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A feed watching artists + illustrators engaged in science. From scientific illustration to fine art to craft artisans. Maintained by Glendon Mellow.
Mad Quickies: Cartoon Theme Songs Done Early 90s R&B Style, Lego Hubble, Anti-NSA Light Graffiti and More! -
weandthecolor: Creepy Illustrations by T Wei Check out this... -
Niagara Frontier Art Exhibit at the Kenan Center - http://danielraymondchadwick.b...
Eye Candy for Today: Constance Marie Charpentier’s Melancholy -
Dinosaurs of the British Isles: the Book -
Dinosaurs of the British Isles: the Book
cenchempics: HIGH-TECH This model of a self-assembling protein... -
Trost Richards Plein Air Watercolors -
Trost Richards Plein Air Watercolors
On the underrepresentation of cheese in literature… -
fuckyeahmathandsciencetattoos: Thanks for checking out my arm!... -
The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/07/20 -
Eye Candy for Today: Degas pencil drawing -
michaelshillingburg: Doing some sprite work for a secret thing... -
Leonardo Editorial Board member Otto Piene has passed away -
messytimetravel: 1935 : The “Glass Woman” at the German... -
Both these drawings are better than my drawings of a whale -
Science for The People: Coffee & Cigarettes -
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