Robert Scoble
Google Reader's shared item feeds now has a real URL. Here's mine: -- more RSS ahead!
How to get it ? - Jigar Mehta
Ok, I got it.. is the page where you set the URL. Late but nice feature! - Jigar Mehta
This new features is cool, but do you guys no what is now the difference betweet "share" and "like" on google reader ? - Nicolas Gosset
I tried to replace my reader link in FF and found that FF is parsing for the old link format (<user number>). - Tom Horn
Trying 2 find my URL...BRB... - CarolAnnB - CarolAnnB now on Google Reader - CarolAnnB
This is not a new feature. Its been there all along. I chose my name long long ago..You might want to check on your sources.. - Rohit
What about Google ads on this page? - Kris
Greader needs the realtime more than the real URL - Roberto from fftogo
no Kevin. I know the difference between my profile address and the shared reader page address. - Rohit
My shared items URL: - take a look. - Liza + = ?
Robert - deja vu, but I thought this was available a month or so ago??? Here's mine: - NOW, can we pls discuss Google's unfriendly Friend Connect. It is a bear to install, except on Blogger, as you have mentioned in the past. - Liza + = ?
Mines just engadget mainly... I wont share... - Chris Lloyd
Hoping to get mored shared items. - wiredgnome
Isn't anyone else concerned that this gives away your gmail account address? That is, if your custom reader url is, then your gmail address is necessarily That's why I didn't enable this in Google Profile before. Even though Google's spam filter if super, I'm not wanting to attract more spam. Am I being overly cautious here? - Chris Spizzirri
Naw, I am a complete whore, @cspizz - Chris Abraham
Wish it was shorter. Here's mine, though: - Aaman (Clone of FF)