Robert Scoble
Today is the 65th anniversary of D Day and it offered me a chance to compare Google and Bing again, here's what I learned:
Duck! :) - Charlie Anzman
Google wins, in my mind, because it showed me this article from today's MSNBC: - Robert Scoble
Bing, though, has images and videos and demonstrates that Google needs to innovate to stay ahead in this race. - Robert Scoble
Thank you to all the service men and women who serve our country and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on that day 65 years ago. - Robert Scoble
interesting query - Bing has more historical relevance I felt, google seems to be more current - Oded
I'm surprised how good bing already is. - Jim Connolly
Bing really has a set of cool features. Mouse over items and you see a lot of information. - Robert Scoble
Agreed Bing is full of surprises. News section in MUCH better than previous. - Charlie Anzman
Apparently, bing's already knocked yahoo! off the #2 spot. If true, it sounds remarkable. - Jim Connolly
The competition from Bing is AWESOME because it will wake up Google big time and demonstrate to them how stupid their conservatism has gotten. It's been a while since I've seen a really dramatic new set of features added to Google. Bing is a really strong effort. - Robert Scoble
my google results are different, but I have some greasemonkey scripts should really look at the scripts people use to add content to there searches - John Bergoon
The Tech News Blog: I bet that won't last (Bing got a huge surge because of all the hype about it, many of those won't go back for a while), but in my mind Bing blows away Yahoo. Embarrassing for Yahoo. - Robert Scoble
extremely embarassing for yahoo considering the history between them and Microsoft...kinda of a blow to the gut for Yahoo... - John Bergoon
Robert - Always felt it was important to have all three. Yahoo (or ... AOL?) needs to live too. - Charlie Anzman
Robert: Yeah, very embarrassing! It's been a LONG time since the Google guys had anything to worry about from other search providers. Thanks to bing's promising showing, we all win! - Jim Connolly
Charlie: They need to live, but they need to compete to survive. - Abhimanyu Chirimar
ALSO - Getting a LOT more traffic to from bing than I used to from - Jim Connolly
The Tech News Blog: well that's a big "duh." sucked compared to Bing. By the way, I think it's funny how both services are totally lying about how many pages there are that mention D Day. Bing says twice as many as Google but everyone in the industry knows that the Google number is a totally made up number. I wonder if Bing is just doubling the Google number. - Robert Scoble
Seeing the same traffic trend on numerous client accounts already. Abhimanya - My real concern is (1) Not seeing Google hit with all kinds of crazy anti-trusts suits and (2) Keeping PPC prices in line - Charlie Anzman
Robert: lol :) - I love that bing are trying to out do one bunch of made-up numbers, with another set. - Jim Connolly
explanation of bing vs yahoo - John Bergoon
Charlie: You are 100% correct about PPC prices. Google's 'near' monopoly in search has driven up PPC costs - which forces up prices for the consumer, as companies seek to recoup all that advertising revenue. Bing needs to succeed for all our sake. - Jim Connolly
ALSO... I think we all need to take into account that SEO's are making sites Google optimized at the moment. This gives Google a crazy advantage; as much of the online content 'out there' is designed to be easily found by Google. When People start SEO-ing for bing we may see bing get a bigger share of search? - Jim Connolly
I don't know if those numbers are realistic (previsous link) - John Bergoon
Charlie: That part I understand. I am also glad to see different utilities being crafted to take on Googles ridiculous 80%+ global market share. Be it Ballmer or Bartz or Wales or Wolfram, the more the merrier. - Abhimanyu Chirimar
Tech news: That's very true..I have not thought about that. - John Bergoon
PPC can still be done reasonably if you know what you're doing (and SEO is already well underway for Bing) but with the shift of advertising continuing, more choices is important, and yes, it will allow smaller companies, even individuals to consider PPC (and it's an important part of the marketing mix) - Charlie Anzman
I wonder why multisearch sites don't do better. Dogpile used to be my main search engine - John Bergoon
Jonathan: back in the day I used to use Dogpile too, but it always seemed slow compared to just Google. - Robert Scoble
