Robert Scoble
Post cool friendfeed advanced searches here:
More than 400 likes: (only one item). - Robert Scoble
Items with word sex in title with more than 20 likes: - Robert Scoble
Items with word "bacon" in title with more than 20 likes: - Robert Scoble
400 comments, 300 likes, one item: - Tyler (Chacha)
Items with word "awesome" in them that have more than 20 likes: - Robert Scoble
comments: 13 likes: 37, making 1337 posts: - Tyler (Chacha)
The item with the most comments can't be read by me, buttressing Robert's "FriendFeed is worldwide" argument: - Ontario Emperor
You can see all the items that someone likes and comments on. Here's all the items that Dave Winer has both "liked" and "commented" on: - Robert Scoble
Lots of "pissed off" titles: - Robert Scoble
Meta: Items which have "friendfeed" in the title and more than 40 likes - there are a LOT of them. - Brian Roy
Free Today (likes:3+, comments:2+) - Micah
Want to track any of these searches as a persistent feed you can subscribe to in your reader, and get new results as they happen? Just add "&format=atom" (without the quotes) to the end of the search URL, et violå! :-) A tasty feed for your aggregator. - Josh Bancroft
Meta: Items with the word "twitter" in the title and more than 40 likes - still a LOT of them. - Brian Roy
And my last contribution: Everyone Dave Winer has Hugged: - Brian Roy
All posts with 10 or more likes: - Robert Scoble
Ego search for Louis Gray (excludes his posts, plus items he's commented on and/or liked) - - Ontario Emperor
Just realized it would be great to have a range for likes... I wanted to an "eclectic" stuff I Liked search... but you can only search for stuff with more than X likes or X comments... - Brian Roy
We still need more features for managing, analyzing, filtering, manipulating, visualizing and getting a handle on Friendfeed search results. I would like to see a single hard number for the total results at the top of the results. List view of results. Multi-column list view of results. Incremental searching/filtering on results (quick views on sub-results). Calendar/date navigation through results. Sorting results by various criteria, including number of comments and likes. Etc. - Sean McBride
I'd like to see the option to search on anything *apart* from your feed. That'll be useful. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, the GOOG does that. - atul abraham from twhirl
Items with 50+ likes, containing a misspelling of the word "the" (teh) - April Russo (FForever!)