I was thinking of starting with a general aggregator of all categories and then devloping it into the subsets you have suggested. It all gets a bit Venn Diagram like very quickly though. - science3point0
I agree with others - I would identify the scope and purpose carefully before assembling a list like this. I would especially try to avoid overlap with the new site. Also there should be a link for this in the OAD wiki. - Elizabeth Brown
I've made a start, feedback always welcome - Made with the blessing of the team - Theirs has waaaay more content! - science3point0