Robert Scoble
My mind map for today's talk to CIOs. What else should I add? Keep in mind got 30 minutes. Dicuss here please:
In the room are CIOs from Home Depot, Pepsi, Johnson and Johnson, Prudential, Bechtel, etc. - Robert Scoble
Also see here: for a discussion that we did earlier about what I should tell CIOs. - Robert Scoble
Theme of my talk is "the 2010 Web." - Robert Scoble
I don't see XMIND :) - Tim McDougall
Because of time constraints I'm trying to NOT be comprehensive, but just give a taste of the best of the tech industry innovation lately and what it could mean to their businesses. - Robert Scoble
ask them how they are measuring all this stuff. - Brian Watkins
Brian: will do, but in many ways we are too early for measuring. I bet they haven't even heard of a lot of this stuff. - Robert Scoble
Nice, you popped in Atlassian and Socialtext, good call. Mint though? Bit early isn't it? >> - Nick Wade
I mean, how many CIOs do you see here on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Are ou going to mention backtype or ubervu in the community section? - dthree
fun stats on why collaboration: - Carrie Krinock
Nick: that's probably true, but they signed up a million people so are an example of a consumer service that's done well. - Robert Scoble
David: I might mention them, but I'm not trying to be comprehensive. - Robert Scoble
I think open standards need a mention since Microformats is now even supported by Google. Automating to extract information from structured data brings great opportunities. - Burcu Dogan
Analytics - George Dearing
Scoble: I think you have to have Twitter, they all know it but it has to be there, it is a platform that engages and ties with a lot of what is in your talk - Lou Paglia
Mobile is way under-emphasized... I think that's gonna start getting bigger and bigger and bigger... - Joel Haasnoot
Joel: I agree, I could spend 16 hours just on mobile. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: fair comment re Mint. - Nick Wade
++Joel completely agree. mobile is bigger than ever now and 2010 - Lou Paglia
Have you added calibration tools for product demos and training ? - William Lopez
William: no, what kind of tools are you thinking of? - Robert Scoble
Have fun, remember most people hate sitting in their seats more than 20 minutes, make they get up and down a little. Ask one of them to come up and do pushups. - Halley Suitt Tucker
Halley: um, I'm not THAT brave! :-) - Robert Scoble
ome emphasis on Web Services - and agree on the Mobile detail required! - Manoj Menon
Just don't let them challenge YOU to a push-up battle ... no fun, even for me. - Halley Suitt Tucker
could have major topic not about tools but "paradigm shifts", the breakdown of the walls between the enterprise and the rest of the web, 2010 CIOs will contend more than ever with not being able to put four walls around their corporate constituents - Lou Paglia
I underplay mobile because I could spend hours on just that. Heheh. I have 30 minutes. - Robert Scoble
Lou: absolutely! That will be a subtext to everything. - Robert Scoble
Hmm, but mobile is moving more and more to tailor-made-mobile, not just a bare bones version of the website: maybe that's a paradigm shift you could mention. - Joel Haasnoot
If CIO's aren't careful, paradigm shifts become paradigm shafts, as they take a sudden beating in a marketplace. - Halley Suitt Tucker
there is the issue of "mixed discovery" I am missing; a ping pong of subjects and peoples when you use twitter e.g.; you go from @person to #issue to @ person etc ... - that is a new kind of serendipity; could be used to have new ideas about marketing - Willi Schroll
You forgot to show the Oprah-fication of any modern technology. - Pete Barry
I am missing the integration bit ... not sure it really exists yet. The problem is that this is way too many tools for any one company. so possibly just a missing item. - Oliver Thylmann
@halley they can either be part of the movement and coach their organizations through the changes as a thought leader or many can continue to try to put up "sand bags" and there is where the your term, shaft, will come. - Lou Paglia
What about Hulu under video? For me it's an important piece. :) - James Furlo
James: good catch. - Robert Scoble
I just gave a similar talk here in LA yesterday. My take on it as a former CIO is how the consumer/general internet systems are tackling the problems that have plagued enterprise. From single sign on to data portability, transparency, collaboration and real time communication. They need to start looking at these systems as the model for the new enterprise in 2010 and beyond. - Jerry Schuman
In cloud, what about development availability, S3, EC2, gist, gnip, the glue movement, shared data center and server resources (there's your Rackspace plug) - Lou Paglia
Boxee might be a good topic as they are trying to make it a media player with a social web component. - dthree
Lou: that's another area I underplayed on purpose because I could spend an hour there. Personally it'll lead us down a rathole and keep us from talking about the bigger trends. If they start deploying anything new they'll need hosting and we'll be involved in the conversation then. - Robert Scoble
David: Boxee is a good one to discuss. - Robert Scoble
an overall theme is the shift in technology moving consumer to enterprise rather than the other way around. For companies its more important than ever to look at what startups/small biz are doing vs thinking "they'll be using my big system in 5 years". - William Kapes
Should Boxee really be on a CIO's radar at this point, is convergence of web with the digital home even part of the CIO conversation, should it be? - Lou Paglia
