Robert Scoble
I love -- it is how I read my Google Reader feeds now. Requires Firefox, but if you have it very nice headline display
How do you consume RSS on your iPhone? - Mike Bracco
Mike: I use NetNewsWire, personally. - John Fox
Mike: FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
ByLine - syncs with Google Reader - Brian Roy
John: me too, I use NNW on Mac and iPhone. - Mike Bracco
I used this a while back... it sure has come a long way. - Evan Travers
Robert: I never would have thought of using Friendfeed as an all purpose RSS reader. Don't know why it never occured to me. - John Fox
Scoble: I assume you just mean that you follow the stream of info here - do you use the FF imaginary friend feature to add feeds? - Mike Bracco
Mike: I follow 25,000 people and their RSS feeds here. - Robert Scoble
Feels like I lose control when I use Feedly though its a very beautiful interface to GReader. - The Fat Oracle
Firefox feels somewhat slow after Safari 4 - jess
Scoble: probably have enough "real" friends that you do not need to create "imaginary" ones :) - Mike Bracco
i love feedly too - andy brudtkuhl is best RSS reader for ease of use and readability without question - Jonathan Evans from Friend Deck
Fun that Feedly's founder is here too: - Robert Scoble is best RSS reader for ease of use and readability without question - Jonathan Evans from Friend Deck
thanks for sharing, I use "times" but it's a bit "memory" heavy : ) this one could be next! - ledretch
I have to create *some* imaginary friends since some people on my Twitter don't have a FF account yet. I keep begging them, though. - John Fox
I started using feedly again recently. I love the interface. - Spirit 2.0
Josh: here in friendfeed there's just a lot of noise sometimes. Blogs tend to me more thought out than most of the things people import here, which can include Tweets, short items, upcoming events, etc. Sometimes I just want to see blogs and Feedly brings me that. Also, there are still lots of people who don't use friendfeed (although that number goes down every day, I'm getting 1,000 new followers on friendfeed a week which demonstrates that friendfeed is growing pretty quickly). - Robert Scoble
Interesting stuff... always curious as to the business model... - Buzz Bruggeman
Thanks robert! @buzz: more on the business model very soon. Stay tuned. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Awesome find, also going to use it as my start page. - Chris Lang
Requires FireFox?! No thanks, let me know when there's a Chrome version. - Martin Johnson
Robert: I thought you were in the FriendFeed can replace Google Reader camp, which made me question the way I was using FF. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that feels FF isn't the best place for blog aggregation and that blog aggregation is still valuable. Too bad I've switched back to Safari for now. - Chip Ramsey
I liked Feedly, but FireFox not so much, compared to Safari. Unfortunate that they have to tie it to a browser. - Oliver Bouchard
I've been enjoying in Safari (both desktop and iPhone versions). Firefox is far too greedy with memory. - Jason Wehmhoener
Agree: Need a chrome version. - Ron Hudson
I've mostly bailed on Google Reader altogether: - Mark Czerniec
Chip: keep in mind I haven't used Google Reader or Feedly in weeks. FriendFeed actually brings me most of the good stuff I see in my Google Reader feed. But if there's a reason you need to use feeds still, Feedly is very nice. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Robert. Installing now. - Mark Davidson
Love the interface - Henry Liu
@Jorge. Yes. When you read an article in feedly, it is marked as read in Google Reader. When you share an article in feedly (thumbs up or share with note icon), it will be shared in Google Reader. Finally, when you save an article for later in feedly, it will be starred in Google Reader. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Feedly appears to have grown up since I played with it about a year ago. I may try it again but Firefox has really lost my love as of late compared to Chrome. When Firefox only crashes individual Tabs in separate memory spaces (which is rumored to happen), then I may love my Mozilla tool once again. Seems like I'm not the only one who feels the same. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
manielse: I agree. I love Chrome and wish Feedly worked in it. - Robert Scoble
@bill: feedly supports most of the keyboard shortcuts of Google Reader (j, k, s, n, p, etc..). Click ? in feedly to get the complete list. @jorge: yes for about 10 minutes, the registration and authentication service had their heads under the water. Should be back to normal now. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I've tried Feedly a couple times but I just can't use the "headlines" interface. I like still plugging through Google Reader for what info I still having coming through that channel. - Tony
@tony: me to. i like to hammer 'j' untill i see stuff i like. it's nice and single-tasky. feedly makes my brain want to read everything at once - Chris Bingham
So do I. It's becoming my only start-up page. It's Google Reader for lazy people (I'm one..) - Martin AƱazco
