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Hans Kainz
3GS Speedtest: Show me your results
That's pretty good! - Michael Fidler
2.30Mbps Down & .41Mbps Up ping = 74ms - Michael Fidler
here is the free iphone app for - Hans Kainz
Fort Lauderdale, FL - 3GS: 3520 kb/sec down, 1556 kb/sec up, ping = 198ms - Dan Dashnaw
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - in general I see 1500 to 2000 down - here are some recent results - Richard Akerman
You can check the speed of the internet at here you can check the speed in Mbps and MBps. - meninwhite
Casey Muller
This morning we changed the format of FriendFeed subscription email messages to include more information about people who subscribe to you. Please let us know if you see any problems, and keep an eye out for more email improvements in the future.
Thank you very much, Casey! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Nicely done :) - LANjackal
Awesome! Now lets see support for more web services... - Jac Falcon
saw that, and it was mega-helpful. bravo. - Nathan Chase
Shoot. Now I need a subscription. - Josh Haley
I'm all for improving the format of notifications, but wonder (aloud) if it is such a smart move to include the Approve/Reject link right at the top (unless it only appears in private feeds to which someone has requested access). Right now we have the option of blocking/ rejecting a subscriber at any time but presumably not at the very outset. This may lead to more of a walled gardens' mentality, already very prevalent at FF. - ianf ⌘
ianf: approve/reject is only for private feeds. Public feeds just have a link to subscribe back :) - Benjamin Golub
Nice - Grant Bierman
that's great! - K.D.
LIKEY. - Steven Perez
I noticed this one! Such informations about people who subscribe to me on FriendFeed are useful, and makes it easy to quickly get in the conversation. Thanks for the good job! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
w00t! - David Cook
For features like this one, I'm ok to receive html emails. -MANY- html emails ;-) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The new emails are AWESOME! - April Russo (FForever!)
Gmail automatically showed me the images in a subscription email, even though I never told it to (you know how gmail has the 'display images below' option). further, it doesn't give me the option to hide the images. not that I'd want to, but how are you bypassing gmail's security feature to hide the images? - chrisofspades
Chris, we don't do anything special. I'm not sure how gmail decides what images to show, you'd have to contact them or check the gmail help. - Casey Muller
Casey, you sure FriendFeed's founders didn't use some of their "we created Gmail" mojo? ;) - chrisofspades
Chris, the "show images" only applies to external images hosted on other sites. Gmail doesn't show those by default because doing so would allow people to "bug" email. We include the images with the email so that they can be displayed immediately. - Paul Buchheit
ahhhh that explains it. thanks Paul. - chrisofspades from email
John Dupuis
BTW, it's this one: The Conundrum of Sharing Research Data by Christine L. Borgman:
Heather Piwowar
RT @jasonpriem: Accepted! #altmetrics12 workshop will be at #websci12, Chicago, June 21-22. It's gonna be big! CFP coming soon...
John Dupuis
RT @lemire: @dupuisj Can I plug a related research paper? Extracting, Transforming and Archiving Scientific Data
By NRC-CISTI's own Andre Vellino (2nd author). - Richard Akerman
peter murray-rust
Horizon2020 what I said in Rome (and what Neelie said) -
Jason Snyder
Are subscription-based, or non-free, Electronic Lab Notebooks worth it? NIH is weighing options on which one to purchase, namely Labmatrix ( ), Labtrack ( ), and Sparklix ( ).