Sometimes I wonder if CIO's really grok the way the folks they support WORK day to day. Sometimes we're at home w/a crying baby, sometimes on the road w/customers, sometimes in the office. As a sales marketing geek for years, I always wanted to scream, "Hey guys, I'm in a rental car on a frigging windy road north of Portland in a thunderstorm trying to connect to the system to get the new pricing sheet, do you GET my life? Help me out here!" - Halley Suitt Tucker
Are you using MindManager for your mindmaps, Robert? - Rohit
Lou: good point, gotta stay focused a BIT on business, but the changes in TV do have implications. I just was at Adobe and they are enabling 1080p high def to both browsers and TV. - Robert Scoble
Rohit: yes, this is done with MindManager. - Robert Scoble
The ideas behind technologies like Wolfram|Alpha and Hunch - Mike Smith
Robert - Here's a Mindmeister Mind Map that I've been working on here and there for some time now - I don't have geolocation-centric sites listed, but otherwise, this is a handy look at the social-sphere: - No Name
Mogulus in the live video section? And why not other sites, like BlipTV or others, for those who edit and upload higher quality videos that are shareable? - Ken Kaplan
Since these are CIO's you can talk about how sometimes even "outlaw" technologies can find a place in the modern workplace. There are companies using BitTorrent to push out updates among sites, saves on bandwidth since it goes distributed. But I think the biggest focus of your talk, since its you :), should be the influence of the social and real-time web and its impact. Again, your strength and you've only got 30 mins - William Kapes
@Lou Paglia, got that right. - Halley Suitt Tucker
Ken: good point. I love Blip. But again I wasn't trying to be comprehensive. - Robert Scoble
topline think this may be too granular for most CIOs - this group is broad predictions for the path + a few examples. Functionally expand microblogging add Twitter then let niche apps flow from there. - Carol Lynn Martens
Doesn't LinkedIn apply. There is a lot of professional interaction and the Answers section for mentoring. - Alan Eggleston
CIOs are going to be most interested in security, and not necessarily hampering the discussion (some will), but rather how they can track what people are saying within the company, and how they can better train those that use social media in the company. At least that was my experience speaking to a similar group of CIOs in Dallas last year. - Jesse Stay
Alan: I was on purpose leaving out older social networks like Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook. I want to focus on what's disruptive. - Robert Scoble
not sure if this was asked above...but will there be a video of this, Robert? - Carlos Ayala
Carlos, nope, sorry. Usually with a small intimate group (only about 20) they want to have off the record conversations. - Robert Scoble
Unless I missed something there may be a gap in terms of viral video (YouTube, etc), shared image hosting and slideshows, and even presentation sharing (SlideShare, AuthorSTREAM)--with literacy and attention spans down these become key communication components IMHO on two levels -- ease of use (post once link anywhere) and ability to comment and rate to build communities of passion. - Tom Bunzel
Quick question robert: which programs do you use on your mac and iphone to access friendfeed? - Rohit
Where is Vimeo?.. Hulu..? - Oguz Serdar
What about Evernote in the "Cloud and Collaboration" topic? It's ubiquitous... web, desktop, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. - Kurt Rosenkranz
Roger that Robert, understood. Thanks. - Carlos Ayala
Azure, App Engine, Rack Space Cloud, Amazon EC3, etc... Something had to run all those things in your mind map. - Jeff Weber
Google Apps under both Office and Collaboration - Scott McMullan
You can tell them: because of the "cloud" most of them won't have a job in 2 years, because of social-realtime web, most of their businesses won't make it through the depression - Tweet Feeds
I know you're trying to keep the map slim, but: Google Voice,, and the mention of Evernote on iphone - the snapnote feature (mobile image capture/upload + OCR + desktop, web/feed access). - Micah
Say hi you are on screen - Robert Scoble
Hi CIOs! - Jesse Stay
Hi everbody. - dthree
Jesse the CIO of your church says hi! - Robert Scoble
hi everyone - Brian Watkins
Robert tell Joel I said hi back - you two should do lunch some time and have him show you some of the stuff they're doing. - Jesse Stay
Hope you guys blocked out a few hours of your time. Robert kind of talks a lot. - Jerry Schuman
Hi CIOs, the smarts are moving to the edges of the organization so dust off your resumes, your roles are obsolete - Tweet Feeds
I think there will be more mixture between real life and online life. Sharing identities & connections will be as common as exchanging business cards right now. And, I predict, you will be tagging real-life objects with your phone (or your My name is E connector) to put them as favorites online. Or to ask for a product sample with one simple motion (thanks to nfc and rfid). So, 'sharing identities / mixing real and virtual' deserves some attention... Good luck! - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Hi from the Netherlands. Just to point out you need more focus in your MindMap on international collaboration tools :) - Rene de Vries
Robert, perhaps touch on how they plan to serve the business / marketing side more effectively? Maximize available man hours, evolve prioritization criteria, etc. - Jeff
Oh. And great to see Wakoopa on the list there. 'You are what you use' is a pretty powerful social indicator. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
How about adding VMware under Cloud and Communities. - Shobhana
