Robert Scoble
Is anyone keeping track of Iranians on friendfeed? I'd love to make a group.
I was going to suggest having a look in here: but no list as yet. - Kol Tregaskes
Are they safer if distributed instead of collected? - Bora Zivkovic
I would think the PersianCam room would have a lot of Persians in it. I need to contact my BFF to see how her family is doing. - Shevonne
Make a group for people who have family/friends in Iran. It might not be safe to make a target list (group) of Friendfeeders in Iran. This is the kind of situatuion that TOR was really created for. - Lorin Olsen
Lorin: yeah, I'm making my own list but am afraid of posting it in public because of the chance that the government might use that list against them. - Robert Scoble
I'm filtering news from twitter and social media here (but it's in italian) - ezekiel
dear robert see this link - mhmazidi
thanks robert! - Ivana
Thanks Robert! - Omid
mhmazidi: the videos on your friendfeed are truly horrific. So sad. It'll be interesting to see where Iran goes from here. - Robert Scoble
Maybe what we need is a group for supporters. Not affiliated with any specific country, just a group of individuals from around the world, who want to show the Iranian people that we care about their plight. Could also be a good way to disseminate trustworthy information and to ask for more concrete support if needed. - Chip Ramsey
Chip: I'm just trying to build structures that can help us filter accurate news from the noise. I'd love to know which Iranian's are posting here from within Tehran, for instance. - Robert Scoble
i think it's better we dont know who is posting from iran, the gov is controlling the internet, they say it's the only possible way to communicate, they cant use phones or anything else - Ivana from email
I'm afraid FF was one of the first services cut off by iranian govt... if there is still any iranian here I'd suggest to be covered (aka DM) - ezekiel
Ezekiel: there are tons of Iranians here using proxy servers to get in. - Robert Scoble
it seems iranian govt actually cut off mobile and phone lines leaving just internet (probably for tracking reasons) so everyone be careful - ezekiel
If you want to be heard, I'll help you any way I can. I set up this group yesterday to help: I am going to be assisting hollowlife ( in setting up a special Ouka chatroom on his dedicated server that hopefully won't be blocked in Iran, to allow those in Iran to join and speak freely. I will provide a preconfigured chat client that will autojoin the room. It will have a 2-way IRC relay and I'll make the logs public for the rest of the world to read. I just have to wait for hollowlife to get home. IRC channel will be #greenroom [edit: corrected server info] - April Russo (FForever!)
I'm in. Have loving Iranian friends. Also, we need to make sure that the Bahai's are safe in Iran - courtney benson
there is someone who is collecting stories and posts here - Valeria Maltoni
Here's a real-time feed of tweets: - Kol Tregaskes
thanks Kol - Ivana from email
Also: Set your Twitter/FriendFeed etc time & location to Tehran Time GMT+3.30 to help protect Tweeters from govt crackdown #gr88 #IranElection #Tehran #mousavi - Thom Kennon