I'm not sure I like the idea of paying, especially on a monthly basis for a subscription, once I have to foot the bill, and also if free cloud-based services exist and can do a half decent job... - Jason Snyder
I'm more worried about the NIH devoting itself to one provider... people should have the freedom to pick a ELN that suites them, and the organization should be careful not to fall for the Vendor Lockin trap... they should pick a provider that strongly supports Open Standards... - Egon Willighagen
Personally I would run screaming in the opposite direction at this point. Trying to standardise across the NIH with anything that describes itself as an ELN is very like to be a disaster IMO - Cameron Neylon from twhirl
data portability is the keystone for software selection, because however perfectly any program meets today's standards, in the future those requirements are sure to change - Mike Chelen
I May give ELNs a try, just to see what I'm missing, but you all bring up some key points that make them pretty unattractive. I think the take home message for me is to spend a few hours deciding how exactly to best organize my lab notebook. Currently, it's a mix of lab books, sheets of paper, google calendar, google notebook (which isn't even being maintained by google), and a bunch of files stored remotely via dropbox...all the info's there, just not so cohesive. - Jason Snyder
I've been working with a small outfit called BioKM to get them to support data portability and open standards, but so far I haven't been able to get much of a committment from them regarding how open data and data portability fits into their roadmap. Hopefully this thread will help them see the importance. (In case anyone's wondering, that's my strategy to get more support for open science - help the service providers get a clue about what customers want in this regard) - Mr. Gunn
Gunn: what do you recommend for data potability? XML maybe? We just released Samples ( and I'd like to look into doing more in regards to data portability - Jamie McQuay from iPhone
I would have said XML some year ago, but now I'd say RDF using Open Specification namespaces, like FOAF, DOAP, Dublin Core, BIBO, ... - Egon Willighagen
Egon: thanks for the info, will be looking into more exportability in our next point release of Samples. - Jamie McQuay
+1 Egon, and thanks. RDF FTW I need to turn on comment notification or something. - Mr. Gunn
Followup the NIH evaluation process, recently the Scientific Directors have decided that each researcher is free to choose the electronic lab notebook that best suites their needs. During the committee evaluation, Sparklix e-Notebook received high praises for its ease of use, reach functionality and the included support. this electronic lab notbook is free, I would give it a try - - Roi Paz
Consider using WorkingWiki - it's free and flexible regarding data types. - Lee Worden
Patricia F. Anderson
Phil Bradley's weblog: Searching on Google Plus for Librarians -
Searching on Google Plus for Librarians by @philbradley - Patricia F. Anderson
Peter Murray
Google's War on Nonsense - -
[via Ron Murray] - Peter Murray
Scifoo '09
RT @LouWoodley: RT @timohannay The full set of Sci Foo '10 videos are now online here: #SciFoo -
Scifoo '09
SciFoo: What worries you? (Scientific American): Each year Google, Nature and O'Reilly Media invite some of ... -
Pierre Lindenbaum
moved my delicious+biostar rss feeds from friendfeed to twitterfeed... :-/
Björn Brembs
Victor / Mendeley Team
Check out academic lectures on Seminar Streams -
Pawel Szczesny
I wish we all moved to S3.0 - using #FF becomes frustrating.
Do you think it is ready? To me, it still lacks the compactness that a FF page has... and the ease in making comments... - Egon Willighagen
Layout is a matter of CSS (I think we could convince Mark to at least change it if not to make it customizable for users), inline comments are working fine (although there's no cool AJAXy thing that promotes comments in realtime). The real issue is that activity is relatively small, so I keep coming back to FF. I think S3.0 has a potential to grow beyond FF and become an online _working_ space in addition to aggregator. But that's not going to happen if people are elsewhere. - Pawel Szczesny
I thought it only aggregated blog posts. Does / can it aggregate other streams? - Rajarshi Guha
It works out of the box for Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and some other services. Not sure about other stuff, such as generic RSS (generic RSS works for groups, so probably I cannot find some options). If you look at Buddypress roadmap (used at S3.0) the future looks even more promising. - Pawel Szczesny
The main thing I complain about S3.0 in terms of usability is speed (or rather lack of it). - Pawel Szczesny
Surprisingly, I 'liked' this idea :) I agree with Pawel in terms of activity. If everyone used S3.0 in the same way they use friendfeed it would be a lot more functional. I agree that ff is better in some respects, but I still think that S3.0 offers you a lot more control and way more options, so it can be an online_working_space. FF is all talk. S3.0 is all action. You can currently... more... - science3point0
Mark, thanks for the update. Given the meme "move away from things you cannot control" spreads across this community (Neil's case comes to mind immediately) I hope it's finally the time to reconsider S3.0 as a platform of choice, given we could contribute to and influence the development in one way or another. - Pawel Szczesny
