Carl Boettiger
Anyone know good sources of data/graphs to highlight information explosion in science (partic. bioinformatics) # of published papers, scientific software on cran/sourceforge/github, entries in genbank, etc, over time?
Nucleic Acid Research - Database issue 2010 - joergkurtwegner
Paragraph 2 here ( might be some use. - Bill Hooker
science in an exponential world - joergkurtwegner
Finally, naming scientific information overload is easy, preventing a scientific filter failure is more difficult - joergkurtwegner
@jkw, I don't know how I missed it -- perhaps you are only in my RSS feeds since after Jan 2009 -- but that is a very nice blog post! - Bill Hooker
you can ask data from sourceforge here: - Pierre Lindenbaum
PPI networks in DIP and Metabolic pathways in KEGG over the last decade : - Khader Shameer
Yearly growth of protein structures in PDB : - Khader Shameer
What about figures 1 and 2 in ? Also (similar to what Joe pointed out in the first comment). - Daniel Mietchen
See growth of biological databases via - joergkurtwegner