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Science Artists2

Science Artists2

Overflow from - subscribe there to follow the rising world of science-art. Curated by Glendon Mellow
Poe’s Comet Cataclysm: End of the World 1839 -
The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/08/10 -
Science for The People: Science & Politics -
So Strange and Awesomositous was the Week… -
Science Caturday: Slightly Suspicious -
There is no support from the field of population genetics -
Friga’s Day Fiction: Dirge: Chapter 6 -
Eric H. Cline’s “1177BC”: Bronze Age Bogeymen & the Fate of Civilization -
…all of them should learn from rugby -
Polio in Pakistan – Collateral Damage of the War on Terror -
End of the World, 1826: Mary Shelley’s The Last Man -
Science Caturday: Relativikitty, Part 2 -
Science for The People: Game Change -
Friga’s Day Fiction: Dirge: Chapter 5 -
The Representative Disapproves -
Cat Thursday — Rockykins Vs. Mr. Eccles: Eccles defeated! -
Fractals of the Week: In the Domains of the Imaginary -
The Art of Science: Drink in the Science -
Putting his money where his mouth is on gender equality in science -
Portland’s scientific light rail station -
One of world’s best ideas: the distinction between genotype and phenotype -
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