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Robert Scoble
This was an episode that I liked. - Nope Not Listed Here
Nice. The old school is the new school! Back to engineering! That is counter-intuitive to the IT organization of today. - Nope Not Listed Here
Awesome. My favorite episode. Robert what do you think about some interviews with the new cloud computing high fliyers? - Benjamin Kohler
This is the datacenter that rendered the first two Shrek movies, by the way. - Robert Scoble
Benjamin: I'd love to do interviews with any geeks who have something interesting to show off, like a data center. - Robert Scoble
Robert, another excellent interview. I never knew HP is working on datacenters nor "green" sustainability. Good job! :) - imabonehead
He had some really interesting ideas.. Thanks! - Tim Hoeck from NoiseRiver
<3 datacenters - rob