Robert Scoble
My wife is Iranian and she can't get through to her family in Tehran. More details on what she saw today here:
She was watching Iranian TV this afternoon with her family. Friendfeed and Twitter had more information. Far far far more. - Robert Scoble
CNN? NOTHING. - Robert Scoble
WOW this is like a live stream now. - The Dude Dean
We got most of our news from Facebook, Twitter, friendfeed, Google News, Memeorandum. - Robert Scoble
Does she ever call herself Persian? (Pesky Greek asking) - The Dude Dean
Twitter was the only social network that supposedly stayed up in Tehran. - Robert Scoble
Bunches of people were saying that the cell network there is down for the day - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Brian: she's asleep. If you post some URLs here, I'll get her to translate in the morning. - Robert Scoble
I know Iran blocked Orkut long ago. - The Dude Dean
What do majority of locals in Iran have to say about the elections Robert? Did your wife get any idea by talking with her friends/relatives? - Amit Nangare
Despots aren't nearly unpopular among tradtional news agencies. Odd, but they seem to embrace them. - Jason Nunnelley
She said that she's hearing that Tehran closed SMS and lots of Web traffic today. That the protests are widespread and not just in Tehran. - Robert Scoble
There were a few people who were able to get on FF from the universities - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Oh, lucky Twitter wasn't blocked, I know some other services were. - Ryan - @magicofpi
As a farsi speaker I can say that none of the things reported here on FF is being reflected on the english side of the media. And it's a shame - Khosrow
Mohammad here was saying that cell voice calls were blocked too - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Amit: not enough info yet to give an accurate answer. Our family is nervous because we know that the clergy is in charge in that country and the people are not. The potential for a disaster like Tianenmen is very high. - Robert Scoble
Khosrow: I'm so ashamed of USA media right now. It's horrid coverage, and that's if we get any coverage at all. - Robert Scoble
Extremely high for this to go down like a zimbabwe - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Khosrow: I really wonder why the USA media is so lame on this coverage. You'd think that they'd be covering it 24/7 because it has a big chance to have a deep impact on our relationship and the stability of the Middle East. - Robert Scoble
Robert, this conversation in real time is so much more useful than on twitter. I hope all goes well with you and your loved ones. Peace! - Rohit
I can say that this morning we were glued to BBC persian service and their reporting has been the best so far... I'm not sure how that has been reflected in their english service. - Khosrow
you'd think they'd realize the chance that the US government is going to have (and take) because of this event - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yeah, it's nowhere near featured on CNN's page. - Ryan - @magicofpi
There is a danger that any real info coming out of Iran will be lost in a sea of shouts of support and endless retweets,whilst it's important at this time to support prodemocracy movement in Iran,we will learn more by listening. - Paul Downing
Khosrow: I need to follow BBC more closely. I didn't have it on the TVs I had access to today. - Robert Scoble
Robert, scary times - my thoughts are with you and your wife and her family - Jesse Stay
that's just unbelievable - glad I own computers and not TVs - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: I was watching BBC online, they're live show is at 12:30 GMT - Khosrow
Search here for "iran" (friendfeed's search is best for real time) with a filter for displaying only items with one like or more: - Robert Scoble
I will post a few of the videos that have been making the rounds shortly. Please check my account for the vids. - Khosrow has a pretty good selection of blogs and mainstream news. - Robert Scoble good blog post with pics and video from today - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Google News on Iran (10,000+ articles): - Robert Scoble
Rob: there's a ton on that blog that should win the Pulitzer Prize. Glad to see photojournalism is not dead. - Robert Scoble
That guy did an awesome job. Glad I ran across that. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The shots of the protesters with the cop captured are intense. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The Huffington Post has a lot of videos, pictures, and information on their page: - Ryan - @magicofpi
US media in general has historically been very bad at covering anything outside of the USA. As an English person travelling in the US it's very very noticeable how little foreign news you guys get to see. It's almost as if they have decided the rest of the world is not interesting enough for you. And also a possible contributor to many US citizens appalling knowledge of world geography. Hopefully the freely available world news via the internet will force them to change. - Gilbert Harding
Fascinating Robert, keep up the tweets, etc. :) - Doug
