Robert Scoble
I like the new Tweetdeck iPhone app for Twitter. What is your favorite Twitter app for iPhone and why? Tell us here:
My personal review is here: - Ralf Rottmann
tweetie - Roamlog
And here is why I continue to stay with... Tweetie! - Ralf Rottmann
twitterfon - simple and it works. - Taavi Uudam
Wish @atebits would do a FriendFeed client though. None of those available is half as good as what we've got for Twitter. - Ralf Rottmann
It was Tweetie, but now it's TweetDeck. - Nathan Chase
Definitely TweetDeck for me. - Nir Ben Yona
Tweetie is my favorite right now, but TweetDeck's cross-platform and now-mobile syncing is getting my attention. - Julio
I'm holding on to TweetDeck, even though it's a bit "crashy" right now. Have confidence they'll fix that. - Mark Traphagen
I just love the new Tweetdeck app ! - Jean-François Amadei
Julio hit it on the head - the syncing between platforms is the killer feature to beat - Nathan Chase
Love TweetDeck on iPod Touch! - Bob Starr
The sync between iPhone and desktop on TweetDeck is a cool feature - rshore
so far my favorite is Reportage. I have tweetdeck installed, but i find it difficult to read, not so with any other twitter client. TweetDeck remains on of my 2 favorite desktop clients, the other being the web client - Guess Who
Tweetdeck if they can squash the bugs because the syncing is good news. Tie between Tweetie and Twittelator for now. - Warner Crocker
TweetDeck. Syncing to cloud, free. - Ben
Tweetie is favorite for best duplicating the desktop experience. But Tweetdeck has great potential with the syncing feature. It crashes too much right now. - Curt Moss
I've been happy using twitterfon, but I've been playing with tweetdeck, it looks like I might have to switch, syncing is a killer feature - Ken Power
I use Tweetie. The reviews I've seen of Tweetdeck make it seem a bit too much for the iPhone. Are those reviews wrong? - Curt Mercadante
Tweetdeck is the only iPhone app for twitter - planetMitch
I'm still sticking with Twitteriffic. I moved over to Twitterfon because it started lacking with features, but moved back when it finally got the update it so needed. Don't really know why i like it so much, just always have. Just wish they'd update the desktop version too. - Simon Wicks
Curt: it hasn't crashed on me yet. - Robert Scoble
Photogene because I can brand my photos with a text bubble before I upload. - Craig Shipp
Has crashed when using its browser feature - Mark Traphagen
My must have iPhone Apps are: > Tweetie > TwitterLink - Allows Safari URL Shortening via bookmarklets > TweetDeck Hopefully TweetDeck can incorporate a few of the missing compenents which are keeping me from dropping the other two apps. - Josh
Still tweetie. Tried others as they emerge, but the familliar interface to a desktop client, search, find user, favorite, trends all make it very powerful. A rework of the RT vs. Via is in order, but I can live with that. - Erik Boles
Definately TweetDeck since it's been launched - Michiel Sikkes
TweetDeck on the iPhone looks great, but I think it's pretty buggy. I constantly get the same notifications displayed and my groups got messed up (and then synced back to the desktop). But I'm looking forward to the next version. - Oliver Bouchard
Twitterrific without hesitating. Tried TweetDeck but still a little buggy in my opinion. - Nuno Ferreira
I use Twitterific and I'm pretty fine with it/ - Parth Awasthi
Tweetie. And, judging from the desktop client, it's only going to get better. - Justin Hileman
Twittelator. No other iphone app is as feature rich as this one. It also works well with backgrounder (from cydia). - Rohit
Twitterrific has to be the best with UI. - Rohit
I went from Twittelator to Tweetie and now to Tweetdeck on iPhone. Tweetdeck is the best thing out there right now IMO for hardcore tweeting, However, Tweetie still rules as a simple, elegant, beautiful UI, client for everyone else. - Dean Kakridas
Tweetie. TweetDeck for iPhone is nice and is a smooth port from desktop to smartphone, but Tweetie is cleaner to me, not as dark or cluttered. - David Price
Alex: yeah I use friendfeed a lot more than other Twitter clients, even on my iPhone. - Robert Scoble
i tried tweetdeck but i like Twittelator Pro more - Crusader
Switched to Tweetdeck after using Twitfon and Twitterific - Jim Haw
Tweetdeck, recent convert from tweetie. It crashes when you add someone to a group column is all. - Jay McCormack
TweetDeck needs integration for selective feels the lightest of the iPhone Twitter apps and feature wise I think it may now be the most complete..2nd fave is Tweetie. - George Dearing
I'm liking Tweetdeck also but I bounce around from Twitterific to Tweetie also. Like the multiple columns in Tweetdeck. - Jeff Gamble
Definitely Tweetdeck.. I wish I hadn't paid for tweetie.. - Can Koklu
TweetDeck after using TwitterFon for a while. Never used Tweetie and probably won't now. Background notifications on the iPhone would be cool. I can use it for @replys or DMs. - Rolf Schewe
Sadly, I don't have an iphone. Anyone know of a good free symbian app? - Pranav Bhasin
