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RT @CC_Aotearoa: 82% of National Institute of Health funded research is now open access, up from 20% in 2007:
RT @llcodedotcom: Hey, #Ottawa! Hydro Ottawa is hosting a Hackathon on May 2-3 at @HubOttawa, deadline to apply is April 23:
RT @HUBOttawa: Have you heard? We're hosting Hydro Ottawa’s Hackathon. More info -
RT @hizeena: *chews fingernails watching votes and listening to load/response time reports*
The Public Library: A Photographic Love Letter /via @maryfrancoli
Congrats to @louisaINK for putting together a great event @datafestOTT - showing what can be done with creativity, passion and code.
RT @datafestOTT: Huge thanks to #datafestOTT sponsors @AdobeCanada, @CiscoCanada and @Pythian - our partners in creativity with #data, #tech & #cdnimm!
RT @louisaINK: #Dataviz shows changing "face" of Canadian immigration. Flags rep countries of origin. #datafestOTT. #cdnimm
RT @mleggott: Open Repositories 2014 keynote will be Erin McKiernan (awesome speaker), hope to see everyone in Helsinki!
This search should return all Datafest Ottawa #datafestott @datafestott photos posted on Twitter:
. @6t6qt Thanks Jacques. The Datafest intro presentation slides are online now @datafestOTT #datafestott
RT @TouficSbeiti: Join the #a11y meetup in #ottawa #accessibility , 1st meeting in May. Please share
side-effects aside, I read this as " @brooklynmuseum uses data to decide where to engage "
Datafest #Ottawa @datafestOTT Hacking Migration in the Capital April 12-13, 2014 #opendata
Must include a special character. Special character defined as ! + ; - % : $ all other special characters forbidden #passwordnonsense
if my password "must conform to the format", why don't you tell me that before you have me enter the password, not after. #sts
RT @_OpenP: Excited to announce @PolicyLabUK, headed by @AndreaSiodmok, bringing user-led design, data & digital to policy development in the UK Gov
RT @Will_Tanner: Excellent to see @PolicyLabUK arrive on Twitter. Brilliant initiative drawing on success of @MindLabDK and others. Kudos to @_OpenP.
And today's most ridiculous headline is: Teen's 10-hour-a-day selfie addiction
"fulsome" doesn't mean what you think it does. and even if it did, it would be better to just say "full".
RT @NCC_CCN: Join us tonight from 5:30 PM at the Canadian Museum of History for the @NCC_CCN #urbanlands public consultation
RT @carlystrasser: Not only does Aust. have a Chief Scientist, I. Chubb, he has a great/informative webpage Good idea 4 US #RDAPlenary
Ostp is essentially that function in the us - Christina Pikas from iPhone
RT @sterntweet: New #Nordic #OA e-collection launced today @nordenen with c 3,000 #openaccess publications. Press Release:
NY Times: Literary City, Bookstore Desert
is there a @flickr uploader iphone app that will upload filename as title? Neither Flickr nor Mobile Fotos seem to.
The Windows XPocalypse is coming April 8, 2014 All Microsoft technical assistance ends, including security patches.
#cpsr Physicists, Generals And CEOs Agree: Ditch The PowerPoint
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