... of course, is where the REAL competition comes from :) - Jim Connolly
Point made :) - Charlie Anzman
How relevant will folks like OneRiot and other 'real time' search engines be for mainstream users? - Abhimanyu Chirimar
Wow.. lots of sponsor results from dogpile - John Bergoon
The Tech News Blog: I think Google can head off this competition fairly easily by simply innovating a little bit. Google just needs to get unstuck. From what I hear their executives got too conservative. Well, now, this will force Google to get more aggressive with search. We all win a lot because of this race. - Robert Scoble
Robert: yeah I was trying to think when the last time I used Dogpile was...I think I was on dialup :) - John Bergoon
Abhimanyu: real time search will matter when it is hooked up to business databases. Why can't I see real time results when I search Google for "Palo Alto Sushi" for instance? That's why it would be interesting for Google to either buy Twitter or make some sort of deal with Twitter to get access to the real time feed. Of course, now that Google is making other steps to go real time (Wave and Friend Connect) we'll see real time on Google eventually anyway. The nice thing about Bing is it gives the folks over at Google a HUGE shove. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Do you think Google Wave is going to be as big as some commentators are suggesting? - Jim Connolly
Robert: True my google search brings up video, flickr images, books, blog posts and well as the regular search results. It would take a googler about an hour to add some code and surge ahead like it was nothing. - John Bergoon
Robert: Competition is healthy and beneficial for the end-users, absolutely. Somehow, I believe that Twitter will stay away from any Google deals for now, I might be completely wrong. Google needs to leverage Friend Connect as you said and get beyond just indexing pages latently. - Abhimanyu Chirimar
My sense is that bing is nice, and fun with some of the features, but the bottom line is that it doesn't give you anything searchwise that Google does. The only thing that's going to knock out Google is something that gives you information that you can't find anywhere else. The bells and whistle are nice, but unless it starts digging up stuff Google can't find, that'll quickly fade, and their market share will be right where it was - Stephen Pickering
plus non-tech folks are just now understanding what I'm talking about when I say "google it" I can't start telling them to go home and "Bing it", they wouldn't be happy..might lose some clients ;) - John Bergoon
I am excited about HTML 5 and micro-formats. Thinking about a Business Card app for the iPhone, which just browses websites and displays contact information converting the web into a massive rolodex. There are such interesting possibilities once parts of UGC starts getting strucutred. - Abhimanyu Chirimar
Till then Google seems to have a stranglehold on index based searching and Twitter has enough noise for now to be an (arguably) acceptable real-time search. - Abhimanyu Chirimar
When Peter Drucker came in to advise GE in the early eighties he told them to get out of any business they weren't No.1 or No.2 in. Otherwise its just a waste of money and time. Why not make an OS that runs smoother than silk, that never crashes (You too apple, my 2gig ram iMac constantly "beach balls") although the days of the OS are soon coming to an end with the net itself as the operating system - Stephen Pickering
I always wanted Google to come out with a desktop OS, but then I realized that they already have with Chrome. You're right, the Internet is the new OS! - Californian
I hope that Google will improve greatly because of bing. There is one thing that I find incredibly useful (especially for images, where bing does it): infinite scroll. I don't care for having to click "next" every two seconds, and it could load just as quickly if it only loaded one former page at a time (with perhaps a difference only small enough that it would be made up for by not having to click next). Hopefully Wave will be as huge as the hype because it really has that much potential. That could also help improve their real-time search if it started them collaborating with twitter. - Californian
MSNBC, a MS owned property. Just saying. They won either way. I agree though that Bings news aggregation/feature set is seriously lacking. Google News is light years ahead. - Arawak
I think Yahoo's is actually better in this case: - Sam Pullara