Robert Scoble
The baby probably won't come until tomorrow. Ryan is playing games with us. @thekenyeung
Are they kicking you out of the hospital with a come back tomorrow? - Andrew Leyden
Nope. We came in this morning for an aversion proceedure (turn the baby into position). They were expecting to induce if they could get him aimed the right way. Five minutes before they were supposed to do the procedure he turned the right way by himself. Then 20 minutes later he turned again. Drat. Anyway, now they are in the process of inducing and watching. Won't know for sure what's going on until later tonight. - Robert Scoble
Thanks, but homeopathic medicines killed my mom so I'll stick with what the doctors here say, thanks. - Robert Scoble
Or more accurately, the over belief in alternative medicines killed my mom when she SHOULD have been in a real hospital listening to real doctors. - Robert Scoble
That's a far better response than the put-down I was just composing. - Mark H
Best wishes, Robert! - Ayşe E.
Maryam is in our thoughts! :) - Mona Nomura
break a leg Maryam & Robert. thinking of you all - DC Crowley
Debby: when you need real medical attention and believe that alternative medicines will cure your illness, then, sorry, homeopathy kills. I really hate the idea that you should try to do your own medicine. I've seen the harm that belief causes up close and personal. - Robert Scoble
It's an anti-science belief, too. You really think that science isn't the way to go? You're deluded. - Robert Scoble
Debby: the thing is, you were recommending using some stuff that our doctors would not approve and/or might not even know about. The doctors are asking that Maryamie not even eat food. They are serving up their own medicines that have been studied scientifically and you're recommending bringing something into that relationship that has NOT been studied scientifically and could even interfere with the medical help we're getting already. THAT is horrendously dangerous! Not to mention that homeopathic ... - Robert Scoble
...practices stem from a disbelief that the scientific way is best. I've seen this, my mom soaked in that culture. It really is horribly destructive and you never hear about the destruction it does because most people just stay quiet about these things. - Robert Scoble
Best wishes through it all, Robert. - Robert W. Anderson
Who is deleting comments? I'm curious what was being said. - Rochelle
Rochelle: I didn't see anyone deleting comments here. - Robert Scoble
I see what Adrian sees. Looks like you're talking to Debby (and/or someone else, too?) before she even commented. - Rochelle
wishing you a premature congrads, hope your wife is holding up - chaz2b
Ahh, now I see that Debby deleted some comments. She was recommending a homeopathic medicine to cause contractions. No biggie, I just can't stand the alternative medicine types. Drive me wacko. It's fine to make you feel better about a headache or something but for serious stuff it just drives me nuts. - Robert Scoble
Oh, that naughty baby! :>) Usually they do end up turning themselves around, hopefully M. won't have to have baby manually turned, that is NOT fun. Best wishes in this happy time! - Wendy Boswell
Ah, self-censorship rears its head again. Yeah, the two deleted comments were 1) a recommendation for homeopathic some-nonsense-or-other which, apparently, not only helped with speeding up contractions but could also magically cause babies to spin around in the womb should they be in the breech position (because watery water with added water *does* have that power), and 2) an assertion/belief that homeopathy had never killed anyone. - Mark H