Robert Scoble
Robert, this piece is right on the mark. Great work. Now hopefully others will take this to heart and put it into action. - Eric Newman
You missed 1 trillion dollar misguided kbr war and its consequences ! - imran
imran: good point. That drains resources too that could be used to improve our competitiveness. - Robert Scoble
Excellent points Robert. - Jeff P. Henderson
A great post Robert. Speak to people about something they can aspire to, stop treating them like you think they are inbred sheep and jsut maybe Obama can get momentum back. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
I agree with you on the point of what has to change. But you are saying that Republicans are more liberal than Democrats are, which is stupid. So much of America is more conservative than the Republican Party is showing today. And what the government should do in the next 4 years? Nothing but repeal the idiotic laws and regulations causing so many problems like high health care costs. PS-Religion is not taking over our society/government, look at our social habits and all forms of media. - Randy
@Robert: Thanks for the thought provoking post. - imran
Weren't you smitten and totally tricked by the pretty guy who cheated on his wife? - Douglas Karr from twhirl
I wish one day KBR subcontracting awards/terms/prices are released/leaked. - imran
Douglas: yes, I was smitten and totally tricked by John McCain who cheated on his handicapped wife. Thanks for noticing. - Robert Scoble
The same cultural and intellectual arrogance that Democrats displayed in 2004 is back again in 2008. Point well made to get focused on things that matter before Democrats are left stunned on November 5th wondering what happened, empty threats to move to Canada, buying bumper stickers that say "don't blame me," etc... - Peter Kim
Haha - awesome Robert! I bow to your snarky rebute. :) - Douglas Karr from twhirl
Great post, Robert. I've been seeing the same actions from people around me, and it's sad to see Democrats take the easy way out and give up hope for the future. I feel like the nation is at a turning point and to pass up on this opportunity will just continue to further our slide from one of the greatest nations in the world. We don't want to just be "ok" as a country, we want to be "great" and that's not easy. (Also, don't be so quick to blame religion, we're not happy with the situ either.) - Sam Dodge
Or perhaps high tech jobs are leaving for the same reason low tech jobs are leaving...wages are higher here than in other countries. You can improve U.S. education and loosen immigration all you want, but if doing business in China improves your bottom line, companies will hire in China. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
As much as I loved Robert's retort, McCain is not the least bit pretty. - MiniMage
Ontario: the CEOs tell me that it's not just the high wages here (which have gotten a lot lower due to the weak dollar, actually). They tell me they can't bring over here the smartest workers. They can't deal with the high medical costs. They can't deal with the uneducated workforce that's not ready for jobs in science and technology. They can't deal with the infrastructure here (bad transporation systems for moving their workers around, and bad broadband into the home so they are less able to work at home) - Robert Scoble
@Robert: I always wondered what if our government spent one trillion dollars on a new Global Marshall plan to develop the troubled areas after 2001 as a reaction, just imagine, where economy of the world would be today, remember oil barrel price was at mid 20s at start of war. - imran
Weren't we told by the Dems a while back that cheating on your wife in the Oval office was just fine and not a cause for concern? McCains history is not an issue for me - the guy is flawed but human. I can accept that about people. I am not a brittle moralist. - Soulhuntre
just posted this - - needless to say i think there is a place for concentrating on the shortcomings of the incumbent administration, especially if a candidate is so obviously shaping up to perpetuate them. that said, i will answer Robert's call for something positive, and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments behind it. important post. - Dan Light
Great post. I think the key to this election may very well be the economy. In middle America - where the Republicans dominated 4 years ago, people are tired of watching their retirement accounts shrink, as the price of day to day living: gas and groceries continues to rise. If the democrats can come up with a specific plan of attack, this may very well be the point that tips the election. - Lorraine Ball
Actually, Soulhuntre, I think the Dems said that having a consentual affair with one person wasn't evidence of illegally pressuring someone else to bestow favors. - MiniMage
Obama should propose temporarily lifting the costs for bringing money into the US. They did this after 9/11 and billions were brought back into the country by all sorts of corporations. Those dollars went into Domestic investment and really helped things out. He could win over a lot of business votes with that move. - Andrew
Soulhuntre - No one said it was fine for anyone to cheat on their wife. Just that it shouldn't be the subject of a congressional investigation and impeachment. - Andrew
@MiniMage - some did. But many, many more went on and on about how character doesn't matter, only policies matter. They never really understood why folks might care about the core of a persons views. Am I thrilled McCain had an affair? Nope. Am I happy to take that flaw over a personality that lets someone cut a shady deal with a guy like Rezco and hag out will Bill Ayers? You bet. - Soulhuntre
Coastal elites want to talk about education, science and technology and infrastructure; hillbillies (like Soulhuntre) are fixated on extra-marital affairs. Exhibit A -- America is in major decline as the world's leading economic superpower. - Sean McBride
Great essay. The main problem -- declining education, declining literacy, declining science and technology, declining generation of intellectual capital vis-a-vis our competitors -- all the other problems flow from those core problems. And the current Republican Party is pandering to a fundamentalist base which seems to hate intellectual activity. We may well be at the end of our run as the world's leading economic superpower. - Sean McBride
