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Robert Scoble
Just visited Bret Taylor at friendfeed. They are working on fixing a lot of stuff people complained about AND:
They are pushing new stuff out today. Can't disclose it but it is tech not aimed at Silicon Valley geeks like me. - Robert Scoble
w00t! - AJ Batac
Great. - Brian Sullivan
what kind of geeks is it aimed at ? - andy brudtkuhl
come on - don't tease... what new stuff? :) - Nathan Chase
Bret also said live filters are being worked on and will be in the service before the new UI gets turned on. TRACK!!!!! - Robert Scoble
HUNH WHO WHAT?!?! TRACK? WHAT?!?! - Bwana ☠
WHEN?! - Bwana ☠
HOW?! He said what!? - Bwana ☠
Andy: if I told you that I would give it away! - Robert Scoble
Bret also said they are reworking the right side of - Robert Scoble
right when i'm getting used to things :) - Simon Wicks
well... let's wait and see. Scoble, you're such a tease! - Jim #teamFFrank
when? in 1 hour? 2 hours? 1 day? - @LarsenTweet
I love new stuff. - Chris Rossini
Live filters are going to rock - Bwana ☠
Bwana: it will be done when it works. He said the tech to do live filters is pretty tough. We also talked about making that chat features better for mega threads like Leo Laporte is seeing. - Robert Scoble
Is there an easy way to import twitter friends into FriendFeed? - Brandon Watson
I can imagine the load scenarios - I hope they don't have to cripple filters to make it work :/ - Bwana ☠
Larsen: some new features will come "within hours." - Robert Scoble
Brandon: You can import RSS feeds or create imaginary friends (in the non-beta interface) - Michiel Sikkes
Will the url shortener ever give stats? What if I ask nice? - Tac Anderson
Sigh, "within hours" I might as well shut down my work laptop now and plan to work late tomorrow :/ - Bwana ☠
Bwana: today's features might not be interesting to you OR me. ;-) - Robert Scoble
What other type of geeks are there?wanna be types who think friendfeed is actually a soup kitchen for the homeless. - Demian Vonder Kuhlen from Nambu
Well with LOGIC like that who could argue :D - Ryan
The feature needed to fix mega-threads is already done: IRC - John Rubier
Tac: I asked Bret about the stats page and he said that needed a rethink. So I am hopeful there too but I would rather have live features and ways to control the live view better first. - Robert Scoble
More excitement! Can't wait! & yup on the live feed fore sure! - sofarsoShawn
John: IRC sucks compared to friendfeed's live comments. I gotta do a blog post about why. - Robert Scoble
the live filters are AWESOME news. that makes me so happy :) and the right column is good news too - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: I'd be interested in reading a post like that, every time I hear "real time updates" I think IRC. I know it's not, but that's the word association that pops into my head. - Aaron Kurtz
Robert: I'd like to hear why. For a mega-feed like Leo has during a show, in my experience this is the pits compared to IRC - John Rubier
Sure would like to see a mass invisible user creation tool to import all my twitter peeps into here. do that and I hardly have any need for a seperate twitter client...I just need more screens :) please pass that on next time...I know a ton of people a clamoring for that feature - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Where is this new Chat thing? Is it live? Am I just blind? One thing I REALLY hope they fix is giving what we share here priority over Tweets. Why would they want to continue to promote Twitter over FriendFeed? (I hope they don't!) - Gail Gardner
We need a Cloud for Trending topics , other wise FriendFeed Realtime speed will be useless. The current speed is high , now imagine with 5 or 30 million people. - Rocky
Scoble must be a fast reader. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Scoble doesn't read... he "snacks"... nom nom - Bwana ☠
John: I am at the dentist so will write why later. But IRC suffers a lot from jerks. It isn't available to all web browsers. More later. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for the heads up Robert. Foreign language support in search? - AJ Kohn
It's not Track without push notifications - people seem to be confused at what Twitter used to offer - Jesse Stay
Not all browsers? Arg! - stanjourdan
I used Track on Twitter via IM and I turned notifications off. Was I using it wrong? - Bwana ☠
Friendfeed needs a lot of work to become "mainstream usable". Can't wait to hear about these changes. - Taylor Hutchison
How bout a FriendFeed bar? joking - sofarsoShawn
oh no he didn't - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Track was popular because of SMS though. Yes, XMPP would also be popular, but push on your cell phone is an entirely different story. - Jesse Stay
jannotti - "Scoble, you're such a tease!" ohnoes, a new service: TeaseFeed ... heh - bob phillips
lol...TeaseFeed ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Stanislas: "IRC [and not Friendfeed]... isn't available to all web browsers". I assume. - Jérôme
Bwana, I still track on twitter, FTW - Chris Heath
@Jérôme : "I'm tired" would be an excuse, but it is not the case :-) - stanjourdan
Sometimes I wonder if real-time does not make me too speedy - stanjourdan
Was the "new thing" coming out today have anything to do with FriendFeed now being in Italian and Turkish? - Michael Forian
I know of twitterspy Chris :) - Bwana ☠
Hey Scoble, it's been hours right? right? right? :) - Bwana ☠
Chris: Bwana did a video on Identispy :-) - Ken Sheppardson
So Robert... are you saying there are no Silicon Valley geeks in Turkey or Italy? - Ken Sheppardson
