Robert Scoble
The one search company most likely to get purchased by Microsoft to crush Google that I saw in Cambridge UK? PrismaStar.
Reasons for saying that? - Ahmed
Why? - Jim Connolly
why ? - Kashif Khan
"crush google", wow sounds interesting. - Rich Lazzara
I hope this is the same PrimaStar Robert is talking about - Ashish
Rich: Google crush sounds more interesting - like the name of a drink. - Jim Connolly
Why? You'll have to see our Building43 video to see why. :-) But let's just say they did the search technology for several camera stores and the conversion rate went WAY up. Why is that? Because they offer a new way of searching things that really rocks. I can't explain it in text. Gotta show it to you. - Robert Scoble
looking fwd to it - Rich Lazzara
Primestar's AnswerOil UIX is a good fit for #Bing's decision support platform, combined with shopping cart & checkout optimization products from would yield further eCommerce results. - Alexander Ainslie
Robert: direct link to the building43 video? - James Kuypers
Several people asked which product categories we support -- here's a site that uses over 1000: - jzt
(on the right-hand side of that translated page are some samples...) - jzt
Also, Mark Essel: YES, we do support dynamic search/ads via keywords/tags. :) - jzt
Most likely to get purchased by Microsoft with the intent to crush Google, perhaps. But Microsoft intends a lot of things. Maybe they'll buy PrismaStar, then rebrand MSN, er, Live Search, er Bing, and the market will be less confused. - Andy Bakun
But Jessops the camera retailer is losing money: - Jelly Roll Morton
Jessops has been losing money as long as anyone can remember, which is hardly Prismastar's fault. The point is though that Jessops has a very good search tool with Prismastar's AnswerOil and has seen a substantial increase in its conversion rates since adopting Prismastar's technology. It could be Answeroil which has kept them going this long (nobody would have expected them to still be around in late 2009 eighteen months ago) - John S Cameron
John, did Jessops really see a substantial increase in conversion rates? I respectfully suggest that this is not a fact. Can anyone actually verify this claim? It is on record that Jessops are still around because HSBC Bank saved them, rather than because of their business performance. - Jelly Roll Morton
Posting from another feed: here is the prior art that someone was looking for on Interconnected Sliders : they existed back in 2004 in the public domain - download this FLA file for free and build your own interconnected sliders: - Jelly Roll Morton
Microsoft hooking up with Prismastar was a good idea. Time inc. felt the same way and purchased Stylefeeder a shopping selector. - Paul Baldovin
Hello again Mark, Comparing the Prismastar Product Selector to Jemms iBlick Finder would most depend on what the clients business requirements are. This is the way to determine which might be the best to use. Those that I've worked with would look at price, flexibility, timeline to full deployment and analytics. I would suggest any client in need of this kind of solution look at both Prismastar and Jemms and determine which is the best fit. I'm not being PC, just honest. There also are other choices that are available if you are looking for product selectors. - Paul Baldovin
Why don’t any of these Prismastar affiliates work? - - - - - - - mike townsend
Uh oh - it's true that Prismastar have failed to raise funding and have now closed their Cambridge, UK office, better luck predicting big things next time, Robert! - Jelly Roll Morton
Scoble's reputation as a prophet continues! ("crush Google" LOLing) - sofarsoShawn
whoops! LoL - Jelly Roll Morton