Carl Boettiger
How do you manage citations when writing on the web (blogs, etc?) Would be nice to have a reference manger that works in browser editors like #Mendeley does in office docs
It would be really nice if the Google Docs API supported the right hooks for use to do this. - Mr. Gunn
When you say manage, do you mean insert during the writing process? - AJCann
Yup, that would probably be the most valuable. For instance, even a Wordpress plugin that let me cite using the bibtex reference would be quite nice, if such a thing exists? - Carl Boettiger
Good news: bibtex wordpress plugin exists. bad news: formatting fails on my site. - Carl Boettiger
Got a basic citation system working in wordpress at least: - Carl Boettiger
My thoughts on this are here: Briefly, we should integrate citations as Wordpress links, this would give us a lot of interesting features for free. - Martin Fenner
Thanks Martin, that's an excellent piece. Yes, I agree citations should be put in as links, though I'm not sure what links: as @rmpage points out, doi based links might make more sense than those pointing to a particular publisher? What track-back tools are available that could determine how many incoming links a paper has? How do these cope with multiple potential link urls to the same paper? - Carl Boettiger
Carl, you point a big problem that goes beyond managing citations for a blog. I'm a big fan of DOIs, and I'm always confused why so many places prefer their own internal identifier (PubMed is a prime example). - Martin Fenner