Bwana, of course! - it didn't make sense to me that you wouldn't know about the *spy's - and I agree w/ Jesse Stay that track via sms is killer - that would get me to switch to an unlimited texts plan - Chris Heath
Did you see the new logo at ? That's the new features. - Robert Scoble
ken - i think he's saying that there's no silicon valley in turkey or italy - or is there? .... - Chris Heath
Chris: well, I can't speak Turkish or Italian. So, not for me. :-) - Robert Scoble
Well, now I have to learn Turkish. - Michael McKean
robert: you definitely threw us for a loop with this one though... i thought it would be 'features' not features - Chris Heath
Boooooooo!! letdown! :( :( - Bwana ☠
Bu tüm? questo è? - Willem (@wim66) ☠
I don't think the strict legal definition of "Track" necessarily requires SMS. What about Yahoo IM? What about AOL? I'd say providing the mechanism (e.g. API) so that others can distribute the results as they see fit is sufficient, but maybe we need an official ruling. Where's Steve Gillmor? - Ken Sheppardson
the word is, Track is live search, delivered instantly. Just because Twitter offered it via SMS and IM does not mean it's the definition. - Christian Burns
Christian, how is it not the definition? Twitter invented the term. It did not exist until it had the definition as to how it was being used by Twitter. Call it something else if you don't mean what Twitter used to have. - Jesse Stay
ha, track is an idea implemented on any service as christian said that delivers search in 'real time' - in my mind when most people say track they are implying twitter track - google news has a similar mechanism and calls it something else, i guess friendfeed could/might call it something else ... what about track? - Chris Heath
Chris, Twitter invented the term - it did not exist before Twitter. People are inventing definitions that do not exist. Twitter's definition is the only definition. Call it "real time search" if that's what you mean. - Jesse Stay
Twitter invented the term Track? Are you serious? - Bwana ☠
jesse, don't be so literal... yes real time search is what twitter track is/was... and hopefully what friendfeed track will be ... if they even call it track, that is - Chris Heath
Track is a word - Twitter assigned it to their functionality... they didn't invent the term... come on man - Bwana ☠
I was about to say that Bwana. Here's more info: ;) - Peter Kruit
Bwana, it didn't mean what you guys are referring it means before Twitter. Call it what you want, but "Track", to me isn't track until it involves push notifications on my cell phone. That's what made Twitter track valuable to me. - Jesse Stay
i agree that sms was a killer part of twitter track, and that made it that much harder to give up... however, track doesn't have to be sms, and when twitter implemented it it wasn't only sms - sms was an option ... a killer feature if you will - Chris Heath
Chris, I didn't say it had to be SMS. I said it had to be push notification to my cell phone. - Jesse Stay
ok you got me there - Chris Heath
sms is the best way to push to a cellphone at this time tho, since it covers just about all phones - Chris Heath
Push notifications of tracked terms to my cell phone (in Twitter's case, SMS) was the reason I joined Twitter. - Jesse Stay
well Track wasn't valuable to me on my cell phone. So your definition doesn't fit my definition... - Bwana ☠
If we're defining by value here, we can't call things official - Bwana ☠
sms doesn't help me...IM would...doesn't really matter which one either - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
+1 Jesse that's why I joined Twitter. Track to my cell phone invaluable in Manila traffic, especially if political street activity going on. You guys are in a different world. - Nick in Manila
And my wife was in a different part of country and could keep up with my activities in Manila ... in semi-real time with sms push. - Nick in Manila
Nick, yeah, I used to use Track to track traffic when I was driving, or things going on around me as I was traveling, etc. - Jesse Stay
Robert, you really meant it when you said "it is tech not aimed at Silicon Valley geeks", eh? ;) - Michael Forian
great!!!!! nerds but nice - jerick anderson
Jesse: Blaine Cook invented Track, and twitter took it away from us. Push notification to your phone is cool, but I don't see friendfeed needing to waste resources on SMS fees. Your cell phone should be open to push notification in other ways than SMS. Track is about realtime notification of tracked terms. - Christian Burns
Christian, again, I'm only saying push notification to your cell phone. I'm not saying SMS. Track must include push notification, where you are, realtime for it to be what Twitter was offering. That was what sold me on Twitter. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, The blockade to your cell phone is put up by the carriers. thats the last mile of track that needs to be laid down by someone other than friendfeed, unless the phone offers a push notification option. iPhone 3.0? Push email? - Christian Burns
Christian, that's fine, but it won't be the track I was getting from Twitter until that happens. Yes, my hope is on the 3.0 update. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, until then you can keep your iPhone browser on your page of tracked items, and allow them to flow across the screen. Or how about a crunchpad mounted to your dashboard - Christian Burns
@blaine what is your definition of Track? - Christian Burns
So the Turkey and Italy support was great for the Turks and Italians. But when is there going to be a beta update do you think? - Brian Sullivan
Why Turkish and Italian, incidentally, out of all the possible languages? - Karl Knechtel
Karl - I think there was a large contingent of users of both languages that were not well served. - Brian Sullivan