Speaking from one of the "overlap communities," the disadvantage is that you won't have overlap communities--e.g., the librarians who are somewhat interested in science matters and have scientist acquaintances. Maybe that's a good thing; maybe it's not. I've learned a lot from the overlap. - walt crawford
Mark and me just created a Google Group "Wordpress for Scientists". This group is about many things, but why not also discuss how we can improve BuddyPress (the social networking tool built on top of Wordpress) to make it better for scientists? - Martin Fenner
Good having this discussion, especially when people start leaving FF. - joergkurtwegner
I agree with much of the above. I'm ready to move to S3.0 if it came a little closer to FF... - Björn Brembs
The S3.0 page says you are supposed to sync your feeds "only if they contain scientific content". I don't even know what that means. - Bill Hooker
Also, further to Walt's comment -- I'm not interested in a FF replacement that feels to non-scientists as though they are not welcome. I don't care whether it's rational or not, if I hear from, e.g., library colleagues that they wouldn't join a site called "science three point oh", then I'm not going there either. We've seen enough "Facebook for scientists" attempts; I thought we'd mostly agreed that that is a guarantee of failure. - Bill Hooker
what is S3.0? - Iphigenie
Bill, Walt, I hoped librarians, geeks, bloggers and whoever is here would move as well. If you don't like the branding, I think it's not an issue to setup ;). I would rather have all people move instead of leave, so let's discuss S3.0 or whatever else might be build before the community disassembles itself (if you haven't noticed, there was issue with comments yesterday and today search didn't work again). - Pawel Szczesny
Not to put pressure on Mark: if you agree on having "unbranded" (non-science-whatever) site, I have some spare space on one of a dozen hosting plans I bought and potentially I could setup a mirror with a bit of help. - Pawel Szczesny
The "branding" issue can be overcome in various ways -- if we could get core members to use the site, communities might follow, and you could always point alternative names (URLs) to the same domain and alter the front page branding. I do think it's a big deal though. I'd also really like the ajaxy thing that promotes active threads, and I'd like a formatting option that took out all... more... - Bill Hooker
And while I'm trying to offer solutions instead of just whine about problems -- Mark, is there any need for funding? E.g. would it be useful to you to be able to hire some developer time? I am skint as always but I could chip in a bit. - Bill Hooker
See this and add your comments and wishes. Let's try to keep this thread alive for long enough so everybody would drop in, say hello and express their opinion. - Pawel Szczesny
Should we start a gap analysis on Google spreadsheets? What do people want and what are technical solutions? I think hosting is our smallest problem, but more if we as a crowd are willingly to make it happen, together. Whatever we are after, I would hope not anyone is trying to lift this alone, we have to share workload. - joergkurtwegner
I think the Google Doc suggestion sounds very productive, joergkurtwegner! - Björn Brembs
Hi everyone, sorry having a busy weekend. I'll happily set up an unbranded mirror. If people dont want to add their comments because it seems like a facebook for scientists, or that it has the wrong name then thats up to them. I'm sure everybody knows by now that S3.0 isnt set up to make money. Some dev time would be good but I wouldnt want to take donations which may give people the... more... - science3point0
I think this latest comment clarifies things: Indeed, S3.0 *is* intended to be narrow, thus the "knitting pattern" slap. Which is just fine. I wouldn't be on S3.0, and frankly wouldn't feel welcome there. So some of my crossover interaction with scientists would cease, if they stop using FF, which might be a good thing, or not. Pawel, I think your hope is directly contradictory to science3point0's aim. I'll stick with FF. - walt crawford
Ok, so we now have the ability to add any rss feeds you wish :) See: I'll keep working to give everyone what they want. Pawel, the ff alternative for all general subjects is now very easy to do. Let me know if you want to go ahead with this etc on the etherpad :) Thanks a lot, Mark. - science3point0
I think both Walt and Mark are right, and I don't think any slaps were intended. I agree with Walt that you can't approach the value FriendFeed created if you try to define it ahead of time. I'm pretty sure I didn't know I was in love with library scientists when I joined FF. I would hate if S30 excluded or scared away a subgroup that I do or would interact with. On the other hand, you... more... - Steve Koch
With lots and lots of money, I would want to buy FF and it's entire community. Then I would want to add in features like S30 has, and, more importantly, have direct communication with the developer(s) (Mark) to tirelessly add and fix features as we need them. I differ from Mark in that I'd want to invite the entire planet. People can be noisy talking about both science and knitting.... more... - Steve Koch
I have to say that "knitting pattern" comment smacks of a rather different attitude than the one I see when Mark is working his ass off for nothing, soliciting feedback and acting on it in a concrete fashion, to create a valuable resource for the open science community. Since actions speak louder than words I'm going with the benefit of the doubt and assuming something got lost in translation there. - Bill Hooker
