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John Dupuis
Say hi to the CSE 3000 class I'm presenting to right now. A bunch of Computer Science students who would love to know what your favourite online tools for scientists are!
Hi, from the Tennis Club at York University (TCYU) - - TCYU
Hi from France - Pierre Lindenbaum
Hi from Colorado. I'm too long out of science to have real favorite online tools for scientists, but might I suggest your friendly local science librarian as an online tool you might not have thought of that way before? (Uh, not that you're THAT kind of a tool, John. You know what I mean.) - Marianne
Hi from upstate New York. I really like Scopus and Scifinder Scholar. - Elizabeth Brown
Hello from Berlin, Germany! - Björn Brembs
Thanks, everyone. Your comments got a few chuckles from the class. For those that are interested, I posted my presentation and some additional thoughts here: - John Dupuis
I agree that doing demos and specific examples is a good way to really show what it is all about - Jean-Claude Bradley
I think the thing that got the biggest reaction was when I classified a couple of galaxies in Galaxy Zoo. "Hey, I just did some science!" - John Dupuis
that is a very good one John! - Jean-Claude Bradley