Gilbert, the thing that's offensive about it is how intimately connected our foreign policies are to this event. It's a very big deal that Iranian citizens are in conflict with their government. We hear something about Iran's efforts to seek nuclear weapons nearly every day. This is a huge news event in that context. - Jason Nunnelley
It's a wonderous thing as an American to watch and read the news in several different languages and see how much the average American is missing out on - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Gilbert: I doubt that the mainstream news media will change. Most Americans just don't care. That's the real problem here. But more and more will realize what they are missing out on thanks to Twitter, Facebook, friendfeed, blogs, and will just switch. Check out this video report: -- much better than anything I saw this afternoon on CNN (I hear CNN is starting to do video reports, but that's only because most Americans have gone to sleep). - Robert Scoble
Couldn't agree more Jason. What must not happen is foreign intervention. Change has to come from within the country. This is a first class example of why politics and religion are not the best bedfellows. - Gilbert Harding
guruvan, looks like an interesting blog. - Amit Morson
Robert, this is a real shame. I have been following the news closely on the BBC. Keeping your wife's family in my thoughts & prayers. Hang in there. - Ryan Merket
Robert: Maybe many Americans don't care, but is that because they haven't been given the chance to care because of ignorance of world events? - Gilbert Harding
wow. The collection of image/videos on the shooresh1917 blog (Rob linked it above) - what you see is astounding. - Micah
Amit: that was a very interesting page. good comments, videos, pics...the works for the day - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert, I don't think it's fair to continue with the idea that "most Americans don't care." I think most of us don't care to be lied to, scammed, conned, and continuously let down by our leaders. One reason the newspaper industry is in freefall is Americans are consuming their news elswhere. It's not primarily CNN, Fox News, or anything else traditional. The revolution in news isn't about cheap or fast or entertaining. It's about truth. - Jason Nunnelley
Well said, Jason! - Rohit
Jason: Your point about the hugeness of this event in the light of our foreign policy towards Iran is right on. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
When you care about something, you seek it out. You at least gravitate to it. - Micah
What is the exact name of the iPhone app mentioned as "BBC World News" above? - David Damore
My prayers are with the Iranian people. - Jason Nunnelley
Mine too - and with the folks around the world who have family there (Like Robert & his Wife) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jason: Traditional media is in freefall because of lack of money via advertising mainly. And that is a direct result of dwindling circulation figures for the newspapers and magazines. You can't charge multi million circulation ad rates if you don't have multi million readers anymore. TV and radio advertising has been suffering at the hands of on-line advertising for a number of years now but I see that as reaching a plateau soon if it hasn't done so already. US news has traditionally been almost 100% US centric almost to the point if saying 'the world stops at our borders'. - Gilbert Harding
Jason: I agree with you a bit. But then I meet people in planes who are just so ignorant. Makes me very sad. And they don't care that they are ignorant. But the thinking people have DEFINITELY moved on, totally agree. Someone tonight was making fun of the newspaper industry and parroting John Stewart: "how do you like your 'aged' news?" - Robert Scoble
Seems like the new day in Iran started quietly. - Amit Morson
mamoot: what are you seeing, hearing, what aren't we learning about? - Robert Scoble
twazzup has a great mashup for the events in Iran : - Carlos M. Gomes
Mamoot we need words and pictures the traditional media isn't getting. - Gilbert Harding
mamoot: is it true that friendfeed is blocked for most people in Iran? If so, how are you getting through? Are you on a university network? - Robert Scoble
You could tell us what you see out your windows - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Mamoot: what are you seeing reported on your local media? What is the government reporting to the people? - Robert Scoble
For those of you who were looking to translate Farsi, someone on Twitter just suggested this site. I haven't tried it yet but looks legit: - AllisonWagda
ماموت I'm glad you're involved in the conversation. Who in Iran is blogging, talking online and sharing things you know to be true. - Jason Nunnelley
Gilbert, you're correct. One of the reasons for newspaper failure was their own refusal to adapt to a new market. However, the edge blogs and new media in general have over traditional media is more about the quality of the information. Secretly we all distrust traditional sources and believe individuals who are just sharing their personal stories. That genie is out of the bottle and won't ever be put back. It's too easy to get news directly from real people in real time. - Jason Nunnelley
