Robert Scoble
You can no longer blame Twitter's problems on me -- I haven't been on all day and it still went down.
Robert, its still your fault. We all knowthe vacuum created in your exodus caused the issue. ;-) - Lon from twhirl
but you've been going here constantly, admit it! - Melissa Pierce
Is friend feed down? (kidding kidding) - Doug Brooks
HA! And now is LYING to us in a feeble attempt to cover up for Twitter's shortcomings. - Nathaniel Payne
I cannot believe how unreliable it is being!!!! But it manages to fool it says no but I still cannot connect to it!!!!! - Paolo Barone
what's funny is that since i made "twitter come back" - it's been down more than ever - driving more people to my music video! :) - Allen Stern
Well it's down, and yet it's not down. I can't reach the pages properly, but I don't get time-outs either. Just a blank page. - Rosana Kooymans
it seems to happen around 4:30 / 5 or so (EST) - Tim Broder
it is down and not working for me. sux - Photo Larry
It's down BECAUSE you weren't on it. It needs your tweets to survive. - Louis Gray
I am trying...just keeps erroring out - Photo Larry
As much as I haven't really cared all that much about an hour here or there, it is starting to get to the point where I expect it is down, and that is very bad for Twitter. Now I come to friendfeed to talk with people rather than Twitter. I hope they can get things solved quickly. - Caleb Elston
@Louis - HA! Twitter's hungry for Scoble tweets! - Hutch Carpenter
louis, c'mon you know you are the force- you are the "luke" if you will - Allen Stern
AHAHAH says "of course" BAHAAHAH - Allen Stern
They have issues that are beyond out of control at this point it is hurting them badly - Todd Cochrane from twhirl
Yeah... hopefully they can get things figured out... quickly... - Adrian Nadeau says No, Twitter still says Nuh Uh. - MLx
now istwitterdown does not respond... do we need a "istwitterdownDown" service? :-) - andrea
LOL. Robert has an alibi - Bwana ☠
is boycotting twitter today cuz it wont work - Photo Larry
i already thought you tried to export your followers to friendfeed or something … - kosmar
@kosmar yea I found an import tool so guess no big loss. Just was starting to like twitter and its been down 2 days now so its annoying me - Photo Larry
scobleizer, okay - though, tell the guys at friendfeed thats their big opportunity now ;-) - michael h
One benefit of the Twit-Out. I didn't know until now (3:00 pm PDT) that Twitter went down today. My life is more peaceful as a result. - Ontario Emperor
If FriendFeed goes down today... guess who we're blaming? - Vince DeGeorge
I was gonna be a dick and go to twitter to say I didn't hear about the twit-out on twitter but on a blog (note: useless use of the internet), but it was down, so now I can be all smug and whatnot and go back to doing stuff. Well, that, and talking about Twitter on Friendfeed and how we are using Friendfeed for this. And you WONDER why no one makes money? Cuz we are retards, srlsy. - Eric Rice
Wait....what? :) - Bwana ☠
Its gotten so bad that "istwitterdown" had to update their site to say "Of Course" - Nik Butler
to spin bless you eric for saying that. Indicates you are prolly a little less reatrded. That is a good thing. - Mark Forman
can we blame you for facebook being down? - Jeff Quinton
Just don't bring your voodoo to FF! ;) - Anthony Farrior
That's why. :) - TranceMist
Blame it on me: my bot posted MORE tweets than Scoble... I feel bad. - directeur