Robert Scoble
I miss the old days of blogging where the developers ruled. Who is coding and what are you coding?
I'm coding SocialToo and eventually will be working on a pretty cool Wordpress Facebook Connect plugin (expanding the very first one I developed) - Jesse Stay
Those old days aren't gone, btw ;-) - Jesse Stay
I'm coding a sex oriented contact site :p - Per
I'm coding my portfolio website and always working on various graphic designs. - Sam Goldfield
@Nocebo i WAS coding a PHP framework but gave it up...Learned alot doing it though! - Per
@Jesse -- Got a mailing list? I'm interested in the WP-FB Connect. :-) - Absentee
I'm looking for a coder for a cool new iphone app to give situational business advice. Know anyone good? - James Watters
just starting on FF integration for us. Someone requested a feature that I'm currently exploring. - Jerry Schuman
James, not yet, but I should create one. Let me get around to where I can devote some time to it (hopefully soon) and I'll start organizing it. I've got some great ideas that I think would kill any other Facebook Connect plugin out there - also thinking of integrating FriendFeed and possibly eventually Google Wave into the same plugin. - Jesse Stay
James, have a strategic partner that has done a few iPhone apps now. They're in Costa Rica and are very good. - Jerry Schuman
piecing together my personal site - J. Albert Bowden II
Jerry: cool, if you have any info contact on them DM to me? I hate not knowing how to code iphone myself - James Watters
Working on some nitty gritty in Drupal to showcase local tweets but filter out all the spam. - Dean Clark
Dean, cool. My other project is to show an emotionally specific set of twitter feeds, maybe the two could mix - James Watters
I'm coding a multi-profile openid-centric distributed open source twitter clone which already has more than 5000 downloads. More than 200 of these "tweet networks" have lit up my ping-based "recentralized" search engine. Soon, anyone will be able to get a network just by making an account at :-) - Brian Hendrickson
I'm coding a real-time social tool for bloggers and blog readers, a browser-based app that can replace google reader/feedly functionality, but works more like twitter/frieendfeed, beeing an effortlessly and easy tool to share your activity stream on the blogosphere. Does that sounds good? :p - Diego Sana
Continuing to add services to my little web console as more interesting JSON and JSONP apis become available. Let me know if you know of any other good ones. - Zachary Poley
James, yes mine is much more simple. Using it as a great way to get more comfortable with Drupal. Digging around the FeedAPI trying to see the best/fastest way to ignore all the spam tweets. Very small, but useful because we used to have a good local twitter community here we had some Gurus who up. - Dean Clark
I'm coding a social mapping service on App Engine in Python. - mj
I'm working on Feed-buster:, an AppEngine service that enables better RSS/ATOM feed media importing into FriendFeed. - Ivan Zuzak
Dean: I look forward to checking it out. I've followed you. - James Watters
hmm..widgets for Vodafone using HTML5/CSS/Javascript etc.. :-) - Dimitris Rakopoulos
an API for Real time train departure info for across Europe... - Joel Haasnoot
Hah, back to the original post, that's how i feel about Digg, and Twitter. Found the content was always more forward thinking and at the edge. - Malcolm Bastien
Little time to code with all the tech/internet related bullshit I have to deal with, but there are a number of things in the hopper.. now to find the time. - Andy Bakun
How about you Robert? :) - Djordje Lukic
I'm building an asynchronous messaging app/framework that can run workflow-driven enterprise/integration -applications or web apps that need to support complicated (long-running) processes. A bit like BizTalk Server, but simpler to build apps for. Posting data from apps is instantenous (non-blocking) and reliable as a separate gateway-process takes care of collecting/queueing data which is then sent (or pullled) to the actual ESB/BPM -service. Coding with .NET/C#. - Jemm from fftogo
I'm replacing Wordpress with a hand built blogging system. And I'm rewriting my stats app. And I'm interning at a place, doing web dev stuff. I'm having fun! - Yuvi
And yes. Too much fluff :( - Yuvi
Packet processing for switches and routers. In C and assembly: I know how many instructions the common paths execute. In other words, I'm a complete relic. - DGentry