Robert: CNN was weak but NYT was not and The Atlantic's chief blogger, Andrew Sullivan, delivered superb coverage on the reports out of Iran today. Easily identifiable reporters and cameramen were threatened - one camerman from the UK's Channel 4 News was arrested when capturing the protests earlier today. He has since been released. OTOH, there were journalists Twittering events from Iran too. - Debi Jones
Robert, you're right. Many people are willfully ignorant. Just don't encourage them to vote ;) - Jason Nunnelley
Please give Maryam a big hug for me and tell her that I am thinking about her and her family. - Teresa Valdez Klein
Apologies, translator site doesn't appear to work for me, but might for some others. - AllisonWagda
Mamoot is there any real confirmation of arrests? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
and of the leaders being arrested? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
mamoot: Who are you? - Debi Jones
Mousavi is under house arrest... - Khosrow
Khosrow: these were the reports in the west last night, I was hoping to get more local confirmation of them now - those reports were not 100% confirmed yet - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The freedom of information given by access to the internet and satellite TV services is proving a headache for governments trying to keep populations under control. The first instances of this resulted in the downfall of the Soviet Empire and the crumbling of the wall. It will continue to happen as citizens in those countries realise the freedom they apparently enjoy is not really freedom at all. - Gilbert Harding
@Rob Nelson: I'm in the west as well, so I'm only relaying what I've heard and read in the persian FF, twitter and blogs.. - Khosrow
Mamoot: Thanks. It would appear likely then they have been arrested - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Gilbert: Right you are. It's hard to control an informed population - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Khosrow: If you're reading Persian you're one up on me ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
mamoot" BBC news here in the UK showed footage of the riot police randomly beating prople with truncheons. One seemd to be trying to beat a protesters car to death and succeeded in knocking off a wing mirror before being hauled off by the mob. - Gilbert Harding
Just wanted to suggest this twitterstream app: a good way to track the Iranian unrest. - Orli Yakuel
But for now - all I can do is sleep and pray - it's 04:30 here. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Hi Robert...You know About Iran president Election... The Government Cheet in Vote of People and they Changed Vote for Ahmadinezhad - RokhSaare
I'm hearing some rumors on twitter now that foreign reporters are being asked (forced?) to leave... but I'm sure Iranians will continue broadcasting information. - Ryan - @magicofpi
Usually a coup refers to the opposition taking over the government - not the government retaining control (confusing how this used today) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
mamoot: reports from the media covering protests has seen the unrest spreading to other cities and towns outside of Tehran. It must be difficult to get that sort of news if you are in Tehran with the communications limits imposed. - Debi Jones
People Come Out From Their House and went to the Streetsss for Get Their Vote..Government Restrict all Of Phone Lines and Sms Services..And Most of sites are filtering by Telecomunication Organization....Yesterday and Last NIght most of people couldn't have a relation with another persoan - RokhSaare
Rob: Maybe they mean coup as in "a successful move," although that's still a bad word choice. - Ryan - @magicofpi
Rob, I think the way they used the word "coup" was to indicate it was a use of force and not law. - Jason Nunnelley
it seems somewhat appropriate - as they were stealing power - but Khameni (sp?) was suggested to be in charge of the coup - and he is the supreme leader ... so yes. odd choice of words - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
agreed Jason - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Damn, I'm getting worried. Iran, North Korea, and we've over the last years have alienated our most important ally to help us with this, Russia - Stephen Pickering
ماموت Those in power never give up control without a fight. Allowing the election was a mistake if they didn't intend to allow elections to effect change. Now the people have a moral ground. They were given a vote. They believe the government has defrauded them. The people will have to choose what they are willing to do now, whether to use their moral authority to deal with the rulers as though they are criminals. - Jason Nunnelley
Stephen: This event makes it much more unlikely that Russia can oppose US-European interests as relate to Iran. This will be a huge turning point in Iran's relationship with the world - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Agreed, it would just be a whole lot smoother without the Georgia thing and the missles in Poland. - Stephen Pickering
