Robert Scoble
Real time Scoble baby news (I will post small stuff here, over next 24 hours as our new baby comes to keep from spamming Twitter):
We came in this morning for an aversion proceedure (turn the baby into position). They were expecting to induce if they could get him aimed the right way. Five minutes before they were supposed to do the procedure he turned the right way by himself. Then 20 minutes later he turned again. Drat. Anyway, now they are in the process of inducing and watching. Won't know for sure what's going on until later tonight. - - Robert Scoble
Right now we're just resting and waiting for the inducing agents to start their jobs. It's still possible that we might have to have a caesarian section, because little Ryan isn't in the right position. More probably later this evening, for now I get to geek out while Maryam takes a nap. - Robert Scoble
Sending lots of beams to Maryam (and you too!) I am out of the loop. I had no idea that the family was growing (and tell M, I'm going to be a grammy come March 1) - Nancy White
Fingers crossed for a natural delivery... unless Maryam would prefer a c-section ;) Good Luck. - travispuk
What a handsome name you've chosen ;) - Ryan Whitwam
Robert: I wish you and your wife the safest and best possible birth experience! Here's to a healthy baby boy and Mom!! Keeping you in my thoughts. Leslie - Leslie Carothers
Congrats, Robert. Can't wait to meet the newest Scoble :-) - Daniel Brusilovsky from iPhone
sending good thoughts for the easiest possible delivery, for both Ryan and Maryam - B.L. - B.L. Ochman
Best wishes, Robert. - Raju Vegesna
Are his initials really going to be R.S.S.? - Carlton Prest
Thinking good thoughts for your wife and the baby - Sherrie Belken
Carlton: yes. His name will be Ryan Soroush Scoble. Thanks everyone. - Robert Scoble
Wishing you both well, hoping it all goes to plan - Rachel Clarke
Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery and sending congratulations on your new son! - Jennifer Leggio
All the best, Scoble family! :) - Micah
bit of a pretentious name, named after one of the wisest Iranian thinkers of the last century. - David Lloyd
Good luck to you & yours :) - Blue_cat_online
Good luck to you both; hope all goes smoothly & swiftly. - Rachel Luxemburg
David: my other son, Patrick, was named for a saint and Milan was named for one of the best writers ever. So there. - Robert Scoble
Best wishes, Robert! - Mike Hussein Cohen
Good luck to Robert and Maryam. A big week ahead. - Louis Gray
Thanks Louis and Mike. - Robert Scoble
Robert!!!!! What great news; it will be early. Why did they induce if the due date was the 25th, or was I wrong? - Francine Hardaway
wishing you the best. we have a girl due in a few months :) - Stalyn☂
Francine: because hospitals like to schedule babies, is my guess (Sequoia is like a hotel). But he was breech and they wanted to get him into position, now that she's here they are doing the induction thing. - Robert Scoble
Good wishes to all. I've never met you and even I'm nervous. - Amyloo
Good luck with everything, Robert!!! Very exciting! I hope everything turns out perfect in the end!! - Lindsay
Best wishes Scobs! This must be a very exiting day! - Jadito
All the best, Robert. This is Realtime Scoble Scoop (RSS)! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Good luck, Robert, Maryam, and Baby Scoble! - Michael R. Bernstein
So the doctor said that Ryan is one of the five most active babies she has seen in her practice which is why they didn't let us go home. Usually babies at this stage stay heads down. Ryan isn't. I think we have a wild one! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Congratulation and best wishes! - Heather Solos
5 is an odd number to recall. Good luck, best wishes. - Benjamin Taylor
Guarantee he gets a best friend named Adam. - Vezquex
Congratulations and good luck. - Luiz Fuzaro
So exciting! Congrats, and good luck Robert! Enjoy the geek out time - that's always one of my favorite parts of having a baby. :-) - Jesse Stay
Very happy for you! Best of luck and hope everyone stays happy and healthy! - Martha
Robert wishing you and your wife a speedy delivery. May you have a happy, healthy baby. - Paul Blasman from iPhone
conggrats! - Alrady
Congrats Scoble! Wishing you , the wife and baby the best of early life. - Nakeva Corothers
Best wishes for this exciting event! - Anne Bouey
Congrats and best wishes - Love the name - you must have made Dave Winer's year with that one! - Steve Lacey from iPhone
Ahh, so looks like I haven't missed anything Robert as its now morning here...hurrah! - Technogran
Congratulations Robert and Welcome Ryan! - Martha
Congratulations :) xx - Joe Dawson
Robert, we're thinking best thoughts for you, Maryam and R.S.S. (cool initials for the new baby!) Congratulations!!! - Cathryn Hrudicka