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Robert Scoble
Oracle buying Sun story is on Google News, but not on TechMeme: Oh, TechMeme, you're so slow! :-)
someone buying Sun was an event just waiting to happen... their share price has been super cheap for so long. In a way I'm glad it was Oracle and not another OS maker like Microsoft - the world needs Solaris to still exist, even in the niche it currently occupies. - alphaxion
heh we think alike :) - Allen Stern
Are we sure that Solaris will survive, though. It is quite possible that Oracle is only interested in Java, MySQL, and OpenOffce (to further Larry Ellison's hated of Microsoft). Solaris stopped being Oracle's primary development platform at least 8 years ago, replaced by Linux. - DGentry
They could rebrand Solaris as yet another offering, but it probably won't occupy primary status. Re who heard from who, I wasn't awake at 4am, so I first got the news from the New York Times. - John E. Bredehoft
how lame is that?! dang Techmeme is NOT breaking tech news well. ... yikes - Susan Beebe