Robert Scoble
On the other hand, can you guess why CNBC would want to attack Gizmodo/blogs? Hint here:
It used to be that owning a satellite truck was very important and was a dependable way to build traffic. Guess what's totally blowing a hole in the side of that truck now? You guessed right. The real time web. - Robert Scoble
Bloggers like Gizmodo represent a total overturning of the apple cart of access and importance. It used to be that CNBC HAD to be invited to press conferences. That is NO LONGER TRUE. - Robert Scoble
Just like the NYT not linking to Twitter or twitpic today, they're not going to help the 'new' web 2.0 competition. But that's exactly why I won't pick up the NYT ever again. They still don't get it. - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Yup, the old businesses are getting very threatened by this new stuff. They shouldn't be, because they have teams and relationships and all that, but the media business is changing and changing FAST. - Robert Scoble
Yesterday's plane crash was an excellent example, who scooped the story first, it was citizens with cell phones and cameras, not the main stream media. Granted the MSM did a good job covering the event, but we knew about it before they did. - Jeff P. Henderson
Having been in the Times Union's newsroom. It's not that they don't want to help blogs and apps like twit pic, but they just don't know how. You're looking at a different set of people operating the blogs than people in the newsroom. It's a cultural issue as much, if not more so than a tech issue. - B.J. Mendelson
Brandon: that's a major problem, isn't it? You telling me the NYT doesn't know how to include a URL in their paper? Come on now. You can pull someone else's leg that way, but mine is already too long. - Robert Scoble
Can't speak for the Times (and you're right, that is the issue), but for the bulk of the MSM understanding the new technology? I can say most struggle with FriendFeed, Twitter, and even blogs to this day. - B.J. Mendelson
Could you imagine a news channel that was simply experts chiming in real-time with analysis and factual gems, on the top 10 stories of the day? Even if it was a screenshot of something like friendfeed and a newsreader just repeating what appeared, I think I'd have that channel on all day in the background when I was at home. - Christopher Galtenberg
Brandon: well, if it weren't so the blogs and social networks wouldn't be disrupting these old organizations so effectively. It's sad, really, but it leaves lots of opportunity on the table for people like me. - Robert Scoble
Here's the other point: Bloggers like Gizmodo may be quickly outnumbered by Tech Twitter users, so there's a whole new culture of people distributing information that is changing the business. I'm expecting local news outlets will crop up all over Twitter this year. (Apologies for the mini-rant.) - B.J. Mendelson
Brandon: that's a good prediction. I am seeing lots of things changing because of twitter and friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
retweetradar for instant news from folks that were there, Craigslist for classifieds, Blogs for commentary, all I need is the comic aggregator and I cancel my subscription. - Greg Birch
Local news does seem to be getting it more, though I still see a lot of RSS feeds stuck right into Twitter. NBC4 here is doing a special feed for for Tuesday @NBCInauguration, waiting to see if it is just an RSS feed or someone out and about posting stuff that day. - Dean Clark
"but it leaves lots of opportunity on the table for people like me." Yes it does:-). - B.J. Mendelson
furthermore, what once was the strict authourity of a professional news system is now the domain of everyone. Case in point Wikinews. Their position at experts of a journalistic profession is toppled as we see non-journalists take up the mantle just as well - sofarsoShawn