And one of these days, I should build an emulator for an ancient computer with a high level language. And see it perform *totally* better :) - Yuvi from IM
I'm coding this: Going to leverage cloud computing for cheap scale and social networks to build a community around the game. - Jeff Weber
A 3D modeling application in Flex/Papervision3D, VSTS development and iphone dev in my personal time. - The Fat Oracle
I'm coding which is a way to control web content by phoning the webpage and then using your voice to control tge content - Paul Rawlings
Cleaning up and augmenting the backend of all of GoldMail's products -- Windows services, SQLServer, web services; working on the desktop WinForms app to add some Facebook integration features. All In .Net. - RobinDotNet
Also wrote a nifty Outlook Add-In on my own time to enable the users to send GoldMails from Outlook with embedded HTML; our PM likes it so much, we're going to release it as a beta! I was just trying to play around with VSTO and the deployment thereof. - RobinDotNet
actually: coding an eCommerce site in Drupal + Ubecart + Facebook integration (ajax & json stuff) - Vincio
I'm building a lightweight gateway to integrate couple of applications. It's based on .NET/C#/WCF. - Tapio Kulmala
now everyone is coding for the iPhone, hoping to make a lot of money - Konstantin
I don't remember how to code :( - Rahsheen
Robert, so many developers are busy coding... @steyblind built me on a whim; he and @nicksergeant from @lionburger build for An Event Apart in Boston last week. And the same team is almost done building version 2.0 of my Knight News Challenge project, Most of that is getting built in Django and hosted at Slicehost. - Ryan Sholin
I'm working on my FFDirect (wordpress->friendfeed) plugin. - Panayotis Vryonis
If I had the time I would build a mashup service on top of Google App Engine. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Obviously, I am writing code for YackTrack. That is mostly social media stuff, but I am also getting back into various types of analytics, mostly for work but other stuff too. Of course I was gone for a few hours shopping with the family, and I needed a monitor cable for my new (used) mac mini :) So, yeah, there will be some toying with iphone development. - Rob Diana
I'm the lead developer of Brandopoly (, a platform that allows businesses to create custom marketing materials in minutes without the use of a design department or expensive software. - Mark Trapp
Doing it right now on Microsoft's campus, dude. ;) - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
There are 60k apps almost now; I'm not coding to iphone to make money, but because it is a unique platform for the kind of app experience I want. - James Watters
Working on an iPhone app (my 3rd). - Donald Forth
Don: I'd love to hear about it and learn from your experiences. I've followed now I hope you discuss it. - James Watters
I am redoing our Prescription Monitoring product's architecture and base classes in C# 3.5 today, and is also working on a Photo Lineup Wizard - RAPatton
I'm coding my own blog & website (Drupal), hopefully other websites soon, & various Linux Softwares including a social media one (multi-platform) ;) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
I am coding a bunch of A-life sims with processing, trying to migrate a site to the Typo3 CMS (which is huge) and coding bespoke site plugins for a Joomla user. - dannystaple
I use MATLAB to model systems that enable other people to go make science. - James Myatt
I think I'll hack some embedded code for my light painting today. I take the honorific seriously of being the only person who has to put away the assembler code to go off and photograph naked women. - Wirehead
Lukic: I am a copy-and-paste programmer! :-) - Robert Scoble
I recently made a twitter specific tokenizer. rips words, links, and @ addresses out of a tweet stream as fast as possible. Now to figure out what to do with it.... - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Just launched a new version of running on Rails. Today are some enhancements to an old client project running PHP/CodeIgniter. - Toby Hede
Upcoming project will be using Erlang and Nitrogen, and my play time is spent with HTML Canvas, JQuery, Processing and Burst. - Toby Hede
Building an iPhone app, of course. Not going to say what it is yet, but hopefully it'll be finished in the next couple weeks. I think you'll dig it, Scoble. - Aaron Brethorst