ooh, hammering j also works pretty nice in feedly! i'm sold - Chris Bingham
might take a little getting used to, but the presentation of your feeds is really nice.. - Robert de Castro
I just gave feedly a try but must say that it doesn't offer many benefits over Google Reader. Some of the things I like include the 'Karma' feature, the ability to aggregate articles related to Twitter's hot topics, and of course the magazine look. However, I find the interface somewhat clumsy in that how articles are marked as read is somewhat confusing. Their preferences page should be cleaned up and be more logically organized - currently everything is on one huge page. My biggest complaint is that feeds that have been completely read basically turn invisible. - Angus Burton
Ah, I love feedly too been using for 6 months .. hey, wait a minute, you still read feeds in your reader? - Beth Kanter
I agree with Angus. I prefer Google Reader's simplicity. - Curt Mercadante
I am an experienced user of both Google Reader and Feedly, with subscriptions to over 1,000 feeds, and have discovered that I can cover much more ground more quickly and more easily with Feedly than with Google Reader. But Feedly takes some investment of time and effort to learn -- there is much more to it than meets the eye at first glance. Its full value isn't apparent until you dig into the full feature set. - Sean McBride
What Bryan at the top said. FireFox? That dog don't hunt on this box. You gotta Make the apps work in any browser, or I (for one) am not likely to play with them. Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Opera. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
is feedly working ? here is not ! : / - Rocky
@rocky. it should work. What is the error you are running into? Can you please open a bug on and I will track it down - Edwin Khodabakchian
I love Feedly. I don't read a lot of RSS feeds, but the ones I do are very diversified, and I think Feedly organizes well. I like the magazine feel to it, and I really like the fact that I can mark a feed read, but save feeds I like to really read or refer to, when I have more time. - Bonnie Foster
finally, a way to look at RSS feeds that's know, like a normal website :-) - Julian Seery Gude
One of many Feedly power features: you're subscribed to hundreds of feeds. You want to jump to a particular feed without navigating lists of feeds. Start typing the name of the feed in the Feedly incremental search box, and bingo: there's the feed, ready to click through to. Example: typing "lif" -- three characters -- brings up Lifehacker. Try doing that in Google Reader. - Sean McBride
for feedly users - the topic search is amazing i.e. - michael sean wright
Confirmed that Feedly is still not for me. Just rather see an enhanced, smarter GReader with Filters, User Behavior Ranking (not Social Ranking but knows others what this) and Topic groupings (auto hide articles that appear to be duplicates). - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
i'll try it for a few days, i think i like it now, it seems a lo more organized and, most important, it brings discussion and conversation right into the feed reading, and that is a feature i was looking for! - Ivana from email
love feedly! It's the Only way I use Google reader :) it's my start page baby HA! - Aline Ohannessian
I don't even know where to start with the reasons I love Feedly. It's an indispensable part of any good information filtering/data gathering tool set. - Mike Elliott
I began to use Feedly five days ago, after three years of use of Google Reader, and certainly i will not turn back. Fantastic experience! - Stalkk.ed
I love Feedly too! I started using it a few months ago based on some recommendations here at FF. It was as much an upgrade to me as going from my 4 year old Treo to the I-phone. HUGE. - Kelly W.
I will have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing. - Rocque
I tried it today... and yes, looks really great and beautiful, now I'll do a daily test... yes, thanks for sharing! - Arne Krueger
How does it look on mobile? - Mathew A. Koeneker
Brian: j, j, j should mark articles as read (titles turning black instead of blue). If you are seeing a different behavior, then it must be a bug. Could you please open an issue on with any potential error message being printed in the firefox error console when you click on j? Thanks. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I noticed a lot of Google Chrome fans yesterday in this thread. Not Feedly but a good tool to look at. If you are using (currently Dev Build), I'd highly recommend you checking out TPGoogleReader (version 0.3) - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Just installed, pretty nice - Che Hodgins
Feedly is supreme. Looking forward to the iphone version! - John O'Day
I find it a bit busy still, but the mini toolbar is great - Yant
I love it too. I use it for my start page and that's how I read my news each day. Would be nice to see it for other browsers. - Quasar
Yup. Feedly is great and I especially like the mini toolbar, makes sharing stuff on Twitter a breeze! - Jorge Barba