I also think Steve has the right idea -- loosen the restrictions and watch who turns up. It's not likely that knitters will take over the site, unless there is a real connection between open science and knitting -- in which case we all benefit. If, as seems likely, the initial core community is drawn from FF Life Scientists and related rooms, then I'd expect the tenor of the place to continue much as it is -- so long as everyone feels welcome. - Bill Hooker
Mark, thanks! I think Steve noticed an important point - real FF replacement that would attract large (well, not that large, a few thousands) amount of people is going to create a major headache of maintaining the site. And I don't think we can effectively share the workload and I don't want to put that on a single person (unless paid, but that's not going to work either, at least not yet). Obviously I wanted the cake and to eat it too, but I don't have resources to build and maintain a real FF-replacement. - Pawel Szczesny
I've added my immediate desires to the etherpad. Would of course most like FF itself to grow rather than wither, though. Buying FF seems unrealistic (anybody here BBF with B. Gates?), but getting FB to donate the code to a group of scientists who would then apply for an international, collaborative grant with all the FF code as 'preliminary data' seems more realistic, albeit also rather... more... - Björn Brembs
That was exactly what I was just writing, Bjoern. If only resources are the issue, we should apply for them. I think we could get a solid representation of 6-10 countries, which might be enough. - Pawel Szczesny
However, if we can get funding, I would rather see super S3.0-FF combo instead of another FF - things like Etherpad, group wikis, etc. are great addition. - Pawel Szczesny
I agree that any new site should of course develop new functionality beyond keeping the tried and tested ones. This would clearly include cooperative writing, easy referencing (think, e.g., Mendeley functionality), data display (e.g., MatLab or R functionality) and so on. See our rejected grant here: - Björn Brembs
Great, let's push it then. Anybody interested in participating in such grant? Mark, what's your opinion? I've already sent an email to my contact on EU funding to see if we fit anywhere within existing programs. - Pawel Szczesny
Hi everyone, this is brilliant. Firstl, I would like to apologise to all of those who took offence to the knitting comment I think something was lost in translation. I also love librarians and there are a lot of them on S3.0, none more prominently than one of our top bloggers Beth Brown. It is a difficult one to explain so I'll try not to mess it up again. S3.0 has a lot of the... more... - science3point0
Something to reconcile science and knitting: - really worth the time! - Daniel Mietchen
So Pawel's up for a grant and so am I, despite my prior experience. Who else? - Björn Brembs
Im happy to help in any way I can too Bjoern. - science3point0
Came across this yesterday...wonder whether it might help? - Cameron Neylon
Another one for submeta? ( - Bill Hooker
I think we have two options - small directed grant for setting the site and something much bigger which would also cover outreach, maintenance and what not. Not sure what's your opinion, but I would opt for both: applying for small grant to Submeta/OSI (any other options?) which we could later use as "preliminary data" for something bigger (let's say EU international grant). I don't... more... - Pawel Szczesny
Marius, Convore has the same issue as FriendFeed - we have no control over it. Even if it's working (so far), there's no guarantee that's going to be true in the future. - Pawel Szczesny
I am interested in supporting grants, on the other hand am I an industry person and I guess we all know that I do not think I can make this fly when asking for additional internal company funding. Second, I personally would be in favor of creating a not-for-profit organization with all consequences. Then, third, we put a treasurer in-place and go for money fishing via 'PayPal,... more... - joergkurtwegner
@Mark - Can we talk about this on Saturday, the 12th in London? Anyone else around? - joergkurtwegner
Marius, to continue your metaphor, there are cases when driving a car is better than using public transportation. It might be that most of you don't need a car. Given very little interest in collaboration on a grant for FF-like platform, I would assume it's even true. But as for me, I would rather invest time in a service I can ask somebody to add a feature for me (let's say generic RSS feeds) and have it available reasonably fast (see Mark's responses above). - Pawel Szczesny
Joerg, that's why I thought about applying for a bigger grant as well - substantial amount of money could be then devoted to maintenance. But non-profit sounds fine as well. - Pawel Szczesny
Marius, one more thing - if the consensus is to move to Convore (which is likely given the answers so far), I won't argue with that. Personally however, I won't be an early adopter :). - Pawel Szczesny
OK, OK, I registered... I won't complain about missing features (compared to FF) but settings really made be laugh :) "Email me when: Someone mentions my name (not yet implemented) I've missed a week of messages (not yet implemented)" Let's see how it develops. - Pawel Szczesny
Joined convore, just to see what happens there. I really like jkw's idea for a nonprofit, since seed money could carry it through to the point where the userbase (ads, fees) would be enough to support it indefinitely. I'm assuming here that it would not cost a huge amount to set up or maintain -- e.g. approximately one salary plus ?? for bandwidth/hosting/etc. Anyone have any better guesses as to actual numbers? - Bill Hooker
