Robert Scoble
Mark Zuckerberg and I talked about FriendFeed today. He says he likes the search engine here. Explained that Facebook's scale is slowing them down. Says that 90 million users make things go slow.
for the two people who don't know Zuckerberg is Facebook's founder/CEO. - Robert Scoble
Facebook is so slow compared to FriendFeed - Hutch Carpenter
Yes, and Google's billions of users make Google search reaaaaallllllyyyy slow as well ;-) - Duncan Riley
That's obvious and rather understandable. After all, we've seen how slowly the latest layout updates propagated to all the users. - Svetlana Gladkova from twhirl
He was talking about developing new features. - Robert Scoble
Definitely new features are hard to build when they should be scalable for 90 million of users from the beginning - Svetlana Gladkova from twhirl
Sverlana: that is totally NOT true. If companies had to build services that way none would ever get built. - Robert Scoble
that s precisely what i mentionned in a previous frienfeed post of your. FriendFeed will always be ahead of Facebook in terms of speed of execution - Ouriel Ohayon
wow.. 90 million users! - Daynah
I think Friend Feed right now only seems to attract us geeks, but they will come. - MedicalQuack from twhirl
Dawn: I just found out today that someone I know who is 32 needs a bone marrow transplant or will die soon. I wish I could do more. Will try to help. - Robert Scoble
@Dawn... Hahahaha (it is Spam right?) hahahahahah (god I hope so or Im a bastard) hahahahah....Idiot - Roger Kondrat
Robert: When you say "90 million users make things go slow" are you referring to speed to implement new features (development) or speed to search for something or speed to display the basic UI, etc. You mentioned in response above "he was talking about developing new features." How does that relate to the search engine here? Also, coming from a relatively new developer, how does development change when you are developing for 100 users or 1 million users? - Justin Korn
"Says that 90 million users make things go slow" Sure, if all were actual "users." I early on found FB too superficial & frivolous to be useful, and now the only reason I even know what's going on there is FF. Maybe it's Zuckerberg's college junior concept that's really slowing things up. As Duncan Riley observes, all those "users" hasn't slowed Google search too much, huh? - Dean Barnett
Dawn is not a spammer, unfortunately, even though she did take this thread off topic. - Robert Scoble
Thank you, Robert! I'll pray for your friend. - Dawn
Dawn you should have started a new thread here. - Robert Scoble
Duncan, that's a completely disingenuous example. Search is a static problem and has very little (if any) user context. Anything involving a social graph, especially one where the graph includes 90 million people, is MUCH MUCH harder. Search is essentially a constant time operation, whereas a social graph operation could be O(n^2), where n is 90 million. - Jason Carreira
Robert, what Svetlana said is 100% true. If FB introduces services that don't scale and bring down the site, you and the rest of the bloggers will be all over them. - Jason Carreira
Wow, this thread took a turn while I was typing...sorry to hear about your son. I would suggest posting a post asking if anyone knows anyone. Since Robert knows you, have him endorse it in a separate post. - Justin Korn
Good luck Dawn! (Another argument for DM in FriendFeed). About the 90 million makes stuff slow - I like the Google comparison. How much computation does Facebook do compared to Google? Really? Sounds like poor knowledge of real-world scaling issues. - Mitchell Tsai
Mitchell: I absolutely despise DM's. Please don't ask for such a thing. They are far, far worse than email. - Robert Scoble
Sorry...I've only posted a few times on FF. I've never started a post. - Dawn
Mitchell: people tell me Facebook does a lot compared to Google. - Robert Scoble
Dawn: anytime you are going to switch topics to something not being discussed you should start a new thread. I still wish you would. I can't link people to your plea here. - Robert Scoble
I apologize. Nevermind. I think I'll just going to fly down there and see what I can do myself. Thanks anyway. - Dawn
Hope Dawn finds some help - MedicalQuack from twhirl
Jason, we're too big is a rubbish excuse. It doesn't stop Google, and it's not as though FB is lacking in the funds to create something. How much money does a company need to create something? $488.2 million is how much FB has for the problem (ref: - Duncan Riley
Robert: I understand that DM is a mess & that you've got x,000 unreplied DMs. How would you suggest people contact you on FriendFeed rather than "hijacking" a thread? If I find someone on FF who doesn't have Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, I'm hard pressed to do anything other than hijack a thread if I want to leave a note. - Mitchell Tsai
Mitchell: You could call him. His number's on his blog. Just a suggestion. :-) Or send him an email. Just sayin'. - Lisa L. Seifert
Facebook is computing 90 million personal news feeds, which is quite a chore. I heard some stuff at the Data Mining conference at Stanford, but I'd love to hear really get-down-dirty numbers to see if Facebook is really tackling new scaling issues, of whether the Google team is just better at building server farms & handling distributed computation hw/sw issues than the Facebook team. - Mitchell Tsai
90m users plus their privacy settings make things slow. - David Vasileff
Duncan, I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to handle it, but don't compare apples and oranges. The problems Google search faces are very different, and have to do with the sheer number of hits, but each hit does a lot less computing to generate the result, because it can all be pre-computed. Also, don't overestimate the amount of money FB has... they just had to borrow a bunch to buy thousands of new servers. - Jason Carreira
Overall, it's another example of the death of the relational database for large-scale apps. Google doesn't use a relational database for this very reason. - Jason Carreira
The baby stuff you learn in school is different from real-world big systems with parallel, distributed, failure, etc... problems. I love hearing "oh. my system is scalable" from new tech teams at startups. What I'd like to hear is that X users producing Y load on Z servers will give A failure rate, consume B power, and have C down-time. We backup using strategy D. Our querying/prefetch/pre-computation method E & F will run into problems when G, H, or I happen. Our distribution method J has limitation K. - Mitchell Tsai
imagine Twitter with 90 million uses! - Michael McGimpsey from twhirl
Do you REALLY believe FB has 90 Million Real Live Single Profiled People as members? - Scot Duke
@Scot, yes. Theres about 15m in the UK alone. - Jamie
Zuckerberg and Bret Taylor may each evolve into the next Steve Jobs type CEO.Each is brilliant, and great with the consumer (e.g. UI, parallelling Apple's obsession with UI/design) - Alex Hammer
Has FB performance been an issue for most users (excluding any third party apps)? Has the pace of introducing new features been a major problem for FB so far? - Amir Gharaat