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A feed watching artists + illustrators engaged in science. From scientific illustration to fine art to craft artisans. Maintained by Glendon Mellow.
weirdvintage: Boys in a Glasgow back court show off their... -
What Powers the Sudden Legalization of Cannabis in the US? -
The Secret Life of Hormones: Rosalyn Yalow and the Discovery of Radioimmunoassaying -
The Art of Science: Simulating the Sun -
Mad Quickies: Molly Crabapple’s Rules For Artistic Success, Life-Sized T Rex For Sale, Exploding Meteorites Captured On Video and More! -
ibmblr: Ninja polymers are taking over IBMblr this week. If... -
‘Oceanic Alchemies’ Inspired by Visit to Great Barrier Reef -
Fractals of the Week: Papering the Walls – A Tale of Five Apps -
Eye Candy for Today: Roslin’s Lady with the Veil -
heythereuniverse: Showing some skin and a little... -
robinwdavey: My latest one for Wired Italia, this time about... -
Bat Caves of Kenya – The Brain Scoop -
wild-elysium: Fossilized remains of Uintacrinus... -
Darwin Took Steps. Oil on canvas paper. If any painting I have... -
‘Preserving Our Heritage’ Exhibition Opens at the Athenaeum -
Learn Traditional Botanical Art on Your Mobile Device -
Mr. Eccles Presents: Andrew Hall – Being a Dad and an Atheist -
Eye Candy for Today: Cropsey’s Starrucca Viaduct -
Mad Quickies: Face Plants, the Dualities of Mental Illness, Bodies in Space, Pumpkin Carving with LASERS and much more! -
Tracking Culture Cultural translation is a pertinent motif in... -
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