Robert Scoble
Did TechCrunch get removed from Twitter's Suggested User List? Punishment? More:
The stats seem to say that TechCrunch got removed from Twitter's Suggested User List. I'm off to check it out with a new account. Is this punishment for TwitterGate? Sure seems so. - Robert Scoble
It looks like they got removed on July 26th. Mashable and ReadWriteWeb are still there. - Louis Gray
The TwitterGate posts were in the July 14-16 timeframe, if I remember. - Louis Gray
Who cares - erwin blom
The suggested user list is still Twitter decided right? No buy-in yet? - Michiel Sikkes from iPhone
yes, Thats right - Roberto Bonini
Probably wise from a pr kind of standpoint. Maybe Twitter had to step up to leaking material or they closed somekind of deal with TC - Michiel Sikkes from iPhone
Michiel: that you know of. Lots of big brands are on the SUL. We don't know the kind of deal they made to get on the SUL. For instance, Cisco provided a lot of "support" during the latest outage. Is that why Cisco's CTO is there? We'll never know because this list is totally biased and totally at Twitter's whim. - Robert Scoble
They are losing several hundred followers a day - Mark
the whole recommended user list should really have a little more end user input and maybe some or other qualifying criteria. - nathan
Robert: So it's even more likely they closed a deal because there is no transparency. "Publish but we will remove you from the list" - Michiel Sikkes from iPhone
nathan: the whole suggested user list should be done away with, but the damage is done. Before @techcrunch was put on the list I had more followers than it did. - Robert Scoble
Michiel: well, now, it sure seems a lot more likely that no deal was really reached. - Robert Scoble
And, by the way, TechCrunch's credibility just went up in my eyes because they did something that got them taken off of the list. I know I never trust anything someone says on this list when they talk about Twitter. It's like they got a $250,000 gift. Would you believe anything someone said about me if I handed out $250,000 gifts to all of them? - Robert Scoble
I was thinking more along the lines of recommended user of the month or something like, most influential user, recommended by the twitterverse... - nathan
Techcrunch probably knew that they would be taken out of the list if they published it and still they did it. Wonder how many people would really do that? - Sumanth Kolar
I think that twitter should work on some form of TEO or something that automatically grades accounts. - nathan
I would tend to agree, TechCrunch's cred would go up, but they're also drawing additional attention to twitter. - nathan
Sumanth: not many, I'm sure. Mashable has switched its business to be almost entirely about Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Mashable had an entire series around retweeting. Why? Because people retweet Mashable constantly. - Louis Gray
How do you get on the suggested user list anyhow? - Eric
Louis -- it's amazing how many retweets Mashable gets, I wonder how many people are on their 'zombie retweet' list... there's a form on (or used to be) where you could give them your Twitter creds and they'd auto-RT anything @mashable sent out. - Jonathan Coffman
Jonathan: I never knew that. Is it still there? - Jalada
So Twitter now sensors or did Michael Arington peeve someone off again... - Rob Cairns
Eric: most of the things on Twitter's Suggested User List are now brands. So, get on the list by creating a brand. Other than that? I heard bringing them cupcakes works. - Robert Scoble
Robert, Allen Stern says that doesn't work any more - Jesse Stay
Perhaps it had something to do with this article? Maybe a bad fall out? - Erica OGrady
Oh yeah. *That* article. Much retweeted, even. - Dennis Jernberg
I noticed the list down from around 200 to 20 and even those I"d never heard of! - Ange Recchia/angesbiz
my hope is that his will push techcrunch to push rsscloud - the realtime web is too important to be owned by twitter - Michael Pinto
they were prob removed for tying to spam twitter with #techcrunch50 contest - tipplewhip