Robert Scoble
Rackspace announcements: Cloud Computing Price War to come?
Wow, more of my vendors get thrown together into the same company. Yay, less bills! So I guess the next version of JungleDisk won't require S3? - Mark Trapp
Awesome! Rackspace FTW! congrats guys! - Susan Beebe
Mark: JungleDisk will give you the choice of either S3 or Rackspace's own services. - Robert Scoble
This space needs more competition... I'd like to see more usability improvements (it shouldn't be so hard to set up a simple web host). - Brian Roy
Nothing like healthy competition to benefit consumers. - Tyler Golden from twhirl
Interesting move as the cloud grows and is starting to have some outages - Chris Miller
Robert: any indication of when the JungleDisk and Slicehost merging would be complete? - Mark Trapp
Very nice! Posted this to Hacker News. I'm sure a lot of geeks will appreciate this move ( - AJ Batac
Mark: the way they are talking, by the end of the year. I'll get an official answer after the event. - Robert Scoble
The size, quality and resolution of the live video stream is amazing. The best I've ever seen. I even saw Scoble tapping away on his notebook :) - Mark Krynsky
Mark: we're in the Austin CIty Limits studio. Good to hear the video is clear! :-) - Robert Scoble
They just announced a partnership with Limelight Networks too. - Robert Scoble
They also announced a partnership with for email in cloud services. - Robert Scoble
It's exciting, and Mosso is a leader in the cloud, but..erm...well...I think you'll see many guys who host websites with Mosso still 'iffy' about the reliability. Wonder if they are going to push some more resources into Mosso operations. - Andrew Leyden
Andrew: Yes, is the answer to that. - Robert Scoble
i'm trying to see what differentiators are vs S3, dropbox, MS Live Mesh etc - adolfo foronda
I wrote a post with coverage from an amazing Cloud vendor called Workhabit who specializes using Amazon EC2 to host Drupal sites. Info & some great presentations from them here - Mark Krynsky
Christopher: SliceHost was a very profitable company. The founders told me they came to Rackspace because of how many data centers they were building and the resources that were available to them. - Robert Scoble
One of the benefits of Amazon is seamless integration. I wonder how all these distinct services can be brought together into one cloud with an API and fast and favorable bandwidth pricing? - Todd Hoff
Robert: Thanks. One of the things that scares me about cloud vs. server is if my server crashes for some random reason, I can call a techie at the data center who can focus on repairing 'my server' as soon as possible. If the cloud crashes, then I'm sort of at the mercy of when they can deal with the 'bigger issue' which might take longer than fixing say one box. (I should note I use both mosso & ded. servers) - Andrew Leyden
Just a random aside about Friendfeed. Look at all the comments here in just 25 minutes. Definitely a tech interested audience on this site. - Andrew Leyden
Andrew I think we're going to see a move to multi-cloud operations so that instance of the cloud was really down you failover to another cloud. Some cloud vendors are positioning themselves as a redundancy option to Amazon. - Todd Hoff
Ooh, the slicehost offering sounds interesting for personal hosting. I've heard some good things about them and intro packages starting at $20 a month? I need to look into them. - Mark Krynsky
Does this mean they're going to fix Jungledisk on Windows? Around here, we call it Crashy McCrashalot. - Brett Kelly
Mark: I've used them for a few months for personal hosting, and they are definitely worth a look. We just started using them professionally for our low-end sites a month or so ago. - Mark Trapp
@adolfo you're listing services across different layers in their integration of the Cloud. This stuff can be confusing and we need more people to start doing a better job of explaining this stuff. - Mark Krynsky
The Limelight thing sounds very interesting, a lower cost way to take advantage of CDN. I wonder what Akamai are thinking... - Elizabeth McLaughlin
@mark krynsky good point, it's a nice suite of offerings via aquisitions and partners. Guess it never hurts to have competition, heres to price drops across the board. - adolfo foronda
I don't know if I should "like" this or not. I've been a loyal Slicehost customer for 8 months now and I have been very happy with things the way they were. Still, congrats to those guys. - Benjamin Golub
Retweeting @lalorek Rackspace paid $11.5 million payable in cash and stock, with potential for up to $16.5 million more for Jungle Disk & SliceHost - Robert Scoble
I just bought a copy of Jungle Disk this week. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Thanks for the info Mark Trapp. I've wanted to look into personal hosting in the Cloud, but prior to this it was ~$100 a month to do it and not cost effective but now at $20 it might be worth dipping my toe. I feel there will be a major shift and the majority of sites will be using the Cloud in ~5 years. - Mark Krynsky
I guess I'm a minority here but my favorite feature of S3 is BitTorrent seeding/tracking. Any sign of that coming from RackSpace or other cloud providers? - Louis Choquel
Louis: I asked them about that. It's definitely on their list of features they want to do, but they have other stuff to do first. - Robert Scoble
Did you see that Amazon EC2 just announced Windows installs and an SLA? Probably trying to one-up these announcements. - Dan T
I have waited for the spark to light the silicon valley rebuilding process, let the ideas flow, and I would like to work for Robert and Rackspace. - Nicholas Chase
I would love that. Please reduce my bandwidth costs from EC2 and I'll switch. All this communication with the Twitter API and Social Graphs is getting really expensive! - Jesse Stay