Andy Maloney
I came across the words "lifestream" and "aggregator" recently. I know, I'm behind the times. And, I came across Cameron Neylon's blog entry on science lifestreaming. Very cool and informative.
I have been in contact with a web designer that I went to school with and he seems to be interested in making a science lifestreamer. The big questions about doing this project would be; would anyone use it and how important would it be to open scientists? - Andy Maloney
I have been literally jonesing for something that would logically contain the projects I work on that use the services like friendfeed, YouTube, and OWW. It seems that I'm not alone but, with no web design knowledge, this task seems pretty daunting. - Andy Maloney
Heh, there's been quite a bit of discussion about this recently, and from my perspective many of those who initially made "social networks for scientists" are now trying to jump on the "lifestreaming for scientists" bandwagon, but it worth considering how open and how successful their initial efforts were when considering how useful their new lifestreaming services will be. In terms of standard formats for sharing data, they all fall pretty short right now IMO - Mr. Gunn
Mr. Gunn: So far lifestreaming and aggregators are all very new to me. I had no idea people tried to create lifestreams geared towards scientists. If you have examples, I'd love to see them. - Andy Maloney
This is where things get a bit tricky with the idea of a lifestream for scientists. I think a lifestream would be pretty useless if you want to show multiple data from multiple projects in the stream. Lifestreams aren't setup with the ability to organize posts in a logical manner. If I tweet about project A and then about project B, a lifestream would show both tweets in the stream as opposed to doing something logical which would be to put tweet A in project A's container and tweet B in B's container. The whole idea of the project is to make an aggregator website that can be logically organized for science using the tools we have already. - Andy Maloney
What you describe in the previous comment, Andy, is just the "groups"/"lists" concept in Friendfeed: You would have Group A and Group B and could bundle them under a list "Projects" (others might be "Literature", "Tools" etc.). I find this pretty handy, and we are discussing to set up an Open Friendfeed at and . - Daniel Mietchen