@Andrew Burd - many, many dems here in the NYC area (since that is where I meet the most people) didn't care about it at all. They simply denied that it shoudl be a factor in how they saw the man at all. The impeachment stuff was a whole other deal I was not a big fan of. - Soulhuntre
Interesting how this started with me asking Democrats to avoid aiming at Republican groins, but now Republicans are aiming at our groins. Damn, can't we do better than this? I guess not. - Robert Scoble
Robert, listen to the DSC Podcast with Adam Curry. Check out You've got a lot to learn. - bill giltner
Most of the problems you cite stem from cultural anti-intellectuallism. I'm not sure what any government or person can do to make America value intellectualism more - we're simply a nation that's become too complacent in our success, and hasn't been able to think for ourselves to solve a problem in a long, long time. Republicans exploit it, but they didn't create it. And I don't think the Democrats can do anything to change it. - Eric P
Scoble - love the post. One thing I'd like to ask. Why is that many republicans love to call anyone that is a Democrat a "liberal" or "socialist?" It's like their two year old only this is their new way of calling someone a "poopie head?" I'm always up for healthy debate over the good and bad of both parties but geesh, when the other party can't talk like an adult, it makes it awfully hard to have a productive conversation. - Aaron Strout
Robert - The one problem I had with the post was the lumping legal and illegal immigrants together. America is not mad at legal immigrants. It's the ones who intentional break our laws to get into the country. Come one, come all, but do it legally. Immigration is one of the things that makes our country great. - eyeonpower
while I agree 95% with your post, just a minor not: Reagan didn't ask German's to tear down the wall, he asked Gorbachev - but in the end, it was us Germans who tore it down with the tacit understanding that Gorbachev would let it happen - I don't think Reagan's speech had a lot of influence over the millions of protesters in Eastern Germany :) - Frederic
I think it's BOTH AND. I think we should both be talking about the issues dear to us AND pointing out the most newsworthy facts about Palin as President in Waiting because no one in her position has been as woefully prepared. That's not pot shots. That's fact. And too many would forget Keating Five in favor of focusing on the positive. In the end, humor and satire (i.e. wit and intellect) will take down the GOP, not blogging. Tina Fey and Sarah Benincasa, I love you. - jeneane sessum
Wow, everyone has very good comments to Robert's great post. Robert, let me just say that while I'm a republican, I would echo your call to arms... While I do not necessarily agree the Democratic candidates are the correct recourse - a change in direction is most assuredly necessary. Unfortunately, the collective 'we' continue our in-fighting to such a degree we miss the important things such as horrendous medical costs and anti-immigrant sentiment (what happened to the great melting pot?). - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
You know what I hate? I hate that Robert felt he had to say "My fellow Democrats" rather than "My fellow Americans". Personally, I don't identify with either party, but I can promise you there are Republicans who care about these issues too and even are on the same side as Robert is on some/most of them. The far right pollutes the Repulican name, just as the far left pollutes the Democrats - but Americans are mostly bunched up around the center - and it's only by working together we'll make real changes. - Don MacAskill
good post robert. unfortunately, most americans tend to vote with their heart, not with their head. karl rove has a much better sense of what gets votes than the dems, altho i hope that obama can ris above. still, i agree the issues you selected are pretty much the ones i care about too (particularly: education, immigation, infrastructure... healthcare too, but that needs a hell of a lot more work) - dave mcclure
Robert, as I stated in my previous post, your own candidates admit the are not the right choice for the country. last but not least: is your own candidates and your party speaking.Hard to beat your own facts. - Thomas Capote from twhirl
Other countries always did a good job in many fields, the difference is now Americans are paying attention to that. Big world out there. - Adriano Gonçalves
Really good post. For a moment, I actually thought we'd have a policy debate this election, but we're back to celebrities, moose burgers & lipstick. I'd love to see a push to discuss these issues. (Of course, I also think the Democrats have better answers, but I'd still like to hear the debate anyway.) - Paul Rodriguez
Education will never change under any Democrat. The Teachers Unions will see to that. Obama has already had to back off from any talk of vouchers, merit pay, and allowing capable people to teach whether or not they have a four-year education degree. Teachers Unions have crippled our educational system for decades and Democrats are the cause of that, not the solution. - Dawn
Very well said. I immigrated to the US with the impression that this country is home to socially broad minded citizens who lead the world by breaking new frontiers. However the last few years of extreme social conservatism has disappointed me. We as a country seem less tolerent, race is still a major factor in almost everything, education is put down by using such words as "elite" etc. I hope we come out of this social nose dive and once again be world leaders we once were. - Balakrishnan Satyamurti
Balakrishnan: "last few years of extreme social conservatism"??!! Are you kidding me? There are over 1 MILLION babies being aborted every year in the U.S. Gays and Lesbians are starting to marry. Animal rights are going up. Property rights are going down. Genetic engineering is increasing. What the country is most less tolerant of is religion. Yes, race is still a factor, but we've got an African American candidate running for President. That leaves being called "elite" your only remaining barometer for your absurd assertion. And being "elite" isn't even about education, it's about attitude. - Dawn