still using tweetie - have tweetdeck if I need to reference through my groups. but when i am mobile i usually only have time to pay attention to replies and directs - so speed and such is more important. Tweetie wins for me. - Tony
I like Tweetie. Nice streamlined interface. Although Tweetdeck is nice, I just haven't used it as much since it came out. - John Fox
Twitterfon, but I might try Tweetdeck now - Paul
I am still using Tweetie but just installed TweetDeck.. seems cool. - nickgs
Love new tweetdeck on iPhone but it's too crashy, darn it! - Susan Beebe
No mention of Nambu here. I use that on MacBook. Anyone use their iPhone client? What do you like/dislike about it? - Larry Hawes
I have tried Nambu but use Twittelator Pro and occasionally Twitterific. Tweetdeck would have to be exceptionally good to be better than either of those. - Gilbert Harding
Tried Tweetdeck (which is my desktop app) on iPhone for a couple of days. Too fiddly. Went back to Twitterfon. Really compact and streamlined. Now trying out Flock on desktop instead if Firefox/Tweetdeck combo. - Narain Jashanmal
it seems to crash every so often. - Francisco Kemeny
Although I have been playing with tweetdeck these past few days, I would still vote for tweetie - Thomas Chai
@Pranav Bhasin: Gravity is a good twitter app for symbian. - Hugh Macdonald
I'm using Tweetie, but edging closer to trying Tweetdeck. Tweetie does do everything I need right now. - Martha
TweetDeck! Used to be Tweetie, but TweetDeck is far better! - Farrell Kramer
I use TwitterFon (nonPro), but have been trying TweetDeck out. It is a little buggy as so far it has crashed out everytime I have used it, but I know this is v1 so am sure it will get better. I actually really like the interface as it is very well thought out. My only other gripe is that you need to go into a tweet's detail to go to a hyperlink, as opposed to twitterfon (and tweetie which I occassionally use) where you can go to the hyperlink directly from the list view. (maybe I have not set something in the preferences) Having said that I don't use twitter that much anymore other than to check out my non-FF contacts... the ones I haven't created imaginary friends for! - travispuk
Twitterrific 2.0 (The $4 Premium version). The UI is just spectacular. Combining all your replies and DMs in one stream, but still allowing them to be viewed separately, makes it really easy to interact with Twitter as a stream. Plus, more often than not, I find myself using the multi-post window to easily switch a DM to a reply, or vice versa. It's just great. - David Chartier
Twitterrific 2.0 , tweetie and Tweetdeck in that order - Wayne Sutton
TweetDeck, despite the occasional crashing, is my favorite right now. - Paul Maez
Tweetdeck for sure. I like the feel and look of it. - John Ford
Twitterrific and twitterfon for picking ppl across tweets to thank. - Dave Blankenship from BuddyFeed
I think I'm still partial to Twitterific - Matthew Vaughan
I use Tweetie. I tried TweetDeck but it crashed when doing what should have been simple operations. - Michael Koby
Reportage has a very refreshing approach. I love it - Guillaume Thoreau
oh Robert Robert... you should really add a poll to your threads from time to time :) as for your question: I have to say that TweetDeck is not my fav until someone new will launch a better app. - Orli Yakuel
I use Nambu because of Friendfeed integration, but if TweetDeck gets this I would definitely switch - Alberto Saavedra from Nambu
Had Twitterific and TwitterFon for seperate accts, but TweetDeck is the best of the bunch. - Dave Martinez
I bought Tweetie, but it seems limited after using other Twitter apps. My favorite is SimplyTweet, lots of features that work well and is being updated often. - Brandon from BuddyFeed
I was a Tweetie guy, but Tweetdeck may be replacing it for me. - Joey Gibson
I played with TweetDeck and liked it, but I simply don't use all of the custom panel stuff that it does, so Tweetie does the job for me just fine. The UI is awesome, responsive and (above all) simple. It does exactly what I want and, more importantly, what I expect it to do. - Brett Kelly
Tweetie : very stable and reliable. Does need a refresh but nice customization options make it for that. - Ashish
TweetDeck is my favourite app for the iPhone, although Tweetie is a close second. The sync feature and what I think is slightly better navigation through the different columns put TweetDeck ahead. TweetDeck is also free, which if I hadn't already bought Tweetie, may have had some importance. - Antoniu
I like Tweetie because if I get behind or want to see older tweets, I can just click "More" and it loads more of them. Can't figure out how to do that on the desktop version of TweetDeck, so I'm assuming teh iPhone version doesn't do it either. - RobinDotNet
I like Tweetie. I tried the new TweetDeck and couldn't get into it. So my combo is seesmic on the desktop and Tweetie on the iPhone. We'll see what happens when seesmic introduces their iPhone app, though. - Josh Asbury
Was twitterfon fan but the Tweetdeck groups sync is a winner. - Gregory Go from iPhone