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Science Artists2

Science Artists2

Overflow from - subscribe there to follow the rising world of science-art. Curated by Glendon Mellow
Putting his money where his mouth is on gender equality in science -
Portland’s scientific light rail station -
One of world’s best ideas: the distinction between genotype and phenotype -
Last Man Science Fiction, 1805: The Bible as Gothic Futuristic Romance -
The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/07/27 -
Science Caturday: Intro to General Relativity -
Caturday’s Astrophenia: 2014/07/26 -
Friga’s Day Fiction: Dirge: Chapter 4 -
Cat Thursday — Rockykins Vs. Mr. Eccles -
fuckyeahfluiddynamics: These photos are shadowgraphs of a... -
Timelapse of Tide Change at Tutka Bay, Alaska -
Exoneoichnology and photogrammetry: traces on Mars -
Exoneoichnology and photogrammetry: traces on Mars
The Art of Science: Lie Back and Think of Extinction -
Mad Quickies: The Male Gaze in Art, Flowers in Space, The Animals of Tatooine and More! -
exploratorium: Light Experiments Bill Parker, Artist in... -
Five Great Novelty Education Songs for When You’re Done With Word Crimes -
A Texan Future For Myrmecos -
Fractal of the Week: a gift 4 @Uncomprehendme -
Processing the Process Jacinthe Lessard-L’s photographic and... -
A fruit fly ovary, a crystal from an evaporated droplet... -
Logophile Tuesday – Word Crimes -
National Academy to Congress: For economic benefits, support basic research -
fer1972: Wallvave Vibration: Installacions by Loris Cecchini -
rhamphotheca: Brain Evolution by Dwayne Godwin and Jorge... -
The Birds and the Airbnbs -
An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments. -
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