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Science Artists2

Science Artists2

Overflow from - subscribe there to follow the rising world of science-art. Curated by Glendon Mellow
Science for the People: The Psychopath Whisperer -
Mr. Eccles Presents: Neil deGrasse Tyson responds to a six-year-old: “How can first graders help the Earth?” -
AAS & ASA Demonstrate How to Make an Institutional Statement on #ShirtStorm -
The Jagged Little Form – Intense Fractal Art from Troythulu! -
The Art of Science: Sculpture with Deep Roots -
Mr. Eccles Presents: TAM 2014 – Paul Offit – Lessons From the Past -
Mr. Eccles Presents: Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters [Epic Rap Battles of History] -
Mr. Eccles Presents: Futura mission: Launch preparation 1 -
Sunday Science Poem: The Geometry of Love -
Friga’s Day Flash Fiction: Howl at the Stars -
No, you can’t wear that to school -
Cat Thursday: A Limerick for Mr. Eccles -
What the Philae are you doing here? -
New and diverse uses for Microraptor at the SVP meeting, Berlín 2014. -
To land on a comet…To uncover its secrets! -
Philae: The Power of Positive Thinking? -
Astronomy + Poetry from CosmoAcademy -
Mr. Eccles Presents: Jon Ronson – Strange answers to the psychopath test -
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