Working on a side project that I think could be a very unique approach to solving many problems that most 'normal casual users' face on the internet. I hope it can also hold its own to the power users as well but not my initial target (though I'm afraid the power users will turn into the early adopters). Feels like I'm building a Death Star some nights... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
no time to write all the stuff i'm coding... at least the stuff that isn't secret :-) - Charles Ying
built a twitter file sharing app late one night last week. a throwback to FTP. actually looking for small group of test users. - sull
Sull: Very smart app. Would all of you please rule blogging again? I am CSS/HTML/PHP, but off to school to learn more of the above. - E-Advocate Network
Of course something fancy with JavaScript in a mobile context, but I have to admit that my developer focus has shifted ... - bishoph
Developers aren't gone at all, just look at FF, Twitter, FB, and the zlllions of third party apps for them - Bob Morris (polizeros)
I am writing an application that sends SMS messages from excel spreadsheet. Like mail merge with SMS as an output. - ThinkEzy
I am working on porting some of my existing Windows apps to *nix...Mac will be next. - April Russo (FForever!)
Habari, core, plugins, and themes. - Michael C. Harris
trying to only use copy/paste as model to build very functional blogs e.g. - I like the WP2.8 / Thesis combo very much; 'TS custom widgets' (idea taken from !) and new WP widget setup allows for quasi subsites within my blog (different set of widgets/plugins displayed on various catagory pages). Still need my coding background when problems arise; e.g. memory errors in WP ;-) - Jeroen De Miranda
advantage of the copy/paste model of buidling websites and weblogs is that this enables much higher productivity when building very useful and functional sites. My target still is to build a fully functional blog 1 1 working day tops (including CSS; setting up all plugins, RSS, feedburner, Friendfeed, twitter, js-kit, ...). Now playing around with SVN and for easier database upgrading and enabling better OTAP support (especially for the wp-options table) - Jeroen De Miranda
I am writing a collaborative Timeline project for World War Two and the Napoleonic Wars (going to add other projects later on). I also mashup Google Maps and the Patrick O'Brian Napoleonic Age of Sail Books (Master and Commander). - Tom Horn
Tom: I'm really interested by the Napoleonic Wars's timeline. Congrats for this brilliant idea ;) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Thanks very much. I have only recently got the user contribution stuff going, but I have high hopes for the system collecting some great user data. My motivation was basically that the volume of information for World War Two was too much for one person to enter (ie me), so a friend suggested a community mode. - Tom Horn
Working on a script to send database updates from one server to another server via CURL in PHP. - Bari Hossain
Actually, not gone yet, started as Developer, moved to management Oracle and Adobe, and back to coding (! Refreshing believe me! - Jeremy Chone
Working on a modular magazine-ish theme for Habari using soon to be added features to the theme engine, think WP widgets for grown ups. - Michael B
Coding an app that conforms to Apple's HTTP live streaming spec and will be able to push live streaming content to Amazon S3. - Carson McDonald
I am coding a firefox add-on called Omture [ ] - Arvind
Right now, a Drupal/Flex fashion ecommerce site - Mo Kargas
I am coding ColdFusion on several projects, as well as playing with Jquery and other JS libraries. - Luke Kilpatrick
Building a video codec to handle low-bandwidth streaming of three-dimensional works. The color distortion caused by sites like youtube mutates the effect and can lead to motion sickness, headaches, and general lack of enjoyment. :P - Connor Towle
Right now I am coding a game for children with learning disabilities. As soon as that is done, I'll get back to the second version of our in-house time-tracking app. - Andrés David Aparicio
I'm working on Python web apps (large on App Engine) using Zope technologies and libraries. I don't want to talk about the specific apps I'm working on right now, but you can see a few I've released publicly here: - Michael R. Bernstein