When considering web platforms, how about StatusNet? It is open source and supports true realtime updates through Orbited The best feature of Friendfeed is the conversational aspect, the import options are only to get things started. Also users with less specialized interest could subscribe to people on S3.0 without having to create a new account. - Mike Chelen
Im happy to go with any platform depending on whether we have somebody in the group who is well versed in operating it. With regards to @bills question, I think the main thing to cover would be hosting and then any extra funding we can get for dev/outreach would be a bonus. - science3point0
Perhaps we've already discussed this and tabled it because we didn't have the developer talent available, but if we want all the friendfeed features, why don't we just use the friendfeed framework: The two dealbreakers for me are site slowness and lack of useful discussion features like those we have here. A system built on that, running... more... - Mr. Gunn
science3point0: Would it be helpful for someone to setup a free hosted account through or even a self-hosted instance? Either should be possible, though realtime plugins might require additional work. - Mike Chelen
Mr. Gunn: How about integrating Tornado with WordPress or StatusNet? There would probably be other users that would also like to use those combinations of services and might get involved. - Mike Chelen
Are we missing the obvious? One of us just make a billion dollars and fund this stuff? Begin - Steve Koch
Deepak Singh
Discussing WordPress for Scientists -
At a time when I am considering moving from wordpress. Much as I like Wordpress and what Matt M has done, the lure of Jekyll is strong - Deepak Singh
Sorry Deepak ;). - Martin Fenner
With the amount of inertia with my blog, you never know - Deepak Singh
Alright Martin. You win. Your tireless Wordpress propaganda has convinced me to give it a shot for my own site! I'm normally very pro-Drupal, but WP may suit me better after all. - 'Mummi' Thorisson
Besides, gives me a chance to, perhaps, work some ORCID integration into WP in due time, via a plugin. - 'Mummi' Thorisson
Mummi, my "Contact Info Options" plugin stores additional info about Wordpress authors, including affiliation, ORCID, Mendeley and of course Twitter and Facebook. - Martin Fenner
Deepak Singh
Publishing science in a connected world -
Deepak, I like your thoughts on long form reading. We should develop tools that make it easy (and cheap) to write and publish this kind of content. I think that ePub is a good format for that, e.g. because it has offline reading and bookmarks. And you will probably like my latest post on OPDS. The combination of Wordpress, ePub and OPDS allows for a very interesting writing and publishing environment for long form content. - Martin Fenner
Love it. I do like the idea of encapsulation, essentially a payload that one can pack and unpack. - Deepak Singh
Thom Kearney
What is GC standing for? - joergkurtwegner
Government of Canada - Thom Kearney from email
ALI Social Media for Gov
RT @MichaelCayley: My slides for workshop to kick off Social Media for Gov Conf in #Toronto Mon #smgov #opengov #gov20 #cdnpoli #ontpoli -
John Dupuis
RT @TorontoStar: The customer is always writing: Social media are changing corporate marketing, PR and even customer service – cr...
John Dupuis
From the Archives: Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social media by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff -
Martin Fenner
RT @grace_baynes: We have an [iPad] app for that! Introducing Reader. iTunes ( and press release (
First version, it's early days - let us know if you have any feedback. - Euan
Euan, am I correct that the reader uses ePub? And that there is currently no other way to access these ePub files? - Martin Fenner
My blog post about the iPad app: - Martin Fenner
Belatedly - yes, it uses ePub files (though strictly speaking they're not standard as they sometimes contain javascript, html5 etc.). We don't offer ePub on the website yet because of issues with the way COUNTER stats are calculated (it has taken far longer than I thought to sort that out) - Euan
Euan, thanks for the update, and thanks for your post on the topic - Martin Fenner
Leslie Carr
A Year in Provenance? The anniversary of UK open data and transparency by Nigel Shadbolt
Chris Rusbridge
RT @moncur_d: Transparency is Never Enough: The Strange Case of Australia and OOXML
Mr. Gunn
RT @kbradnam: Are you a biologist that reluctantly needs to learn Unix and/or Perl? If so, try our free online course:
walt crawford
Real data on library use of social networks? -
Your research question sounds very good, and it is one I would love to hear more about. In what I have read of the formal lit, I have not seen what you are asking for. - Angel R. Rivera
Angel: The problem is...neither have I, and the anecdata has me tempted to do something about it. Which I probably shouldn't. - walt crawford
Cameron Neylon
Actually good point: Slides at for people out of the room...currently slide 5 #pmrsymp
Cameron Neylon
RT @the_Node: What everyone is talking about at sci and internet meets: archiving and citing data << rel to #pmrsymp
Heather Piwowar
RT @SignalShare: #scio11 quick stats 1475 views online across 545 users 333 unique devices on Wi-Fi 58 GB of data on the network in 2days now that's ONLINE!
Martin Fenner
RT @docfreeride: @ivanoransky : What about a health/medical blog network? Contact #scio11
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