Huge problem for countries ruled by religious fanatics. Fortunately we got rid of that in the west centuries ago. You cannot have a country ruled by a religious order because they think they cannot do anything wrong. They are the word of God and God will not let them do so. Of course there is no logic to that and no evidence to prove they themselves actually believe that. But they are scared of losing the power that their status gives them. In our history the Church ruled because members of the church were the only educated classes. Therefore they controlled information. Thankfully that changed and is changing in other countries. - Gilbert Harding
true Stephen, but this is something that even Russia is not going to be able to defend. Especially if the arrests of the reformist is true. That's the sure sign of undemocratic practice, and unfair elections. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Gilbert, very true - Amit Morson
Gilbert? I think we have plenty of religious extremists trying to (and succeeding) running this country. (not quite as extreme as in Iran, but extreme nonetheless) We have not yet in 200+ years put this to rest. The church being the ruler is put to rest, yes. But, plenty of fundamental extremists hold office. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Stay safe ماموت - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob that's true and evedent to us outside the US. But it's the same everywhere, the Government doesn't want to upset the voters and if a major proportion of voters are religious nuts you go along with it. - Gilbert Harding
Dear robert reporting from tehran : phones are back but we have a big problem in out internet backbone ..they banned most of the sites and droped most of the stm16 lines in lct - جـوان ایرانی
There is no doubt we are living in interesting times. I just hope the true meaning of that old Chinese saying doesn't prevail. - Gilbert Harding
Robert must have gone to sleep I think.. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Brian: Seconded. - Gilbert Harding
Jannifer: nah, just doing a lot of reading and thinking about the events of the past few hours. Thank you to all my friends in Iran. I hope to get there someday and hope you all are safe. - Robert Scoble
Friendfeed in Farsi. Amazing bit of far-sightedness on some ones part. - Gilbert Harding
Here's some more photos from the streets: - Ryan - @magicofpi
Gilbert: for some reason friendfeed got a lot of overseas fans. The friendfeed team noticed this and has added features for these groups (Iran, Turkey are two I remember). It is indeed very smart, but Silicon Valley has thousands of Iranians, so it's a brilliant way to have your service spread from Silicon Valley to other countries. - Robert Scoble
Robert: What we need now is a universal translator. I'm sure some of these guys are being very interesting. It's a shame we in the West can't read them. But yes a smart move on the part of the Iranian community in Silicon Valley. My point was that in the light of current events it was also a fortuitous move. - Gilbert Harding
Is Flickr still available in Iran? I know it's blocked in the UAE, but that's because of the availability of images of women showing a tad too much flesh. Hypocrisy gone bloody mad. - Gilbert Harding
Mousavi has stated that he is under housarrest: - Peter van Teeseling
M♥hammad, how about Jaiku? - Amit Morson
M♥hammad, how about GTalk? - Amit Morson
How about posting from Gtalk to friednfeed? :-) - Amit Morson
Those in charge in Iran would do well to remember what happened to Ceauşescu in Romania. - Gilbert Harding
Gilbert, I think they prefer the Tiananmen Square events. - Amit Morson
ماموت, for the middle east and everyone's sake, I hope you make it. - Amit Morson
Amit, they may prefer that scenario but will they get it? As I said earlier, the change has to come from within. There must be no intervention from outside Iran. Least of all from the US. - Gilbert Harding
Agreed with Gilbert. - "That's why Iran's most prominent reformers, including Nobel-laureate Shirin Ebadi, have said the best thing the U.S. can do is step back and let Iran's indigenous human rights movement progress on its own, without overt involvement from the U.S-however well intentioned." (from - Ryan - @magicofpi
Ryan agreed. Well I'm happy to say it's a fine day here in the UK and I'm taking my wife out for a walk. So thanks for the interesting conversation chaps. Have a nice day. Night, Evening, wherever you are and stay safe. - Gilbert Harding
Iran sees second day of clashes as anger rises over elections, - Amit Morson
Huffington Posts live blog is exceptional. - Jamie
They have a live blog? - Amit Morson
just watched Aljazera on the Iran situation, just woke up - Kim Landwehr
That's why in case of 'troubles' in a Country, whatever the reason why, the Internet 'd never be interrupted, and Bloggers & FriendFeeders/Twitterers/Facebookers "protected'/non-insolated/'wise'". My encouragements to your wife, Robert. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Uh..of all the news I saw on Iran today, CNN had the most. ALL cable networks pretty much dropped the ball. - geoff hines
CNNi is pretty much the only one I'm seeing with any coverage today. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
This whole event must be extremely difficult for Maryam, you and your entire family. I hope this ends peacefully, but I am thinking the country is at a major tipping pint (i.e. revolution) - Susan Beebe
Al Jazeera TV is on, they also have Iranian TV, but looks like that is blocked now. - Michael Bazzoni