@Home Depot: I'm no Luddite, but I did not at all like the automated checkouts at first. Now I'm coming around - last week had the quickest turn-around shopping experience at a hardward store that I can remember. Sorry, back on topic now :) - Micah
i would add geezeo next to mint and perhaps txtblaster next to tatango - Allen Stern
Live mesh,live office for collaboration. - Ashish
Nice job, Robert. $1 to first CIO (other than me) from that room who responds to this message. :) - Joel Dehlin
Joel you're one of the *only* CIOs I know that uses FriendFeed. You've been using it for over a year now I think, haven't you? - Jesse Stay from email
Jesse: I think there may be a few other ones onto friendfeed, but I think I might have shocked them with a look at my real time feed. :-) - Robert Scoble
Joel, nice meeting you, I'll find out the answer to your question. Can you follow me here on friendfeed so I can DM you? - Robert Scoble
Don't forget about Dropbox under "cloud and collaboration". One of my favorite tools by far. - Brandon Titus
Under Consumer, I would add a major value and coupon site like personally as companies like Home Depot and Pepsi can relate to this. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
@scobleizer Awesome mindmap. Why does youtube not make the map under video? - Kevin Murray
perty, good job much better than a power p prezzo - sofarsoShawn
Kevin: now that I've given a speech I need to go through and make it much more complete. For the speech I was going for disruptive stuff that was changing right now and that would jog my memory. As it was we didn't get through the complete list. 30 minutes flies by. - Robert Scoble
like that I could read your mindmap on my iphone - funny though when I saw web 2010 I thought - ah robert is providing a glimpse of the future to disconnected cio's - then realized that's a little over 7 months away - wow time flies :-p - mike "glemak" dunn
mike: and keep in mind that the car industry has changed the definition of a year anyway. I'm getting my 2010 Prius in a week or two. - Robert Scoble
To adopt any of this nascent social media, there must be an almost immediate ROI. Otherwise, it's nothing more than an amusement. - Don Bonaddio
D@mn Don! On the noesy! - Arleen Boyd
Don: there is a lot of money in amusements. ;-) - Robert Scoble
after reading this thread "better" - there have been many cto's on friendfeed for awhile now, different dna than cio's - justsayn :-p - mike "glemak" dunn
you covered all that in 30mins? Or was this the handout. - Ryan Stanley
Ryan: we got to one or two nodes. Heheh. I don't do handouts. - Robert Scoble
You forgot Aviary. - Mike Shields
Oh, and we should probably discuss it instead :) - Mike Shields
Did you find most of your audience were already Web 2.0 savvy? - Ryan Stanley
BBC iPlayer? - Rupert Watson
ROI - Robert - is there a slide that tells them why? Jack Welch would tell you that if you are not measuring this you are not managing it. The only way to persuade grey beards like me is to show them why it is worthwhile otherwise in this climate more than any other time - experiments for the sake of just learning and playing will get short shrift. - Simon Rogers
Scobes: thanks for the reply on the youtube q. your mindmap is my new "must understand" check list. thanks again for all your contribution. - Kevin Murray
What about integrating home - all the appliance at home if we can control it from the net. has too be very good. - anamika
I'm curious as to how the CIO of Home Depot responded. Being a B&M hardware store, they aren't very big on Tech (ask me about using and deploying Office 97 in 2004 *shudder*). When I was there, there was lots of energy going in to SAP and other ERP related products/projects but not much energy going into making sure employees could use those tools. I how did it go? - EricaJoy
EricaJoy: I don't remember a specific response from him. There was some of the usual pushback about why I would share so much of my life online. Other than that I was impressed that they were very literate on the topics and services I showed. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I don't see sync and version control products on your mind map. I think they are getting important for information management. - Arvind
any chance you'd post final draft - maybe in original form (not pdf/jpg?) also - camtasia recording of presentation could be fun - Courtney Engle
Don't see SlideShare it'd be handy under Collaboration and if not on this presentation perhaps on one with a focus on the next stage or under implementation strategies. - James Stratford
open web identity: add Firefox (with 200+ downloads...); Jammer is spelled Yammer; add AWS at cloud services; I would definitely move Ning to 'community' (it is also realtime; but first of all it is the most important community building platform; very popular in the Netherlands); Google Apps for collaboration - Jeroen De Miranda
Robert, if you have time to answer quickly, are you using the Mac or Windows version or both? - Gregg Morris
Gregg Windows version - Robert Scoble
i am late for this but, i wud also add twine and streamy..not sure where though. i thought i saw analytics up there...definitely a must. also really confused as to how evernote helps brands connect with consumers. - Freddie Benjamin
Chet: nope, sorry. - Robert Scoble
just saw you have the apps room in there, did you get a few words in about it? - Zee.
Zee: we talked about friendfeed but I don't think we spoke specifically about that room. - Robert Scoble
You left out Search, Commerce, Mobile - no? All of these are critical business drivers, platforms, customer channels. All are shifting, seismically under their enterprise feet. - Thom Kennon
Wolfram|Alpha - Andrew Eglinton