Robert Scoble
This afternoon I'm speaking to CIOs from many of the world's biggest companies about the 2010 Web. I'll put this post on screen, tell them what web things they should be considering:
I have a slew of things I'm going to show them and talk to them about from discovery services, to video services, to collaboration tools/services, to enterprise 2.0 suites. What is important for a CIO to know about? - Robert Scoble
To the CIOs in the audience: Your company is not Friendfeed. - Jeff Stannard
make money in a 2.0 way - Lorenzo Strambi
@scobleizer: Privacy, discoverability, compliance - how do those initiatives impact what CIO's should be thinking about when considering adoption of web services. - Nick Wade
definitely the growth of the Real Time web & it's challenge to traditional search engines - sofarsoShawn
Location will become ever more important as mobile devices become geo-aware. - Stu Rich
If applicable to their business, making data available to the public can be a huge plus. This way, interested developers can create things that will have huge benefit without them having to pay large amounts of money to hire someone. It also makes them seem more open. - Brandon Titus
Usability. All these social media tools are great, but they still don't work together very smoothly. Just trying to explain to employees how to follow conversations on Twitter by flitting back and forth between users gives them nosebleed. - Kawika Holbrook
Tell them they should sign-up on Friendfeed and Twitter and they'll get all the information they need - meckimac
Tell them that somewhere out there, at least one of their competitors is going to try and beat them by leveraging enterprise social computing concepts to pull their suppliers and partners into what used to be closed product innovation, customer satisfaction and marketing processes. What are they doing about it? - Sameer
Twitter and Friendfeed are fantastic for conversations, but if you aren't following active users, then it never happens. - Nathan Finley
Tell them to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube API's instead of creating more sites to login to. - matthew bennett
If they are watching this FF thread, they are seeing a good example of 2010 - Mike Nencetti
Insanely speedy response to world and company events will require a robust team of strategic thinkers monitoring a wide range of media. Knowing when to respond and when NOT to respond to company info, competitor info, industry info as enterprises go bankrupt, go public, go off the tracks, will require CIO, CMO, COO and Company Spokesperson Swat Team Excellence. - Halley Suitt Tucker
@scobleizer: oh, and for god's sake tell them that SaaS isn't snake oil. It's just another tool in the shed. Another weapon in the armoury. Deploy it at the right time in the right circumstances and it should work well. SaaS-ify everything just because it's buzz, and things won't go well. - Nick Wade
Data portability: let me both import to and export data from their service. - Will King
tell them or ask them? Ask them what challenges they are facing. - Dan (Dima) Itkis
Web 2010 should be interpolable and intelligent enough to coordinate itself effectively. - Ashish
Moving from superficial social/entertainment network to action-based networking (helping with business growth, personal goals, political, spiritual, etc) that effects the real world. - Leif Hansen
Watch friendfeed closely - we may not have the answers, but we're asking all of the right questions. - Iain Baker
Facebook is like Ebay: closed services that casual users will grow tired with over time. - Jeff Stannard
Usability, mobility, privacy and interoperability. Avoiding fragmentation of the informations that came from all the social sites - Lorenzo Strambi
Watching the '4th wall' come down (online/offline, virtual/real) via nowsourcing, mobile tech, location-awareness, etc. - Leif Hansen
First off I would ask them if they know what the web is and how they currently use it. It's a fair bet many won't have a clue beyond email and a bit of porn. - Gilbert Harding
Nathan: Twitter and FriendFeed are great for conversations, but if they don't engage with users, it'll never happen. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Social media burnout -too many accounts and 'spaces' online will force people to ask hard questions about how dependent they really want to be on technology, where their boundaries lie, how to filter noise, and which 'tribes' offer the most payback to their particular context. - Leif Hansen
For us, there seems to be a big gap between possibilities and actualities for both internal and external audiences - mostly due to disagreements over usage and guidelines. It is frustrating for those of us who want to embrace Web communication tools but cannot seem to progress into implementation! If anything ... embrace what's available and work to make it easily accessible and usable for employees and corporate initiatives. - Ingrid Williams
Transparency - Gambit Fauri
And of course, count on people under 25 knowing more about their business than they do. CIO's should have a Board of Advisors (a dozen) all under 25. - Halley Suitt Tucker
Tell them 2010 web is their chance to go from the Cathedral in customer service to the Bazaar. A month ago two separate Comcast "chat" service reps told me my problem needed a tech to come out to the site; a brief Twitter conversation with @comcastcares got the problem solved in five minutes. The Twitter reps were just plain better, friendlier and more proactive. The biggest benefit of 2010 web is NOT this app or that site, it's the change in mindset among the service reps. - Maxwell Kennerly
Enterprise 2.0 (not just business, but NPs, schools, etc.). Organizations will finally realize how powerful social tools can be when they focus on empowering their unique tribe. - Leif Hansen
One of the most important things that is overlooked is that they need to leverage IT assets to preserve institutional memory - RAPatton
We are all turning to micro- Microblogs,Micropayments,Microapps, Micro attention and web is turning out to be one single thing consisting of all these ever growing microthings. - Ashish
The next big thing: - sofarsoShawn
Any specific companies or services that I definitely should show them? - Robert Scoble
Jcunwired, agree, that's definitely a massive issue/concern along with user privacy - sofarsoShawn
I agree with jcunwired, do these big companies understand what it means not to be half pregnant when it comes to the open web? Some have built their biz models on not being open, how are they to interact with this new world? Can these companies risk losing some control? - Daniel Kenney
CIOs should note the numerous times small upstarts have taken over from big incumbents on the web. If they want to make successful cutting-edge web projects happen, they need to maintain a small-company mentality in those projects. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
I agree with Bruce - Gambit Fauri
@scobleizer: maybe show them 37signals, Yammer and Cubetree. If they are multi-national CIO's, they'll be interested in collaboration toolsets. - Nick Wade
@Steve Lynch it's true that if I don't engage, things don't happen. But I have to follow, before I can engage! - Nathan Finley
@scobleizer CIOs need to know that these tools can be used to create better rapport with existing customers, attract new customers by creating transparent/honest communication about their company, improve internal processes and reduce costs through community-driven knowledge sharing, and apply the technologies in small ways that are best for them given their compliance and internal governance requirements. Fear of not moving forward is not a valid reason for not doing something. - Altan Khendup
ask them to involve more China and Indonesia.. for we both are absolutely not in crisis! eg. we need more servers and bandwidth.. - Pico Seno
Identity portability: customers will widely expect to engage online with your company via their existing profile accounts - FB Connect, OpenID, Google - take your pick. CIOs will need to drive the reconciliation of their closed registration systems with what these open systems provide. - Sean O'Brien
We've started talking to some of our bigger customers about what is life like after Microsoft Office. Old way: Making word docs, spreadsheets and powerpoints and then emailing them. New way: Still being developed. Opportunity: Companies that get collaboration right will have huge competitive advantages. Products: CubeTree but of course I'm biased. ;) - Carlin
@Carlin - hey hey Carlin, you're welcome ;) Hope you're doing well. - Nick Wade
+1 Sean. I don't want to have to create a profile on every site I visit. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
I don't want to create a profile on every site either, but I also don't want any one site to be the master profile and "know" everything about every site I go to either. Duplication of silo'd profiles is an aid to a sort of privacy. - Keith Fulton
@scobleizer Awesome mindmap. Why does youtube not make the map under video? - Kevin Murray