Robert Scoble
I visited Kevin Marks at Google today. Here's the video of what he showed me: -- how to make your blog more social by adding FriendConnect to it. More details shortly here:
His blog is at Google FriendConnect is at - Robert Scoble
I shot this with my Canon 5D MKII. Unfortunately I have to manually focus and everytime I do that the noise from me manipulating the camera gets transfered to the video. Sorry about that. Still learning how to use this new equipment. This is the kind of video we'll be doing more of for - Robert Scoble
I shot this in 1080p on my Canon, brought the file into iMovie, saved it out at a lower bit rate, uploaded it via which pushed it over to Pretty good quality for on camera microphone. I was using a fixed 24mm F2.8 lens. - Robert Scoble
Kevin is on Twitter at and here on friendfeed at - Robert Scoble
I look forward to this integration as well.. maybe over the weekend - Sardar Mohkim Khan
I hope to make a lot more "how to" videos for -- what do you think? Do you like these? If so, we'll do more from other companies too. - Robert Scoble
more more more! - Nitin Gupta
Hi Robert - also note that we published details of the Portable Contacts +OAuth API for Google contacts today: - Kevin Marks
Considering the room we were in was just fluorescent lights, the colour came out pretty well. Nice camerawork. - Kevin Marks
really cool video. I tried friendconnect on my blog, but because of my small blog community, it didn't show much friends, so I uninstalled it. But watching this video makes me want to install it again :) - Xavier Vespa
Kevin: this camera (the Canon 5D Mark II) rocks. The more I use it the more I fall in love with it. Only problem is it's a bit tough to manually focus and that also causes audio "clicks" to be generated. I'll work on that, we're getting external microphones for these. Both Rocky and I have a 5D MKII now. - Robert Scoble
interesting, Blip was displaying the MP4 file up to now. In the background it was transcoding to Flash. Now it's playing the Flash and the quality isn't nearly as nice. The full MP4 is here: -- much better quality, if your computer can display it. - Robert Scoble
I've had friendconnect on my blog for a while, it's been great. Google chatback is great for interacting with visitors to the blog, too. - Iain Baker
It's nice to watch an interview where the image is so sharp. - Richard A.
Can everyone play the MP4? If so, this quality freaking rocks!!!! Check this out if you can play it: Richard, you ain't kidding! It's amazing that I can shoot and deliver this quality now from an SLR that isn't even optimized for video! - Robert Scoble
The quality is really good but the shallow DOF is a bit of a problem when viewing Kevin's laptop screen. - Yuval Atzmon
Yuval: yup, and that's with a 24mm F2.8 lens. Makes it hard to focus, too, because the screen is too small to see properly (you can't focus through the lens, because the mirror is up to allow light to go to the sensor). I'll get the hang of it, though, and I'll also play around with fstops to get more depth of field. - Robert Scoble
In the flash video version I can see jumps when the camera is moved fast. Will try mp4 version. Edit: The download took serious time, server had a low bandwidth... quality of the video is great, but I still have horizontal and angular cuts when camera moves back and forth between his face and the laptop screen. Might be because of my refresh rate and/or DirectX-graphic card version though. - ilterocktive
Watching the mp4 feed via Silverlight 3 beta 1 which now supports mp4 video, playback, quality very good, but agree about shallow DOF issue. - Martin Duffy
Kevin: we will try to do more, especially as we construct since we have two camera and Rocky does editing but I have tried to do this several times and it is pretty tough to justify/do. Why? One reason I get the access I do is because I don't take much time. Doing this would require a lot more time and access to the interviewee's computer. Not to mention editing time, which costs money. Keep in mind I am mostly playing around right now until we get building43 up and running in May. - Robert Scoble
I'm still wondering, what can FriendConnect do for new blogs, not the static ones? - Toni @ NavinoT
Robert & everyone, I'm trying to listen in on these conversations for Building43. Regarding the comment about doing screencasts (time and cost), what if you could do both simultaneously? Robert, you could do your video for the live interaction effect while the demo/interviewee is processing the screencast and edited/voiced over later. Using something like Jing could achieve this but its just a thought. - Jason Cronkhite
Just enabled this on my site interested to see if it draws people into the conversation. Feel free to stop by - Keith - @tsudo
Pardon the hijack, but I'd love to get people's recommendations for screenscasting software ... looking at SlideShare and Evernote.... - Richard Walker
Love the How To video, more please. Would be interesting to see Facebook Connect as a comparison, although guess its slightly different? ;-) - Steven Horner
@Richard - neither of those are screencasting software - andy brudtkuhl
nice, been using friend connect for a while, glad you got it working - Wayne Sutton
Glad you finally got it up on your blog Robert, now add some gadgets. - Kevin Marks