Iddo Friedberg
For a second didn't realize it was rhetorical Q: "Then again, why would you want to browse your own genome data from  your phone?" :) - Steve Koch from Android
love the tricorder app! - Mickey Schafer
I want an app that I could start running and then it would automatically send voice notes (transcribed) and snapshots/videos to a lab notebook with minimal button interaction required. An adaptation of Evernote App, but with fewer button presses required. - Steve Koch
hmm --would any of dragon naturallyspeaking products serve? They have a voice-to-text program and some kind of mobile app: - Mickey Schafer
Possibly, but I couldn't quickly find anything on their site. I was surprised at how well the voice recognition works on my new HTC Incredible. It's just that by default I have to press a button to go into "add a note mode." Then I have to press a button to go into voice mode. Then it gives option of correcting text, etc. Too cumbersome for in the lab. I don't know, though, maybe anything at all would be too cumbersome :) - Steve Koch