Robert Scoble
Facebook is aiming its big guns at Google NOT Twitter. That is why I am excited by Facebook's acquisition of FriendFeed.
Yea but I think the only one profiting from this is Twitter I think Facebook is going to ruin FF - Robert Burgin
Aah... then that would be interesting.. - Nipun
What does it have to do with Google? - Larry David
Facebook/FF vs. Google Wave - DJ Stevie Steve
So, um, how???? - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
can't wait for WAVE! So I can get off of both FF and FB! - Jim #teamFFrank
FF will be integrated into FB in the long term, surely? - Kol Tregaskes
And get locked into yet-another bit of GoogleWorld? - Ian Betteridge
google is still the primarly love of the world wide web.. FB cant compete. - Peter Dawson
I mean they don`t seem to be opponents. - Larry David from IM
Yes, but that is not good. Facebook doesn't improve, it becomes worse and drags others' concepts down with it. Facebook really sucks. Have you seen their changes? Everything you write about why you like FF is absent in facebook. Their little groups are not useful, and now everything is jumbled into the homepage, with entirely random things on the side. Oh, and their privacy sucks. Yeah, people complain about Google, but at least your data goes away sometime for the paranoid. - Californian
Google? Sorry, Robert, I don't think so - Twitter is more like it. - Vince DeGeorge from iPhone
Time to develop a FF clone... - Andrew Leyden
i dont care who they aim their guns at so long as they don't shelve, dismantle or otherwise completely FUBAR friendfeed - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
@Andrew yes - andy brudtkuhl
better start caring, Marco. - Big Joe Silenced
I really hope they keep the two sites seperate, but merge the functionality of both more. I'd love to see @Disqus able to use replies in Facebook into the response to a blog post, accessing all shortlink services and any place comments are made to trackback to a post. What other integrations are you hoping to see from this? - Courtney Engle
this is a strong move by facebook imo.. it will be interesting to see how the mainstream like a realtime newsfeed and how they will cope with such a large amount of content coming in. My bet is friendfeed will be around for a while more yet. Wave is not even here yet.. I love the hype as much as anybody but it is not going to beat out facebook for a long while and in any case; wave is open so if its features are so compelling facebook will just adopt them. - Riaz Kanani
@outofmyarse: As a college bound student, and as a high school graduate just a few months ago, I thought I'd mention that the "like" feature, which Friendfeed innovated, is used much more in Facebook. Pokes are a thing of the past, because as Facebook grows, people are loving the new features it provides. The real kick for me in all this is all the Google employees wishing that facebook becomes more open in the process, which in my mind reaffirms Scoble's point that Facebook is aiming for Google. - Rahul Krishnakumar
Much of the negative comments makes me think Facebook is the AOL of social media. All that is missing are 100s of junk CDs in my computer magazines. - Andrew Leyden
I am inclined to agree. Twitter will be left on its own though. One day it will be fondly remembered but not a serious contender in the new landscape.............. - Kevin J Hatton